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reviewed Cafe cultura

39 reviews3 months ago

Had coffee here at 10am on Saturday. First customers for the day as the day starts slowly in Santiago 馃榾. God service, nice coffee, plenty of seating and they have a roasting room which is always a good sign. The cappuccino was smaller than the latte. I鈥檇 go a double shot in the larger serve. Worth a stop!

reviewed Studio Solo & Co

39 reviews9 months ago

Went here because it got rave reviews on bean hunter (and a lot of reviews). The service was very good and plenty of seating. Ambience was the usual shopping centre feel. The coffee wasn鈥檛 really to my liking but obviously liked by many others. Wasn鈥檛 strong enough for me even though I had a small size.

reviewed Be Bold 131

39 reviewsa year ago

Good coffee! Double shot standard in medium+ which is always a good sign. Plenty of seating options - inside and outside. Protein ball for $1 with coffee - nice after a morning ride. Friendly staff and great service. Worth a stop.

reviewed Archer Specialty Coffee

39 reviewsa year ago

I went to this coffee shop as it got the best reviews at north lakes. I鈥檇 tried the one at chermside and wasn鈥檛 impressed but thought it might be better with the reviews it got. It was no better than the chermside one! I could hardly taste the coffee - tasted more like warm milk. Don鈥檛 think I鈥檓 going to finish this one.

reviewed Groundsman

39 reviewsa year ago

Really nice coffee - a double shot automatically in the medium size was a good sign that proved to be true. Seating area is small and communal but people seem don鈥檛 worry if you plonk next to them. A popular spot and rightly so.

reviewed Bean

39 reviewsa year ago

Thought I鈥檇 try it because of the interesting location. Wasn鈥檛 strong enough for my liking but still ok. Nice place to sit and relax away from the busy streets.

Bean's Avatar'


a year ago

Cheers for the review #notbeforecoffee, so glad you dropped in to laneway basement :) Just curious, how did you have your coffee that day? Our brew yields are definitely designed to give a full flavoured experience, but it does of course depend on how you have it :) Our house blend is an extra dark roast that most definitely delivers a robust coffee flavour with a kick! Works exceptionally well with milk eg as a 6oz double ris latte. Our Single Origin this last week or so (we rotate them fortnightly), was a washed, medium roast from Ethiopia. Again, brilliant as a milk based beverage (eg magic) but best enjoyed straight, to really savour the lemon, peach and maple tones. Cheers!

reviewed Fulgen Coffee

39 reviewsa year ago

This place was rated as one of the best in Tokyo on a number of websites. We first went to the roasters thanks to google maps - don鈥檛 make the same mistake. The latte was served in a glass which we hadn鈥檛 had anywhere else in Japan. It was smooth and creamy but could have been stronger and hotter for my liking. We sat outside on the street which was nice. A good experience.

reviewed Cisco Coffee

39 reviewsa year ago

Nice spot back a little from the lake. Great service and really nice place to sit and enjoy a coffee. The coffee was good but I鈥檝e had better in Osaka and Tokyo. Having said that it鈥檚 probably the best in the area - it鈥檚 hard to find a good latte outside the major cities.

reviewed Bakery & Table

39 reviewsa year ago

Use illy coffee. Coffee tastes more like milk than coffee and paid just under $8 Australian for it :(. The advantages here are about things other than coffee - good bakery, toilets and great view from the cafe on the second floor. You鈥檒l also pay to park. Unfortunately lattes around Hakone are hard to find so not sure where else to recommend. Maybe 7-11 which tastes stronger than this when you are desperate.

reviewed Kurasu Kyoto

39 reviewsa year ago

Nice smooth coffee - not overly strong if that鈥檚 to you liking but still a good flavour. Like many coffees in Japan it could be hotter but the attention to detail and service here is excellent. Worth a stop if you have time.

reviewed Tulley's Coffee, Kyoto

39 reviewsa year ago

It鈥檚 hard to compare this to many of the boutique coffees we tried around Japan but surprisingly the coffee was better than I expected. I could taste the coffee (vs too milky) even though it was overly smooth. The service is quick and it鈥檚 pretty popular. If you are looking for a quick coffee and not wanting to do a pilgrimage to find the best, this will cut it.

reviewed Streamer Coffee Company

39 reviewsa year ago

We came early so a nice relaxing atmosphere before the rush started. The coffee was very good - nice flavour and coffee art included. Had coffee in but not delivered to our table - not a big issue but service noticeably different to other places we tried (eg Lilo nearby). A very good brew if you are looking for a coffee early!

reviewed Lilo Coffee Roasters

39 reviewsa year ago

Great coffee! Unlike most other places the latte cup was full (not low tide). Really nice smooth flavour and you can choose your beans - we had the espresso. Very friendly and great service. Reasonably priced for Japan. Probably the best I had in Japan.

reviewed Garden Bar AndCoffee

39 reviewsa year ago

Has a sign out the front saying - coffee roasters Shinsaibashi. Seating area upstairs but got a takeaway this time. The coffee was ok but not to my liking - something about the flavour (not sure if it was the beans or the type of milk). Had a good strength to the coffee despite the flavour. Would be a nice place to sit and relax. Service was good. I think there are better coffees around like Mel鈥檚 Roaster or maybe Lilo which I鈥檓 yet to taste but seems to get good reviews.

reviewed Mel Coffee Roasters

39 reviewsa year ago

Medium strength coffee - house blend. Servings in the takeaway up were a bit low tide but slightly cheaper than other places we tried in Japan. Nice flavour. Located In the backstreets with chairs out the front to sit and relax. Very good, friendly service.

reviewed Coffee Stand Container

39 reviewsa year ago

Great coffee (good strength and smooth). Very good service and nice to sit inside with chilled music. You can also sit outside if you want. My son had a scone and loved it. Dedicated enough to be open on a public holiday. Didn鈥檛 try any other in asihakawa but think it would be hard to beat.

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