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reviewed The Curb Kaimuki

124 reviews14 followers5 years ago

Proper Sydney quality espresso here. No food. Just solid espresso and pour-overs. I've been looking for this place for my last two visits to Hawaii. So glad I set aside the time to hunt this place down. Beans = 10. (Stump town roasters, Olympia Roasters) Equipment = 9. (Could also use a cold drip here when it's hot) Barister training = 10. (Grind setting adjusted regularly, Shots are weighed, precision dosing and tamping, machine meticulously cleaned.) My espresso shots were pulled by Patrick. I saw a few shots go down the reject drain which is a sign of high standards. "Big Truck" blend by Olympia Coffee Roasting out of Washington State. I had two doppio in a row and they were sensational. Mod Bar espresso machine from Indianna, fitted out with La Mazocca parts. Looks really nice. There is about 4 or 5 chairs and stools, but it's pretty much standing room only, and no tables or food. Fine by me.

reviewed Conservatorium Espresso Bar

124 reviews14 followers5 years ago

These guys are awesome. Very friendly and helpful service. My long black had such an incredibly sweet thick crema, that after my first sip, my business meeting was involuntarily interrupted by the newsflash of the complex flavours hitting my palette. This was then backed up with a great doppio. Easy parking and sunny seats outside. $10 for parking was the only bummer.

reviewed CoffeeBeatsDrinks (CBD)

124 reviews14 followers6 years ago

I can't say whether there is better coffee in Jindy because when I got my fix on day one of my week at the snow, I was happy enough to pop in here each morning before hitting the snow. I pulled in here at 7:30 each morning and and maybe had to wait a few minutes tops and got the one man band service with a smile. I had double ristretto single origin each morning and my wife had the double shot flat whites. All sorted. Thanks fellas.

reviewed Minnamurra Cafe and General Store

124 reviews14 followers6 years ago

Great sunny spot in a quiet local neighbourhood, close to the Minnamurra River. Very popular with the locals. The wait staff seemed very happy and were welcoming. Food options are the standard cafe fare from whoever providore. I don't recall any locally grown produce or hand made preserves or such. Coffee is not very good. There isn't a beard to be seen. It seems to me that the place is humming along well enough without the need for offering organically grown produce, sourcing special beans and getting bogged down with barista training.

reviewed Bayleaf Cafe

124 reviews14 followers6 years ago

Upside- Great food- pastured eggs and pastured pork sourced from Hayters Hill farm. Tip my hat to the chefs. Great location in the morning sun. Friendly staff. Downside - Coffee was ordinary - my double ristretto and my picky were extracted too short and tasted sour. Flat white was very very weak. Staff very rushed and made mistakes with our orders on both visits this week. Today I got charged for two decaffes (!) that I never ordered and lost the toss when I enquired about the bill!My opinion won't change a thing however, as this place operates at full capacity all day every day. Victim of their own success and alas, the espresso experience is just not there for me.

reviewed Byron Bay Tennis Cafe

124 reviews14 followers6 years ago

After visiting here every day during my stay in Byron, I now reckon the tennis boys are making the best espresso in town. Both originally from Sydney, Andrew is a former tennis pro while Scott hails from Coffee Brothers in Mona Vale. Someone there put him onto these Vanuatu S.O! My double ristrettos here this week are among the top five I've had anywhere. Super thick oily crema with a rich berry sweetness. Surprisingly the single origin flavour profile is wide enough to punch through the milk of a piccolo and (almost, for my liking) a flat white. The location, being just outside of the busy main strip, makes it nice and quiet which is how I like it. Although only established a few months, the tennis boys seem to attract mostly Byron locals. Food menu is limited to toasted sandwiches and muffins, which i think is a good business model to ensure the high standard of espresso is maintained. Well done boys. Thanks for the great coffee experience this week!馃憤

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