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reviewed Little Lucifer's

89 reviews · 6 followers · 5 years ago

After what seemed like an eternity waiting for the coffee would have been excusable if the barista was busy. The strong flat white was weak and the milk was burnt. Looks like a lovely place for dinner. Just avoid the coffee

reviewed Elixir Coffee

89 reviews · 6 followers · 6 years ago

You would never guess that there is a quality cafe in this predominantly industrial area. I was surprised to see that the coffee was amazing and the place was very busy with a mixed crowd. Coffee lovers are obviously traveling from far and wide of this fine Expresso

reviewed Tiger Tiger

89 reviews · 6 followers · 6 years ago

I visited Tiger Tiger a couple of years ago and the atmosphere remains the same, quirky little lane way cafe with polite staff. The coffee was nothing to rave about but has consistency and lack the caffeine punch the we have come to expect.

reviewed Lifestyle

89 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

Great looking cafe, plenty of seating, the food was good. But the coffee takes forever to get. Would be excusable if it was busy but the food came out within 5 mins, 20 mins later comes the coffee. The barista couldn't give a damn.

reviewed Sfoglia

89 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

Very sterile looking cafe with plenty of outdoor seating. Coffee is good temperature milk is creamy but the choice of bean lets it down.

Sfoglia's Avatar'


4 years ago

Hey jaHawk! We've changed our beans since your last visit, and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised to see what we can do with our new Elements stock. Thanks for your visit!

reviewed Good Brother

89 reviews · 6 followers · 7 years ago

Not the easiest cafe to find not being local to the area. Was a little surprised at the disinterest of the staff, seemed they were busy getting lunch rolls ready. The coffee was good, but it's easy to make a good using Campos. I was expecting excellent.

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