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reviewed The Holy Bean Cafe

68 reviews · 19 followers · 9 years ago

Cute little place, coffee was ok and service was terrible. We were told that when we ordered there was a queue and would have to wait. No need to point out the obvious, we were too kind to recommend that more staff would be useful. Certainly not the best place for coffee on the Peninsula.

reviewed Coast Restaurant and Bar

68 reviews · 19 followers · 9 years ago

What a lovely find on the Mornington Peninsula. From the outside, this place resembles a hip coastal restaurant, however after three trips, it is the coffee and food that have me talking. Competing with the other Blairgowrie cafes- some of which are fish and chipperys by night or convenience stores- Coast is by far the best. My coffee on all occasions was creamy and served at 60 degrees to ensure I could taste the bean flavor. The menu -although small- had enough variety for all taste buds, at all times of the day. I had a feta, spinach and tomato omelette which I would highly recommend. If you are passing by, be sure to stop!

reviewed Grow

68 reviews · 19 followers · 9 years ago

If you are hungry, this place is worth the visit! For a coffee, it is nothing special but adequate with breakfast. Very popular, finding a table can be a challenge!

reviewed VECCI Cafe

68 reviews · 19 followers · 9 years ago

The VECCI cafe, second home to all the VECCI coffee drinkers. The coffee is consistent with Perry and not only does he make a nice cup, but can provide helpful tips for the soccer field. Passionate about good coffee he provides excellent service. Peak times can mean that there is a bit of a wait but it is well worth it. The best coffee on this side of Spring street. Keep cups attract a discount!

reviewed The Bean Thief

68 reviews · 19 followers · 10 years ago

The name of the cafe speaks for itself. My coffee was not as good as I'd been told it would be, still in it's early days they may have come a way since then. The outdoor sitting area out the back is a nice way to enjoy some morning sunlight.

reviewed Sprout

68 reviews · 19 followers · 10 years ago

This local organic store is a great place to buy a quick coffee. I wouldn't go out of my way if I had the time to find better coffee, but worth the visit to peruse through their different products. Coffee is gradually improving.

reviewed Home Dining Room

68 reviews · 19 followers · 10 years ago

One of the best Auburn coffee places, Home Dining Room's new look (after closing down due to a fire) with antique china, old school reading books and friendly staff, make it a nice way to spend the morning. The menu is extensive for such a small place and is open breakfast, lunch and tea! Worth a visit.

reviewed Zaza Espresso Bar

68 reviews · 19 followers · 12 years ago

Good position in Yorkville off Bloor-Young, a small establishment for a quick pit stop. With a few cocktail tables and a bar- it is standing room only. Owned by an Italian man from Naples who is passionate about his coffee- even in an environment where people are blinded by Starbucks/Tim Nortons. You could smell the beans as you walked in and the sound of the grinder were music to my ears. The coffee was good- creamy milk, but a little on the bitter side. Perhaps I came on an off day, but I would visit it again if I was in the area.

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