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reviewed Project Espresso

7 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

Service was fast and friendly. However I was disappointed with the coffee. I found it weak.

Project Espresso's Avatar'

Project Espresso

4 years ago

Hello little pancakes ... sorry to hear about this ... happy to rectify it if you would be willing to give us another try (on us of course)! Also, for the future (if possible), please let us (or whichever cafe you are going to) know on the day, this could have been easily rectified and you would have been able to enjoy your coffee (and your day ... trust us, we know how a bad coffee can ruin a good day). We do hope to see you again soon for a strong coffee .. in our usual fast and friendly manner ;) Thank you for your feedback, Jason

reviewed Ainsdale St Espresso

7 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

This small little suburban coffee shop is definitely worth a visit. Coffee is strong and smooth and served at the perfect temperature. Staff are extremely friendly and the service was great. With a trendy vintage decor this is an enjoyable place to relax for a brew.

reviewed The Alley

7 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

Coffee is ok but nothing to get excited about - a little weak maybe a touch under extracted? Service is great and old mate behind the counter very friendly and helpful. Kids play area is great for those with little ones. Located inside a catholic school, it's a strange setup but overall it's worth a visit for those wanting to let the kids have a free play while mum and dad relax.

reviewed Wilderness Bar

7 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

Disappointing coffee. Expected more having read the reviews here.

Wilderness Bar's Avatar'

Wilderness Bar

4 years ago

Very sorry to hearyou were disappointed - maybe if you find time you could come in and have a chat, grab another coffee? As the owner I would love to make you a cup, I guarantee you you won't be disappointed. Jay

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