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reviewed Irons and Craig

115 reviews · 6 followers · 7 months ago

Lovely old re purposed timber house with lots of indoor and outdoor seating options, including a quaint garden area at the rear. My cappuccino was a little on the cool side and the foam a bit too airy and light. However, the flavour redeemed it somewhat. It was good enough to order a second, which came a bit warmer, as per my request. Would definitely return.

reviewed Ash+Monties

115 reviews · 6 followers · 8 months ago

I guess they’re striving for a West End vibe wth the laneway location, concrete floor and mismatched furniture that wouldn’t look out of place at the local tip. I do get it, honestly but the dirty rag under the self serve water glasses is really nudging the grunge into unacceptable territory. Now to the coffee. I have hated the slow but steady proliferation of miniaturised coffee cups in cafes across the country. This creeping erosion of the value of your coffee has come in tandem with the steady escalation of the price of a brew. This place really takes it up a notch! The “standard cup” now resembles the espresso shot cup of old. No more than three or four small mouthfuls of cappuccino for a shade under $4.00! If it were the best cappuccino I’d ever had in my life I’d possibly return...only it wasn’t.

reviewed nambour Social

115 reviews · 6 followers · 9 months ago

Don’t follow the map in the app unless you have a penchant for Meals On Wheels cause’ that’s where you’ll end up! Once we finally got here we found a stylish space with friendly service and deliciously flavoured coffee. My cappuccino was a little short on foam, (as in none!) but the strength and flavour made up somewhat for the foam deficiency. Would certainly visit again.


115 reviews · 6 followers · 9 months ago

One of the very few decent coffees in town, and unlike most of the others, (who open between 8.00 to 9.00 am), Hyde opens at 7.00. Service is friendly and prompt, the coffee was creamy in texture and full in flavour. And they use one of the cleverest cups I’ve ever seen! (You’ll have to visit to see what I mean).

reviewed Shelfield

115 reviews · 6 followers · 10 months ago

Campos produce a good coffee but the barista has to do it justice also. A great cappuccino takes focus and finesse to bring to a creamy state of perfection befitting the quality of the bean. Sadly the Mark was missed today. My cappuccino had little foam and just tasted thin and milky. The space seats around a dozen at a squeeze on bare wooden seats and a bench and is not the type of comfortable ambience I seek out for my morning chill time. I think there are better options in town.

reviewed Rebel Coffee And Candy

115 reviews · 6 followers · 10 months ago

Finally! A barista that knows how to make a cappuccino! It’s been a trial by coffee from Brisbane to Innisfail so far with one fail after another. Until Beanhunter guided me to this retro fitted little gem. Good coffee, good service, quirky, comfy little cafe. Highly recommended.

reviewed Tide Cafe

115 reviews · 6 followers · 10 months ago

Service with a snarl!! Sent back our two cappuccinos which were devoid of any foam and hot as hell. Explained to the grouchy serving girl that they were flat. She retorted with “No! A flat white is flat!”. I proceeded to describe the attributes of an ideal cappuccino whereupon she snatched my cup away and stomped off to find a suitable replacement. Said replacement was surprisingly adequate but, too little, too late. Wouldn’t recommend this place for a relaxed coffee experience.

reviewed Coffee at Tiffany's

115 reviews · 6 followers · 10 months ago

It’s Campos coffee which is usually fine except I think it’s time for the barista here to take a refresher course in pulling a good coffee. Temperature, extraction, foam all need some fine tuning as my cappuccino was scalding hot, flat and tasteless. Pity as the place is one of the few cafes with potential in the outer approaches to Townsville. It’s a long drive from the outlying motels to the Strand otherwise.

reviewed Woodman's Axe

115 reviews · 6 followers · 10 months ago

The friendly service is certainly the standout feature here. The ambience and comfort level is a bit lacking due to the tiny interior with limited seating. There is ample outdoor shaded seating but you’re exposed to cold winds in winter and I’d imagine it would be quite hot in summer. My coffee had great flavour and the temperature was just right but lacked the silky, thick head of foam that makes a truly great cappuccino.

reviewed Fat Frog

115 reviews · 6 followers · 10 months ago

Yes it’s a glorious waterfront location but: 1. It’s all about the coffee really and my cappuccino had not the slightest trace of foam on it. It was as flat and smooth as the sea views out front. 2. Ambience. The distressed look has been taken a little far with the clapped out metal chairs here. They are rusty, bent and twisted as I fear my spine will be if I spent too much time in one. 2. Service was fine but a little inattentive when asked if I wanted sugar in my sit down mug of cappuccino. Not a biggie but just not sharp. All in all I’d say things have slipped since the glowing reviews of a year and more ago. New owners?

reviewed Dinglescafebar

115 reviews · 6 followers · 10 months ago

Wow! What a departure from days of old when you left the big smoke for a road trip to the sticks and didn’t expect to sample anything remotely like a good coffee again until you returned! Well those days are thankfully over! What a class act this place is! Great service, fabulously presented space with a taste of local history and a perfectly presented cappuccino...temperature, silky foam, depth and flavour. Well done!

reviewed The Olive Tree Cafe

115 reviews · 6 followers · a year ago

Thanks again Beanhunter, never would have spotted this little place tucked back into a small recessed courtyard off Main Street. It’s not a flash fit out, quite retro and fairly sparse but it makes a decent coffee and provides free wifi. What more do we need?

reviewed SnakeBite

115 reviews · 6 followers · a year ago

My cappuccino was weak and insipid and was priced at $5.50 plus 20% surcharge for a public holiday. A slice of cake with surcharge worked out at around $11.00!! This business is indicative of the country wide tourist gouging that we’ve experienced since arriving from Australia a week ago. I guess you can charge whatever you want when there’s no need to attract repeat customers.

reviewed Byron Fresh Cafe

115 reviews · 6 followers · a year ago

What a great spot in the heart of Byron Bay! The floor staff are all lovely, the ambience is somehow buzzy and relaxing at the same time and the coffee is delicious! (as was the generously proportioned big brekky). Our new firm favourite in Byron!

reviewed Heart & Soul Wholefood cafe

115 reviews · 6 followers · a year ago

A shabby chic wholefood cafe in the heart of Grafton that’s pumping at 1.30 on a Tuesday afternoon must be doing something right! Only it’s not quite right for me. My cappuccino had very little foam and was just a shade too cool. The flavour of the beans came through well though, so not a total loss. The chocolate brownie was slightly salty and not sweet or sufficiently melting to be enjoyable at all. Also, no ice cream, (refer back to the “wholefoods” in the name). So as I said, not quite for me.

reviewed Tartt

115 reviews · 6 followers · a year ago

Coffee was quite nice but certainly not a great example of a cappuccino, more a flat white really. Why do I keep seeing more foam on lattes than my cappuccino in some places?? The staff are laid back to the point of laziness here showing a reluctance to provide even the most basic of assistance. The space is the best feature. An option of comfortable inside and al fresco seating with good shade and a sea breeze.

reviewed Thom, Dick and Harry's

115 reviews · 6 followers · 2 years ago

Seriously? This is the second ranked cafe in Broken Hill? I’ve already visited the No1 in town and they are galaxies apart when it comes to the quality of the coffee being served. There are very few reviews to accurately gauge this place by, and there are a couple of suspiciously high first reviewers back when it opened. My cappuccino had weak foam and equally weak flavour, even after requesting a double shot. Service was perfunctory and lacking in any welcoming graces with food and cutlery carelessly thrown onto our table. I won’t be back.

reviewed The Silly Goat

115 reviews · 6 followers · 2 years ago

Excellent cappuccino, strong, full flavoured and creamy to the last drop. The green scrambled eggs with bacon and Hollandaise were delicious too. Just a slight glitch with a forgotten second coffee order, otherwise would have scored a nine.

reviewed Commune

115 reviews · 6 followers · 2 years ago

This is a comfortable, cool oasis in a city of heat, humidity and frenetic sounds and activities. The space is laptop friendly (if you have a local SIM card) and the service is prompt and efficient. The coffee beans are grown and sourced locally and roasted in house. The common let down of course is the use of long life milk which is endemic throughout most Asian countries due to the absence of a dairy industry. It influences the flavour of the coffee and makes comparison with coffee elsewhere very difficult. Having said that, my coffee is well made with a silky foam, good strength and the flavour of the beans still comes through as smooth and non bitter. Well worth a visit.

reviewed Toby's Estate

115 reviews · 6 followers · 2 years ago

In Manila again and made a beeline back to my favourite coffee shop. What a disappointment to find the previous crew gone and the latest guys not quite up to the same standard. My cappuccino was lukewarm with little to no foam. The strength and flavour were fine but the execution was a letdown. Shame. There are actually quite a few strong performers on the Coffee scene in Manila now. I’ll be revisiting them over the next few weeks.

reviewed Brewhouse Coffee Roasters

115 reviews · 6 followers · 2 years ago

The service was excellent..10 out of 10 there. The space is a little lacking in comfort for an extended relaxing stay over a couple of coffees and a newspaper. I’m not a fan of long tables and cold steel stools. My cappuccino was well made albeit a little cool considering it was minus one degree outside. The flavour was mild and a little bland for my taste and the cup was one of the newly fashionable small sizes that I would normally use for a double espresso.

reviewed Two Birds Cafe

115 reviews · 6 followers · 2 years ago

Very comfortable space for my morning coffee each of the three days we were in Melbourne. Consistently smooth and creamy cappuccino with just the right strength, creamy texture and temperature. Their big breakfast (Morning Glory on their menu!) was also generous in scale and absolutely delicious. A warm welcome and plenty of newspapers available clinch the deal for me! I would certainly make this my regular morning haunt if I lived nearby.

reviewed The Elephant Bean

115 reviews · 6 followers · 2 years ago

An unappealing space offering little to no comfort or amenity. I was informed by the barista (who looked like he’d just arrived at work, unwashed and bleary eyed, from an all night rave party), that they don’t offer a morning paper to their customers. I left, bought a paper and had my coffee up the road instead. I foolishly decided to try again in the evening only to be served an insipid cappuccino, weak, tepid and lacking in foam. I give up!!

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