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reviewed Santuccis

43 reviews · 2 followers · 5 years ago

We were welcomed on entry, very courteous staff. It was warm and cosy and the food and fresh flowers smelt great. Onto the coffee ... Having seen the high reviews I was expecting good coffee. However with the change of ownership and name, there were no recent reviews. The barista was using the La Marzocco Strada and weighing not only the grind but the espresso weight/volume. A good sign! The coffee didn't disappoint. An almond milk latté that was smooth, creamy, didn't split and was really superb tasting coffee.

reviewed Square & Compass

43 reviews · 2 followers · 6 years ago

I've come back here a few times because of it's closeness to where I was visiting. Their coffee is quite nice seven seeds blend and single origin. Had a double espresso and a flat white. Not bitter, silky milk and well rounded. However their food is fantastic. Muffins made in house are devine and the kale super food salad is the best. Worth a trip for the coffee/brunch combo.

reviewed The Green Shop Organic

43 reviews · 2 followers · 6 years ago

I like the idea of organic coffee; but most places tend to be organic but not know how to make it. The double espresso's from this place are pure gold. THE BEST I've had in Melbourne in months. Went back for a second and it was even better.

reviewed Oscar Mike

43 reviews · 2 followers · 6 years ago

Absolutely fantastic coffee next to the Glenferrie train station. A reminder that awesome coffee worth finding exists outside the centre of Melbourne and it's laneways. If you're in the area a must try espresso.

reviewed Slater St. Bench

43 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

Best coffee in this area of St. Kilda road. Worth traveling a number of tram stops to come here instead of the usual cafes. This place is just about the coffee and they do it well. My cappuccino was perfectly extracted coffee mixed with just the right amount of milk. Very tasteful and artfully prepared.

reviewed Patricia

43 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

The coffee here is perfect. Why go elsewhere? From the moment you enter the smell takes you over and the resulting coffees are works of art. After Patricia drinking coffee elsewhere is mostly disappointing.

reviewed Patricia

43 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Hard to find in an über back alley; this is the first cafe I've given full marks to. With an Art Deco feel due to the menus and interior it's a perfect space to order, wait for and drink a coffee. I had a double espresso and it came served with soda water :) and the coffee met all expectations of a perfect doppio. It's not hard to see why they are in the top three Melbourne cafés on beanhunter.

reviewed il Piccolo Posto

43 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Hidden away at the end of the tram stop, this café is perfectly placed to serve one before a commute. Giancarlo made me a double espresso with their Rosso blend which he recommended for espressos. Serves in a warm cup, with a well extracted coffee, it did not disappoint! A small friendly café with great coffee. Worth a visit, and could become a regular.

reviewed Brûlerie St.-Roch

43 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

There is plenty of coffee in Quebec if you like drip coffee or Tim Hortons (not really coffee!!!) but this place makes espresso and cappuccino like one would expect. The short black I had was acceptable and not over extracted. The cappuccino was ok, with the foam being actually with the milk as expected, unlike other places that give you just spoons of foam.\n\nIf you like coffee you can\'t go wrong here.

reviewed Coffee Cellar

43 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Seemed like a better reviewed place then anything in the box hill shops, so gave it a go. They knew what a double Ristretto was, so top marks straight up compared to other local coffee houses. The coffee was good, the right volume with a good crema. The crema was pretty much one color so nothing special, but acceptable. Coffee tastes good, not bitter and was well received :) Would be happy to come back here.

reviewed Molly's

43 reviews · 2 followers · 9 years ago

After trying coffee in other Maroubra cafes; Molly's was on the cards. Slightly harder to find - its a bit further down McKeon street than the other cafes. They use the Single Origin Roasters. I asked for a Double Ristretto a wasn't disappointed. Good crema, complex colours and no bitterness. Recommend coffee in Maroubra and they do all day breakfast until 3pm as well.

reviewed Krema Bar

43 reviews · 2 followers · 9 years ago

Espresso was ok; crema consistent as coffee not overdrawn. However follow up short macchiato was a bit too bitter. Team on site needs to check their grind and mahine temperature. Better than having a coffee at McCafe in the food court for the average joe; but if you are coffee aficionado then try elsewhere.

reviewed Café Se La Vie

43 reviews · 2 followers · 9 years ago

Wasn't expecting much in the outer south east to be open Sunday afternoon, but thanks to @BeanHunter I found this highly rated cafe. I bought my own chocolat noir to supplement the coffees as well. The coffee verdict is: Espresso 6/10, not bitter but a very minimal crema. Good for a Sunday afternoon in an industrial area. Mocha 6.5/10. A "normal coffee", not silky smooth on top, nothing special but very drinkable. The bonus of this place is that coffee can be bought in this area until 5pm weekends.

reviewed Cafe O

43 reviews · 2 followers · 9 years ago

Had a coffee at the Central store, double espresso. Compared to coffee in mainland china I've been recently having, it's great. Compared to decent coffee in Melbourne, it's acceptable. Better than Starbucks and instant coffee, but nothing spectacular.

reviewed Caffe Pascucci

43 reviews · 2 followers · 9 years ago

The cafe was the only one I could find in Langham Place outside of Starbucks, etc. The menu is full of sweet iced coffee drinks, but they also had espresso on offer. Tried a latte and an espresso doppio. The late tasted like instant coffee. The cafe doppio was served as a 30ml espresso. Crema looked ok, but it was a very bitter shot. There was even some ground coffee in the bottom of the espresso. In short, stick with Starbucks or go and find a good cafe.

reviewed PerkUp

43 reviews · 2 followers · 10 years ago

The $2 café au lait in the morning is cool, and their coffee is fine overall. However, the short black I had was indicative of an incorrect grind or something wrong with their process. Good if you want a cheap walk-by coffee, but for quality try elsewhere.

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