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58 reviews6 months ago

The lack of hipster decor might lead you to believe the coffee at Normcore is lacking - it is not! I travel the world drinking the best espresso in bespoke coffee joints wherever I go and I can say this is the best coffee I have had in Sydney - ever! I gave Normcore a 5 for atmosphere yet their service and coffee is exceptional which turned my review around. You may think this is a problem? No. I want the best coffee from people who are experts yet take care of you ... the atmosphere comes last. Normcore is not a flashy superficial trendy coffee takeout - they have made me want to travel back to Sydney for another cup of their joe ...

reviewed Constellation Cafe

58 reviewsa year ago

The old Mozaik has been replaced. A little tired with better than average food & coffee. It鈥檚 hard to find great coffee around here unless you venture to Altura Cafe. Constellation Cafe will save you the drive.

reviewed Midnight Espresso

58 reviewsa year ago

Efficient service is not what Midnight Espresso is about. It鈥檚 about an authentic vibe & good coffee. Expect to wait & wait some more - even at 9.30 in the morning when it was empty bar takeout orders staff took 20mins to serve me & make my flat white. But this is a place to sit & enjoy ...

reviewed Fixation Coffee

58 reviewsa year ago

This is a boutique roaster with a cute location near (not on) the water. My espresso was awful. It鈥檚 not the first time either that鈥檚 been the case at Fixation, but espresso has no room to fail ... either it鈥檚 right ... or sadly in this case, awful. Flat whites however are fine.

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