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reviewed Tapped and Packed (Soho)

20 reviews · 2 followers · 5 years ago

Lovely flat white, seemed to be on some sort of double base, but not quite so tangy as a double ristretto, so probably just a regular double. Chocolatty. Also a very nice filter, Ethiopian. Excellent for London, and although I don't like the fast food style order bar, they did deliver to the table and it was streamlined.

reviewed Cinnamon Cafe

20 reviews · 2 followers · 5 years ago

Certainly the best coffee in Windsor I've tried, and eminently drinkable. Ratings of 9 are pretty ridiculous though, unless there's a different scale for England ex-London. Super fast service. Baked potato with chilli is also great when you have jet lag!

reviewed Portola Coffee Lab

20 reviews · 2 followers · 6 years ago

The lab coats are mercifully gone these days, and the staff have mellowed a bit (no more heated arguments about ristretto!), and the coffee is as reliable as ever. I've been coming here a week or two a year for the past four years as my go-to work & relax place in OC. If you find their Cappucino too milky, try their "Gas Bar".

reviewed Cafecito (Costa Mesa)

20 reviews · 2 followers · 6 years ago

The coffee here is *really* good. Where Portolo has amazingly good coffee for America, the Cappucino they just made me here would be in the upper ranges of Sydney or Melbourne coffee. Their complete lack of food preparation, even a toaster for toasting the delicious pumpkin bread, is somewhat mystifying.

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