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reviewed Cabinet

23 reviews · 4 months ago

Lovely bloke. He really loves the coffee scene and cares about the experience. It’s coffee only, so don’t expect food. Will definitely be back whenever I’m in the area.

reviewed Erewhon Market

23 reviews · 4 months ago

I absolutely love Erewhon but their coffees are absolutely atrocious despite their fancy machine. Amazing breakfast burritos though! If you’re nearby, go to Zinque, Gjelina Takeaway of Intelligentsia instead

reviewed Del Monte

23 reviews · 10 months ago

Great little find while waiting for life of Vatican. There’s a small place next door, so just make sure you look for the Illy espresso machine for the right place. It’s called Del Monte (osteria cafe). Had the cappucino, which had a great flavor.

reviewed Lord Windsor Coffee Roasters

23 reviews · a year ago

This to me is the best coffee in the area. I’ve been here now three times on two separate trips. Very friendly, heaps of room and delicious coffee. I’ve been ordering a Gibraltar here (like a strong small latte back home). Definitely with a visit and I prefer it much more than Recreational.

reviewed Recreational

23 reviews · a year ago

Certainly does the job, but not worthy of all the other comments. At best, it’s a standard coffee shop with pretty good coffee. They do not differentiate between a flat white, cappuccino, Gibraltar and cortado which to me is not a good sign.

reviewed Horizon Line Coffee

23 reviews · a year ago

A fantastic find here in Des Moines! I had a Gibraltar (similar to a cortado), which is like a very small strong flat white in Australia. Great setup, friendly people. Food wise they have a few pastries. Definitely recommended.

reviewed The Swell Cafe

23 reviews · a year ago

I think this is prob the best in the area. I ordered a flat white that was a little milkier than Australia, so would suggest ordering a cortado if you want something closer to an Aussie style. Good food and a nice vibe, right next to he beach. Definitely worth a look. And of course a thousand times better than SBUX!

reviewed Menotti's

23 reviews · a year ago

Very nice coffee, albeit expensive. Right next to Venice sign. Secret menu is behind the portrait photo. They serve a standard double shot and use good quality milk too 👍🏼

reviewed Zinque

23 reviews · a year ago

Absolutely love Zinque! Order a latte and you’ll get a strong Aussie style coffee (ie not the standard tall American milky bowl version). Fun fact: there croissants are flown in from Paris and baked onsite 😋

reviewed Gjelina Takeaway

23 reviews · a year ago

The most underrated coffee shop in Venice! It’s the takeaway version of Gjelina, one of the most well known restaurants in LA. If you’re an Aussie, a cortado is like a small latte back home (but a double shot). Tourists normally go to Intelligentisia or Blue Bottle nearby, both of which are good, but IMO Gjelina Take Away - or GTA for short - is the best.

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