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reviewed Balthasar Kaffee Bar

73 reviews28 followers5 years ago

The bold blue BAL THA SAR sign takes its place on the Praterstrasse boulevard a short walk across the canal from the Innere Stadt. It offers a reprieve from the congested tourist walkways with summery outdoor seating beneath tall leafy trees and an interior where warm woodgrain is juxtaposed with cool washed colours. The filtered coffee is prepared with experience and accurate knowledge of the flavours inherent in the bean variety and roast. The staff have awareness that is both attentive and relaxed and serve a product that provides a quality coffee experience.

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Balthasar Kaffee Bar

4 years ago

thnx soooo much matty 馃槄

reviewed Willie Wagtail

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

Sometimes, inconspicuous spaces are converted into public, social hubs. Willie Wagtail opens up as if it was always meant to be, but it's the Melbourne-clad vision that promises so much. With not one, but two electric blue Slayers and single origin offerings it doesn't take much to woo you in. It's clear that enjoyable coffee is important to the gang here and they get it right.

reviewed Felix & Co. Specialty Coffee

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

A coffee bar, like any bar, needs a selection of drinks to suit the moods and palates of its patrons. Felix builds a strong menu of natural and washed filter and espresso coffees, with frequent rotation to satisfy the most avid and curious of coffee drinkers in Perth. Barista's share a knowledge in prep and execution to do the fine roasts served here justice.

reviewed Kokako Roastery & Cafe &

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

Bustling breakfasts usually come with flippant staff and patrons that play musical chairs hoping to secure a corner on an overcrowded table for an "it'll do" coffee. Kokako consumes a mixed crowd, delivers consistent espresso coffees and although still in its infancy, manages a good pour over brew. Doing this with a makeshift filter bar makes you wonder how they pull it off on the fly and with a smile.

reviewed Good One

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

A reprieve from windswept Ponsonby, its milk based coffees and peripatetic staff, the status quo at Good One is to take the coffee back. Slayer espresso's, filters and an impressive warehouse full of Nat Geo's, host readers and thinkers of Auckland, some bearded and tatt-bearing with discernible coffee tastes. The archives of yellow-binded paperbacks warrant a top up from the coffee bar, which is methodical and informed in its trade.

reviewed Small print baker and roastery

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

Bringing the beans of Dukes Coffee Roasters to Perth, Small Print strengthens the creative and entrepreneurial links between Melbourne and the West. Its below street level bunker sits amongst the high-rise offices, and quietly screams escapism. Natural, washed, Central and South American beans including the opulent Las Margaritas can be found here, with a roasted on-site freshness. A selection of specialty coffees that will leave you wanting to delve deeper and read the small print.

reviewed Dukes Coffee Roasters at Ross House

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

How much is a great cup of coffee worth? Dukes' Las Margaritas geisha will have you thinking the number lies somewhere between too much and plain offensive. Although a challenge for the bravest of wallets, it's the delicate ease of drinking that leaves a lasting memory and may bring purist coffee drinkers to tears. In the end, this off-lane bar acts as a tributary for Flinders Lane crowds, fast flowing and representing irresistible value.

reviewed Top Paddock

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

Amidst the packed tables, the queues out the door, the NY-city style waiting list for breakfast on a Sunday morning, Top Paddock brings the glamour cafe to suddenly I'm exclusive Richmond. When a specialty roast is sourced from The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, bragging rights are valid and there is a hint that for once, Melbourne's coffee nerds are being outdone elsewhere in the world. Rest assured, there is enough room in the Paddock for everyone and the wait for a 45 Krone (equivalent) La Esmeralda pour over is worth it.

reviewed Little Willy's

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

William St carves a way down Northbridge like a knife through butter and Little Willy's fits humbly along Perth's most evolving and edgy-ist retail and bar strip. It's homely, with the usual pantry suspects of v-mite, p-butter and Heinz ketchup sitting proudly on tables. Coffee is true to what you would expect from an often full but not overcrowded inner city hangout. Consistent and comforting with no surprises.

reviewed Gordon Street Garage

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

The biggest problem with Gordon Street Garage: the coffee. In some ways this was unavoidable with what is a confusing space somewhere between a coffee house and a wine and dine hall. It's as though one mechanic after the other have been through the Garage and arranged their tools the way they like. The end result sees more attention to detail in some areas such as the bathroom soap and teaspoons, than others, namely - the coffee. There is a buzz, overdue and welcomed to this part of Perth, but it's not coming from the coffee bar.

reviewed Standing Room Only

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

Drinking business district coffee in Perth can be like buying a lottery ticket. Everyone does it, on the rare chance they might get lucky. However, this arcade-way stop is more like betting in a one-horse race. It's lengths ahead of the pack for both purists and caffeine seeking suits. As the name suggests, Standing Room Only ain't the place to dwell, but the coffee will knock you off your feet.

reviewed John Gorilla

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

For an inner-suburban cafe John Gorilla beats its chest on Pearson Street, standing in the clear with the sunshine flooding its street-side seating on Melbourne's better days. Inside, it's a house-y feel common to Brunswick-type communal and courtyard setups. Coffee is proudly sourced from neighbourhood friends in Padre, making this a local hotspot.

reviewed The Little Mule

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

Exquisite bicycles and coffee have had a romantic affair since Italian engineers designed 2-wheeled masterpieces and the revolutionary espresso machine almost simultaneously in a style- and function-driven era. Whether it's a tribute or a hobby for The Little Mule doesn't matter, for this CBD laneway enclave attracts a crowd that possibly wouldn't notice the quality hanging on the walls, but definitely respect it in the cup. The premises is more suited for a 10:30 slot rather than lunch and for some, may take the busi-ness out of the morning.

reviewed Market Lane Coffee

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

It's no longer adequate for coffee entrepreneurs in Melbourne to have one outlet, you need at least two and preferably next to one of the city's upmarket food halls. The Prahran location is fitting for the guys who "love to make coffee, for the city that loves to drink it". It's an irresistible mantra that competitors envy and consumers flock to, whether it be for a stop-collect-go experience or a chance to sit and figure out how the teaspoon collection fits in.

reviewed St Ali

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

Whether it's a bottle of Grange, a Fleetwood Mac album on vinyl, or that Saturday morning hoodie - the smells, the tastes and the feeling never get old. St Ali HQ in South Melbourne is a masterstroke in the realm of cafe space and coffee enjoyment that gets better and better over time. It's only a matter of time before it can claim rights to gloat to the world "I am the greatest".

reviewed Penny Farthing

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

Somewhere along the course, so called "local" coffee haunts in Melbourne's inner north shot to fame via glossy coffee table mags, reviews on burgeoning websites and simple word of mouth around town. Penny Farthing is one of these but its relationship with cafe-goers is like Kanye West and the music world, you either get it, or you don't. Amidst the inexorable hype, the Penny offers a down-played response sitting comfortably atop Northcote's hill, quite happy to do the baseline coffee, day in, day out, as it has set for the past few years.

reviewed Wide Open Road

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

Going to a cafe and drinking top coffee without having someone next to you analysing their cup like a new-found species can be rare in Melbourne. Wide Open Road offers an escape. Maybe it's the heart of Brunswick posi that shelters it from connoisseur types, but in what may now be a post-ethnic, post-hip tributary of Sydney Road, its uncomplicated coffee and simple serve and deliver staff compliment a nicely designed space, wide and open, for drinking more and thinking less.

reviewed Addison and Steele

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

A & S encourages Perth's relationship with latte-free coffee, and even bagels, bringing that San Fran to Seattle via Portland feel to concepts and design. You can welcome the chance to relinquish your espressofied caffeine fix, for there is a gentleness to drinking the pour over that the Gents here ceremonially deliver. Whilst the standout Slayer shines bright like an espresso machine, it's the syphon and pour over bar in the corner that awaits a new breed of coffee drinkers in the West. Bold white muscle Tee's for the baristas and a simply designed cup logo exude a clean and glossy confidence with a dash of vintage branding, well placed to make Posters and Bloggers put this place on the map.

reviewed Bossman

73 reviews28 followers7 years ago

Bossman draws away from the predictable lineage of coffee haunts in Perth that are highly inspired if not entirely derived from proven outfits in Melbourne's CBD and inner north. It's not the timbery recording studio feel, or the minimalist coffee and cake, bar and stool combinations that work so well, but the idea that they can work well till late. In daring to extend opening hours past the normal afternoon knockoff, Bossman bravely places the emphasis back on the social aspect of drinking coffee. Whilst it is good enough to satisfy any afficianado, it's everything but the coffee that makes Bossman a leader.

reviewed Mambo Coffee Maroochydore

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

It's difficult to interpret Beanhunter reviews and ratings on the Sunshine Coast. Too often, you can find yourself following a plus 8 rating only to end up visiting a pension club, surfshop with a "barista" or Coffee Club-like franchise that is portrayed as a connoisseur of coffee but in fact delivers far less. Mambo's is the exception. Coffee is the staple here. The humble breadwinner that is consistent and true to its word. The shop gives off that pop-up business feel that has gone on to actually pull in enough regulars that it can stay afloat, maintaining simple, yet creative furnishings and seating arrangements that make full use of an indoorsy come outdoorsy semi-street presence. Ristretto's and Piccolo's smother the menu board and leave you wondering whether the coffee you been getting elsewhere on the coast has actually been real coffee or just coffeed-down milk.

reviewed St Martha's Cafe

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

Answering the emerging need for suburban cafes with quality coffee in Melbourne's north-west, St Martha's is the pick of the crop that saves local residents the trip to Brunswick and Fitzroy coffee hotspots. Flavour and prep is consistent with added sweetness from the Jersey milk served in milk coffees matching the house blend perfectly. No doubt, the take-away window is a fitting inclusion for this station-side coffee spot and warrants an early morning visit on the way to work or back from the gym.

reviewed Auction Rooms

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

I remember walking into Auction Rooms 3-4 years ago and thinking I just stepped into a Lower East Side New Yorker cafe. The split levelled, open-planned sectioned quarters for coffee drinking, wining and lunching fit the model perfectly. Today it seems it's gone further in establishing it's own identity in what is truly an exceptional and exclusively melbournian cafe experience. Fleeting visits over the past 3 years have resulted in flawless coffees every time and no matter the hype and reputation, Auction Rooms seems to consume beanhunter pop-ins and tourists to Melbourne with ease, moulding them in with the local clientele and mitigating celebrity cafe status. It stays true to it's origin and continues to evolve not only in the city, but on the global cafe stage. That's world class.

reviewed The Brunswick East Project

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

The roast and serve combo here really sets it apart from other cafes. There's no lavish breakfast menu to distract. In fact the only distraction might be watching the roasting taking place or admiring the gleam off the Slayer on the coffee bar. It's all about coffee with no departure. Roasted beans from African and Central American regions give you ample take-home options form the roastery, whilst at the bar, milk coffees are prepared with a meticulous micro-foam by baristas that may blur the line between cappuccino and flat-white distinctions. If you're feeling it a little too milky as I did, take the espresso-ristretto options for more body.

reviewed St Ali North

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

Part of St Ali North feels like one of Melbourne's hip pop-ups which has then gone on to cement itself in the neighbourhood. A haven for cyclists and students, a kid and puppy friendly atmosphere in Melbourne's inner-fringe, but there is also a hint of cheap knock-up display home with its modern, minimal and simple decor. EIther way it comes through, the coffee is excellent and stays true to the St Ali quality of it's South Melbourne HQ. North squeezes itself neatly into what is a tight market for coffee real estate in this part of the city and delivers on most counts but falls short in setting new benchmarks.

reviewed Coffee And Kitchen

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

In a city where the coffee scene evolves as quickly as the day-to-day weather, Coffee and Kitchen stays true to its original business model more fitting for the 1970's era along Sydney Road, which is to serve good coffee for a single coin and give customers the opportunity to sit and socialise in a communal piazza setting. There is a selection of medium to dark roasted beans for retail sale amongst classic Italian imports of tomato sauce, olive oil and pastas. At the bar, sits a tidy Gaggia espresso machine outfit which turns out a steady stream of short black's, macchiato's and cappuccino's every morning. It's a Sydney Road institution that will take you back to the roots of what has spawned today's coffee scene in Melbourne.

reviewed Coutume Caf茅

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

Warranting a second review in less than 12 months and to put it simply, Coutume is killin' it! In a coffee scene which is rapidly evolving in Paris it continues to set the benchmark leaving several other newcomers in the city biting at its heels. However, with so much success and reputation, comes longer waiting times during peak hours and more peak hours in general. For those wanting more, seek out the recent addition to the Coutume coffee idealogy, Coutume Lab.

reviewed The Cafeotheque of Paris

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

Giving off a winter-ready feel with its warm and loungy surrounds, Le Cafeotheque comes across as a roast and supply institution with ample space for readers to take up a corner for a couple of hours on a rainy day in Paris. Latte, macchiato and mocca all came through perfectly blended with an earthy costa rican grind. A place to go for a relaxed and offline coffee break.

reviewed Ten Belles

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

A florist, a laundromat, mens and womens boutique's and a Japanese Kimono shop neighbour this tiny split level coffee bar. It's local and welcoming for passers-by and newcomers at the same time. You'll get an above par coffee and choice of cakes and biscuits to accompany it and maybe tempt you into one more coffee. Ten Belles sits perfectly in the realm of small hip cafes with inked barista's and street-cool attitudes with room for more originality to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

reviewed The Coffee Collective @ Torvehallerne

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

To match their Jaegersborggade shop, The Coffee Collective have another equally sociable and hard to pass-by without stopping setup at Torvehallerne on Israels Plads. It is likely to be busier here and more fashioned for to-go's, but there is nothing hurried about the service or the quality of what's in the cup. One of the best stops in Copenhagen if you want to combine a great coffee with quality grocer's outlets under the one roof.

reviewed Superkaffeforsyningen

73 reviews28 followers8 years ago

On M酶llegade, this place is a little more secluded for N酶rrebro's typical street-ster vibe but offers the perfect setting to catch up with a friend without having to shout over other patrons. The coffee bar is a small setup that puts out excellent espresso coffees that are well presented and textured.

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