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reviewed Sant Eustachio Il Caffe

18 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

Couldn't beleive it, these guys are cheats. Went in and ordered 2 espressos from the guy at the till. Took the docket over to the guy hiding behind the ridiculously tall Astoria machine with stainless steel panels covering the sides so that there is no possible way of seeing what he is doing. He took the tickets and within 10 seconds there were 2 espressos on the bench which he was stirring. there was no sound of a grinder, machine running, knock box being used, nothing for the whole 15 minutes we were there. The coffee itself had an unusual crema, so thick and gluggy. The taste was so sweet and un natural. It was appalling. Sad thing is that any clueless coffee drinker would be easily fooled by this.

reviewed La Casa Del Caffe 'Tazza D'Oro

18 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

Best coffee in rome? It was definitely my best coffee in ROME. No one in rome or Italy for that fact cleans their equipment so the coffee always tastes tainted, metallic and harsh. Even the Jamaican blue mountain (had to try it) espresso was poor, the only good thing about it was that it wasn't as harsh as the other espressos I've had.

reviewed Coutume Café

18 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

Cannot describe the relief of consuming great coffee after drinking so much crap through France, Spain, Germany and the worst of the lot, Italy... Coutume has everything a coffee lover/geek wants. Great quality, well presented and friendly. Free wifi also. Go there when in Paris, it will make your day a lot more enjoyable!

reviewed The Top Shop

18 reviews · 6 followers · 9 years ago

I was told about the top shop by a well known local surf identity prior to it's listing on Beanhunter. We were there for a meeting and I was not expecting much in the way of coffee. When we went up to order I noticed they only used naked portafilters and all coffees were made in paper cups... I was a little confused on what was to come, eventually they yelled out my name and we received a long black and a double latte. The coffee was delicious and well made. The top shop is definitely worth the trip for a decent coffee. We tried all of the top rated cafes around Byron and nothing came close to the top shop. Don't go there expecting it to be a great cafe, go there expecting it to be a corner shop, with great coffee and a very appealing display cabinet.

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