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reviewed Federal Cafe & Bar

306 reviews · 467 followers · 4 years ago

Being a self confessed Sydney coffee snob I wasn't really expecting much from Federal. Nothing personal, but the choices in the UK for good coffee are still incredibly limited, so it was with trepidation I entered Federal. As soon as I entered I was pleasantly surprised by the aromas, by the food passing by and by the general vibe/interesting menu. Have to be careful of not letting expectations, be it low or high, guide my score as I was tempted to score it a ten, possibly more on my relief to find a good coffee in the UK. Scored it based on how I would score the coffee if I was in Sydney; very good coffee!!

reviewed The Brewery Espresso Bar

306 reviews · 467 followers · 4 years ago

Been a while since my last visit and possibly a change of owner since that time? Coffee still very good and I wish I had had more time as the Asian inspired food smelled amazing. I will be back to try the dumplings that apparently were responsible for the smell!!

reviewed Coogee Pavilion

306 reviews · 467 followers · 4 years ago

I think this is one of those cafes that much depends on the barista's on the day? On the day I went the coffee was a little underwhelming with the coffee failing to cut through the milk for my tastes. Had there been a bit more extraction it would have been pretty decent, but it fell just short for me. I only generally have the one coffee per day, and a good way that I gauge the quality is if I feel fulfilled or not, and my coffee here left me needing more.

reviewed Contango Cafe and Coffee Roasters

306 reviews · 467 followers · 4 years ago

Had the best and worst experiences within a couple of hours here. The first coffee was superb; rich, robust and with interesting flavour profiles. It was so good I came back an hour or so later with other family to share the experience, only to encounter a different barista and this time weak and way under extracted coffee, and to make matters worse whilst sitting outside a gust of wind made the heavy window smash into he side of my head. Just be careful sitting on the chairs outside near the window. The first coffee was a 9/10, the second 5/10???

reviewed Workshop Espresso

306 reviews · 467 followers · 4 years ago

Been a while since I dropped in here, but found myself here twice in the same day last Saturday. The first coffee was bang on, just as it always was in the past. The second was a little weak and under extracted, perhaps because they were just about to close?

reviewed Cafe Without A Name

306 reviews · 467 followers · 4 years ago

I really struggle to get here as much as I used to as I often visited on Saturday mornings, which they no longer open for. Managed to drop in last week for the first time in ages, unfortunately Frank was out running errands. The coffee was absolutely spot on again and the people I were with were equally impressed!! Deserves its current ranking in Sydney's top few coffee spots!!!

Cafe Without A Name's Avatar'

Cafe Without A Name

4 years ago

Thanks for popping in and thanks again for the review. Did the team get you to try the Single Origin Ethiopian? I hope so because it is my favorite at the moment.

reviewed Urban Cafe + Store

306 reviews · 467 followers · 4 years ago

Have been back a few times since my last review. Have to say I fear the worst for this cafe really. I had hoped they could pull off the eclecticism but judging by my last visit I am not convinced they can. Coffee had that familiar taste of reheated milk or wand that had not been fully cleaned? They have an opportunity here to have a cracking community business, but they will only succeed by taking the coffee part of the business seriously. They are there to be shot at such is the novelty of their business and many will pre-judge them before even tasting the coffee. Has the feeling of an all-rounder, a Jack of all trades and master of none at the moment. This can change though, but it will need a change of attitude and intention from an easy business income to wanting to do something special?

reviewed Chalk Espresso

306 reviews · 467 followers · 4 years ago

Not really much choice in Maroubra so looking at Beanhunter I chose these guys. Do not have that much to compare their Di Bella version with other cafes as it is not a bean that you find everywhere. I enjoyed the coffee though, and the service was incredibly warm and friendly. Short stroll to the beach to enjoy the coffee makes this a winner too!!!

reviewed Two Fives

306 reviews · 467 followers · 4 years ago

First visit in ages. Always love a cafe that stays consistent over a long period and when you drop in almost a year later the coffee is still as you remember it! Always warm service too. Worth a visit if in the area!!!

reviewed Well Co

306 reviews · 467 followers · 5 years ago

I still drop in here every so often when visiting the Norton Plaza. The coffee is pretty consistent here and the service is always superb, I always get the impression that this is a great environment to work, either that or the recruitment is spot on!

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