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reviewed Press

30 reviews · 4 months ago

Great cafe within a renovated old house. Beautiful woodwork and decor inside and out enhances the coffee and dining experience. Had a wonderful breakfast for 6 this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Smooth yet strong coffee complimented by delicious organic fare and lovely staff. Next time we visit Dubbo, we will come back!

reviewed Patricia

30 reviews · 4 years ago

Fantastic Colombian for SFW this morning. Very impressed and the best coffee I have had this week in Melbourne! Thank you Patricia :)

reviewed Dolcini Cafe

30 reviews · 4 years ago

Coffee is not bad but not impressive either. Food is good. Service is hit and miss and sometimes borders on arrogant, seems to be different waitstaff every time I go there. Probably OK if you think you're one of the model set. Overall not bad, but there are other options close by worth trying.

reviewed Coffee Trad3rs

30 reviews · 4 years ago

Great service and hospitality from the moment you walk in. Coffee was very nice, but a bit fuller body would have been even better. Earl Grey scones were great. Definitely worthwhile.

reviewed Bar Angolo

30 reviews · 5 years ago

Coffee was very bitter and too strong. I needed to add a large sugar just to make it drinkable. For an Italian cafe, the coffee is always hit and miss. A shame because the food and service are good.

reviewed Circa Espresso

30 reviews · 5 years ago

Beautifully smooth and delicate skim flat white that keeps me coming back for more! The light roast of the Ethiopian Momora is fabulous for a smooth and silky filter pourover. The coffee had a strong chocolaty aroma and a floral acidity to create a nicely balanced and slightly sweeter offering. Yum!

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