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reviewed Cafe Baku

13 reviews · a year ago

IMHO, the best coffee we had in town. Didn’t try everything obviously but gave it a nudge. These guys care about the coffee. Serving up Allpress Espresso... and well. Also have a lactose free milk which is hard to come by.

reviewed Kurasu Kyoto

13 reviews · 2 years ago

Really good coffee. Some of the best we’ve had in Japan. Knowledgeable and passionate beanheads. Bonsoy available for those who disagree with milk.

Kurasu Kyoto's Avatar'

Kurasu Kyoto

2 years ago

Thanks so much for the amazing review! Hope to see you again soon.

reviewed Seven South

13 reviews · 3 years ago

Staff are awesome. Really attentive when we were there. They served Dramanti beans when we were there. Slightly bitter but not too strong. I'd probably order strong next time.

reviewed Gramercy Espresso & Eats

13 reviews · 4 years ago

One of the few good coffee joints open on a Sunday. Solid coffee. Decent strength and a little floral if that's a thing. As people have mentioned it's more of a hole in the wall than a sit down affair. Suits me though, I'm usually flying by on a quick city mish. No soy here though peeps. Almond milk or Zymil for the lactose intolerant amongst us. Enjoy.

reviewed Little Sista

13 reviews · 5 years ago

Campos beans. Personal fave so it gets full marks. Staff are always bubbly and food is my style, straightforward but well done. Lucky to live close to this bad boy.

reviewed ELLA Bistro

13 reviews · 6 years ago

Great little cafe just off the main drag. Staff are super friendly and the coffee is strong. Hot coffee ranges from 70-90 baht (2014) and they also do breakkie and antipasto. Sometimes you'll find there'll be live music in the afternoons and if you need a spot to sleep there's accommodation onsite.

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