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reviewed Paddy's Lantern

10 reviews · 4 years ago

Nice friendly crew, really great coffee, fantastic actually. Probably prefer a greater sense of place meaning art on walls or a clearer design style. But that's being stupidly picky. The coffee is worth travelling for

reviewed Bond & Lane Canteen

10 reviews · 4 years ago

Private-school hipster wannabes....would be hilarious if they weren't so annoyed to be serving you. The coffee is pretty average (definitely skip the disgusting soy milk) and definitely isn't worth the attitude. This is one of those cafés that opened in an otherwise coffee-lacking suburb and the owner probably wonders why it hasn't been the raging success of other similar cafés. Better coffee, friendlier staff and cheaper prices would be a start.

reviewed A Mother's Milk

10 reviews · 5 years ago

This place has always been in my top 2 but it's edging ahead to consistently no 1. Hip atmosphere but staff are actually friendly and welcoming and not too impressed with themselves which is appreciated. Always feel welcome even when I drop in with my kids. Coffee is always really good and they use Bonsoy (unlike Bar 9!). Bravo!

reviewed Bar 9

10 reviews · 5 years ago

So I used to love this place. Definitely top of my list but recently a few things have changed, first the service has got worse, I've been ignored, forgotten about (usually in the back room), had orders messed up, clarified three times because they don't write it down or simply ordered and forgotten. But I can put up with that for Adelaide's best coffee, but they recently changed their soy milk. No longer Bonsoy they use some odd tasting stuff which just isn't nice. Bring back Bonsoy!!!! I'll put up with your crap service but bring back Bonsoy!!!

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