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reviewed Sweetbrew

128 reviews · 3 followers · 6 months ago

Short search and landed this gem in Launceston. Friendly chilled slightly boho, good tunes playing..... top ingredients for..... excellent coffee and great food. Closer to 9 than 8 (only because I’m a hard marker). Will be back next time I pass through.

reviewed The General Cafe

128 reviews · 3 followers · 10 months ago

I stopped this morning for a drive through pickup coffee and very happy to say this warm, friendly little store served up a really fresh, full flavoured brew. The cafe/restaurant not open yet and I’m not sure if this is what others have reviewed.

reviewed Bruce Tea & Coffee

128 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

Was stressed and racing a little too fast to work this morning, however that all evaporated after walking in off the street. Cosy space, good music and friendly service.....and I walked out with a well crafted, fresh and fully flavoured takeaway in hand. Thank you for more than just a great coffee. 😊

reviewed Sonoma Bakery Cafe

128 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

I doubt the owners/managers read the reviews posted here as the frequent remarks about consistency persist. It’s a lovely place to stop on the way to work or sit and eat their beautiful bakery foods, it just a shame the coffee is becoming a real let down. This morning mine was so weak it didn’t even register as coffee. I returned it and they happily remade a strong one - one extreme to the other. I hope the barristers up their skills.

reviewed Cool Mac

128 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

First return visit in around 10 months - and as expected they continue to produce consistent and full flavoured cups. Their distinctive taste hasn’t changed. I reckon this reflects the love the owner and his small crew offer - coffee and food offerings are top notch.

reviewed Everyday Coffee

128 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

Has moved to a great spot around the block in Sackville St. Excellent fresh and fully extracted brew. Well supported by a really good pastry. Chilled space, good indoor and outdoor seating options...just right.

reviewed Black Toast

128 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

Whoa....I debated having an afternoon drop! I needn’t have worried though as this milky drink has only a mild essence of coffee in it. There’s a hint of ‘too cool for school’ behind the machine today. Other days rate a notch or two higher.

reviewed Fragrance

128 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

There are many ‘hip and happening’ coffee spots around this block. Fragrance I’d say isn’t a place to be seen, if that’s what you need with your bean fix. I like it chilled ambience, small space, friendly owners and the well rounded and fresh coffee they serve. Simple really 😉

reviewed Blank Canvas

128 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

Sitting with a view out to the water and relaxed people and atmosphere around....nice setting to enjoy a good coffee and bite to eat. My flat white was very enjoyable albeit just a wee bit on the burnt side. Great granola / chia bowl with fruit.

reviewed Little Wren

128 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

Experiencing coffee is so much about context - location, time of day, who you are with, where your head is at, etc. Little Wren is in a tough location...busy street, part hidden by an ugly white picket fence of a car yard. But when here the coffee is much better than I expected. Lovely friendly service.

reviewed Smoking Gun Bagels

128 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

The bagels look and smell fantastic - sadly no time for one today. Although not their prime focus, the coffee was very reasonable - fresh and clean though not quite fully extracted leaving it a tad too milky for my buds.

reviewed The Coffee Collective Jaegersborggade

128 reviews · 3 followers · 2 years ago

Whao that’s two 9’s I’ve given in a row - must be a first. Another Copenhagen great coffee experience. Excellent full extraction (Sydney standard), fresh and well....delicious. Danish simplicity and relaxed place. Unlike Sydney, no one is particularly bothered who’s here. Their corner location overlooking a footpath full of bikes and autumn coloured trees adds maybe +2 extra points.

reviewed CUB Coffee Bar

128 reviews · 3 followers · 2 years ago

Here I am giving a 9.5...highly unusual and very deserved. Beautifully clean and fresh tasting cup, sweet and syrupy flavours. I’m away from my hometown brews in Sydney Aus, have only had a few cups I’ve really enjoyed across Italy and Spain (yes I’ve had great coffee here but of their local quality etc), so I guess I’m ready for a shot the way I prefer. CUB are a coffee focussed, small outfit that is so out of the way it must just be locals and the benefits of BH and Google that keep it going - had to walk up both sides of the street before seeing it 3/4 below road level. A chilled place with excellent charcoal drawings on the walls by Thomas Juul-Jensen. Added a couple of pics 💥👌

reviewed Sakona

128 reviews · 3 followers · 2 years ago

Shame it’s not on my regular beat, the distinct honey tinge in this cup is lovely. Very fresh and full flavoured served beautifully. The breakfast granola is a worthy companion.

reviewed johnny & lyle

128 reviews · 3 followers · 2 years ago

Really enjoyed the coffee, lovely food and service here on my 2 day visit to Echuca, so much so that I ate here on two mornings as well as take away cups. Their own branded beans (though I don’t think they toast on site much anymore).

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