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reviewed Blackbird Laneway

40 reviews · 15 days ago

Went here a few times. Found the service very lacking and undesirable. If the staff put half the effort into serving as they did latte art, it would be a lot better. Never once felt very welcome and that’s a massive turn off for me. My flat whites were inconsistent and often very ashy and sour. My main reason for returning was batch brew as it is hard to find in Cairns so that’s a positive but I have decided to not return as it has been unavailable too many times.

reviewed Industry One Cafe

40 reviews · 15 days ago

Strange location for a cafe and very average service with the guy serving me acting like he did not want to be there. Flat white was surprisingly delcious but long black was horribly underextracted.

reviewed Sipping Duck Coffee

40 reviews · 15 days ago

Flat white was okay but i’m not a fan of the etching latte art to cover up bad pouring technique. Long black was not great. Service was super friendly but wouldn’t go out of my way again to return

reviewed Sing Sing Espresso

40 reviews · 15 days ago

Found this place and absolutely adored the coffee, vibe and service. Unfortunately it has shutdown during my time up here. Upset to lose my temporary regular spot while here but happy because I will find their Syndey-based coffee supplier when i’m back down south. So delicious. Thanks for the temporary perfection in Cairns

reviewed The Chamber Room Espresso & Brew Bar

40 reviews · 15 days ago

Was my first stop landing in Cairns and I was happy to see some familiar Melbourne brands being repped so far north in a cute fitout. Not quite on point with the espresso but filter was awesome. I have returned for a flat white and it was okay just not quite the usual size and ratio of coffee>milk I’m used to. Keep up the important work of good coffee in cairns


40 reviews · 15 days ago

Was recommended normcore when I was in a Melbourne cafe and it didn’t disappoint. The filter and espressos were mind blowing and definitely a highlight. The flat white could have been better, just lacking body and too hot. Bravo for black coffees though

reviewed ONA Marrickville

40 reviews · 15 days ago

Mind was blown. Several visits while in Sydney and each time an unbelievable espresso/filter offering. Wish I could visit everyday. Flat whites were also unbelievable..I cannot believe how good raspberry candy is. Wow

reviewed Dukes Coffee Roasters at Ross House

40 reviews · 17 days ago

Service was fairly abrupt and rushed and left a lot to be desired. Didn’t even know what origin my espresso was or what blend flat white was made on and staff were too distracted to be questioned. Can understand that being under the pump can cause this but there are plenty of similar places that are equally busy and can still give attentive service to you if you want it. Espresso was okay, balanced but very very acidic. Flat white was nice but lacking body.

reviewed Industry Beans Lt. Collins

40 reviews · 17 days ago

My first look at a modbar setup in full swing. Very cool. Coffee wasn’t spectacular but setup is. Flat white had average milk and ashy, burnt taste. Perhaps an unlucky channeled shot. Unlikely to try again as the other options nearby are too outstanding to pass up on

reviewed Padre Coffee Brunswick East

40 reviews · 17 days ago

Bad service, staff were unresponsive and unhelpful. My espresso was horribly over-extracted but flat white was delicious. Have had the same experience a few other times with flat white always amazing but espressos always average

reviewed Auction Rooms

40 reviews · 18 days ago

In love with the vibe of this place. Had a perfect flat white and a nice espresso. Staff were so wonderful and attentive and kept their cool in a very busy service. Food was so on point and has been one of the highlights of brunch in Melbourne

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