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reviewed Salud @ The Lithgow Tin Shed

40 reviews · 7 followers · 3 years ago

I'm really not a fan of staff that talk down to customers. And that exactly what I got this morning. I was made to feel like my presence was not accepted in your cafe. Went out of my way to try this coffee. I'm disappointed. My latte had a burnt taste to it, was made too hot. The fact that there were more staff there than customers might say something.

Salud @ The Lithgow Tin Shed 's Avatar'

Salud @ The Lithgow Tin Shed

3 years ago

Il defend my staff today. We had a medical emergency thismorning with A member of my staff and everyone was quite shaken up. You will noticr recent reviews are very positive and im sorry your experience wasnt if that standard

reviewed Scrumptious

40 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

Second time here for coffee. I really don't know or how everyone is saying this is the best coffee in town. My latte was over extracted. My partners cappuccino was very flat. Coffees just look pretty but do not taste good.

reviewed Cafe Latte (Orange)

40 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

Terrible. Went it to try the new coffee beans. I asked for a double ristretto latte. And even said if your not sure what it is ask. Two different coffees came out so I gave up. Training, training, training. It's a must to keep up with current tends in coffee making.

reviewed Pantry On Pudman

40 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

I love bills beans. That's why we stopped here. Disappointing. My latter was bitter. As I was watching the extraction happen j asked if she could stop it because I wanted a double ristretto. One of the staff started shaking her head at me. It's just rude. Don't treat customers like they are stupid. I throw my coffee out.

reviewed Leura Garage

40 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

OMG. My coffee was so good. Made by a young girl. Had a chickpea salad with was amazing and the staff were so friendly and helpful. Got a take away coffee cause it was so good. I also stop here when going through the blue mountains.

reviewed Coffee Works

40 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

Girls on till not knowing what a double ristretto latte is. That doesn't make coffee works look every good. Should the staff know what each coffee is?? Flavor was ok, but the milk was not textured very well and you can hear that when your sitting in he cafe. Lattes are meant to be smooth and silky. Try letting more air in at the start, you don't want to hear a high pitch squeal. Also my "toasted" slice was frozen in the middle.

reviewed Scrumptious

40 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

The only good thing here was the service. PLEASE don't make lattes in water glasses. Too much volume going on. So my coffee was weak even after asking for extra shot. I even had them remake the coffee cause the first one was burnt due to over heated milk. Food was boring and unseasoned. And the place looks like a Nanna's china cabinet.

reviewed Five Thirty

40 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

Love this place. Service was so friendly and was happy to talk to a fellow barista. Recommended with blend to have for my latte. And my latte was just fantastic. Smooth creamy body with hints of fruit flavor. Next time I'm in Brisbane, I'll be back.

reviewed Fuel

40 reviews · 7 followers · 6 years ago

I've been told this place is good. :( Service was fast and friendly. However we ordered a skinny cap and a latte. I know they were both made on full cream. My latte was more a cappuccino in a glass and just was not drinkable. Maybe if she concentrated more on making the coffee she could get it right. Wouldn't go back.

reviewed Cafe Bambini

40 reviews · 7 followers · 7 years ago

Went here today and being blown away like I am with every visit to bambini I found the comment below. I feel that this gentlemen hasn't really got the full understanding of Espresso Di Manfredi. I 100% believe that cafe bambini and other cafes within the company have got a boutique bean and being the multinational company that they are can afford to put in the quality control that they have. Having once worked for piazzo d'oro i've been to the factory and had a tour and know first hand how serious quality control is. Espresso di manfredi is of a high quality and in my view a boutique coffee bean due to the fact that a master blender, Wayne Archer worked closely with a chef Stefano Manfredi to develop the three blends they have today. These blends are full of balanced fruit and chocolate flavours and by no means taste like an over commercialised brand like lavazza or merlo coffee. Maybe you should find out how serious cafe bambini are about coffee by talking to the staff. I see that now cold drip is available at Gregory st which isn't anywhere else in Townsville. Well done Cafe Bambini

reviewed Juliette's

40 reviews · 7 followers · 7 years ago

I like to give places a second chance but Juliette's you fail. Latte was hall full of forth, sent them back and they come back topped up with milk because they spooned out the forth. Defeats the purpose of getting a strong coffee. Not Coming back.

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