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reviewed Cafe Da Franco

15 reviews · 2 years ago

This is a true find in Wagga this place is off the chain with espresso that pack a kick the Baristas a highly trained and dedicated to there craft Vibe fun but serious beans are being used

reviewed A man and his monkey

15 reviews · 2 years ago

Coffee is XLNT service is sometimes a little tooooo chilled LITTLE MARIONETTE is being dosed correctly and extracted perfectly through a New 3group La Marzzoca, i'm not sure on the blend but its a cracker the coffee is bang on every time no matter who the barista is...BIG PLUS The setting is recycled furniture which is ok ...the cake counter always full ....the Gluten free cakes and mixed in with everything else which make them NOT gluten free so Ceoliacs Beware!!! Food i cant comment as have not eaten in Coffee 3 Star rating Machiato *** Long Black ** Latte *** Ristretto *** Esp *** Latte *** Yes will be back (this place SHITS Alll OVER......Clodeli)

reviewed The Diver Cafe

15 reviews · 2 years ago

The owner needs to work a lot on her maths? And less on her mouth ....she doesn’t give the correct change or charge the correct price ....and doesn’t ring the money through the POS which will give you the amount of change required ...she just opens the draw Hmmmm How ever do you balance your books? Let alone the Till? Makes me question if the staff a paid an award wage with superannuation? And if all the money is declared? But all that aside the coffee is really really good ...but it does depend on the barista Coffees ordered star rated Macchiato *** Espresso *** Late *. ( hit and miss) Cap **

The Diver Cafe's Avatar'

The Diver Cafe

2 years ago

The cafe is under new owners and management. We are disappointed to hear about your bad experience with the previous owner. Please drop in again and tell us you think of our coffee now.

reviewed Barber Shop Espresso

15 reviews · 3 years ago

Well very pleasant surprise for an Easter Sunday so a Early morning drive from chain valley bay was worth it These guys have the Perfect cup size the 6oz which in my option is the perfect balance of milk and coffee It's about the coffee here not about size or syrup or loyalty cards or pension deals Order Espresso (straight up) FW 2xLB 2xHC 1xCAP The espresso heart starter was punchy and full of kick delicious perfectly extracted The rest of the order got the big thumbs up from everyone when I returned to CVB Service smart & cheerful for 630am it has a surf hipster feel (note the barista is off the Oslo as he has found the love of a Viking Shieldmaiden) so perhaps a Aussie coffee shop in Oslo ? PLEASE NOTE that the majority of local people in the area and surrounds like xtra large coffees because it's "value for money over taste" then purge it with syrup Shite they also regard Nescafé and coffee club coffee as the greatest of coffee known to man so coffee culture is going to be baby steps (Harsh ...but true)

reviewed Tartt

15 reviews · 5 years ago

A case of how May baristas does it take to make a piccolo ? .... Running a synesso and using 5 senses you think they have got it ... But sadly no the shots a loosely packed so are under extracted for the blend the single origin ristretto was as weak as water FOOD when did scramble eggs turn into a omelette with green eschallot in it and coles bought GLUTEN FREE bread $3 xtra thats a bit rich it's a $1 more in sydney ...they have gone for a Hipster look but have not followed through on it Service is lacking ... The owner has a could give a flying F....k attitude

reviewed Jervis Bay Kiosk

15 reviews · 6 years ago

huskisson isn't the Mecca for Coffee lovers... So a good cup is hard to find so when we found this nirvana surrounded by extra large Starbucks syrup style infused coffee frauds we knew we hit pay dirt now just because they are running a synesso two group system doesn't mean they know coffee but these guys use 5 senses coffee and they are pretty fussy about who they let use there coffee they use the dark horse blend nice sweet fruity and smooth blend and also run a cheeky single origin which for me was the reason we came back.. The food breakfast scramble egg and bacon was good but I think the omelette was the winner staff all friendly

reviewed Jimmy G's

15 reviews · 6 years ago

Ok it's Gosford... And the coffee scene isn't barista hipster so a 630am these guys were a god send they were open and the coffee was good the ristretto was a little long but still hit the spot they only run a blend so single origin chases must search elsewhere I didn't eat but the treat being placed in the window looked yummy

reviewed Clodeli

15 reviews · 7 years ago

Well for a weekend it was quiet other cafes in the area were busy busy food average Coffee lacking in love Didn't find out what they use coffee Food well you would expect a little better Deli section ok

reviewed Gusto espresso bar

15 reviews · 7 years ago

Busy yes... Why I don't know coffee all over the shop orders missed orders wrong coffee weak coffee too strong I've given gusto coogee more plenty of chances it just doesn't do it for me Food well if you want it re heated to order well this is the cafe for you Staff back packers who couldn't care with attitude Piccolo - poorest quality Latte - warm milk Espresso. shite shite was from a ready used shot like brown dishwater It's a brand name that's about it

reviewed Ruby's Diner

15 reviews · 7 years ago

If theres a car park i stop!!! these guys have put the time and effort into making good serious coffee They run a sneaky single so ask its always somthing nice and doesnt last long Food great....BRING BACK THE BARLEY RISSOTO PLEEEEEASE and they always have some yummy treats on display Service depends on who is on the floor

reviewed Burnie's - Clovelly

15 reviews · 7 years ago

These guys have been off the radar for tooooo long just quietly doing what they do which is a brilliant Single Origin Roasters blend its time they got the Kudos My piccolo spot on Bam.....the latte art is a welcome sight, they also have a sneaky Single aswell as the blend and the baristas and staff are only to helpful to explain where what and how "Praise the Almighty they serve tea in tea cups" organic loose leaf Chai plus some green leaf and herbals Food is clean crisp two must have dishes the scotish kipper and the eggs burnie for breaky Steak sandwich for lunch Well worth a vist The Plus) they rember you and your coffee, bathrooms are clean, its nicely decked out with nice fittings & Friendly The Minus no free Wifi and dog owners not control there dogs

reviewed Eugene's

15 reviews · 7 years ago

Have been here a couple of times the Coffee well 5 senses is a great blend but it hit and miss different every time on the piccolos the food nice a typical cafe style

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