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reviewed Coffe 3

10 reviews · 4 years ago

The coffee is the best I have had in Bali and compares to some of the best in Melbourne! The barista takes his time ( bali time ) but it is worth it! They have a wide variety of brewing techniques and the coffee definitely reflects this! Must try the luwak espresso!

reviewed Coco Lounge

10 reviews · 4 years ago

Coffee was good, my wife had a flat white which was actually a flat white and I had a latte (apologies for the photo I took a sip before it... #rookie) the food was ok nothing spectacular and the service was u fortunately poor at best, we we seated promptly, although my wife's seat was wet from an earlier spill we presume, we were given the menu and that was the end of the service, 10 minutes later I had to wave down a waitress that was standing around to order our coffees and our meals at the same time... what really got me was that the table next to us ordered 5 minutes after us and we're given their coffees 2 minutes before us... overall it was good coffee and ok food but the service really let it down.. perhaps it was just my experience

reviewed Wild & Woods Cafe

10 reviews · 4 years ago

I will start with the bad, the service was very slow, I walked up with my 7 month ordered 2 coffees and asked if they had high chairs. Was told yes they do and she would organize it. 10 minutes later my wife walked back in and asked where the high chair was to be told sorry you did ask for that and was then provided the chair.. the waitress then said sorry it went in one ear out the other ... not sure that's the right response. Coffees arrived around the same time... the good, the place was funky with outdoor seating and the interior was well laid out. We didn't eat but the food looked amazing from what I could see. The coffee was Toby's estate and had a nice smooth flavour. Certainly not the worst coffee I have had in WA and certainly better than some places back in melb! All in all if you want a nice coffee this is probably not a bad place to go but just don't expect great service on a Wednesday morning!

reviewed Artezen Espresso Bar

10 reviews · 4 years ago

Nice place, friendly atmosphere and pretty modern cafe/bar. Found this place while traveling from Melbourne so take this review with a grain of salt for WA cafes. Coffee was ok, had a latte while the wife had a flat white, both of which tasted the same and had the same crema so not sure if they actually knew the difference. Coffee was watery but drinkable. Staff were friendly, service was average for a Tuesday morning with 10 people max in the place. Food was ok. Overall just an average experience.

reviewed Moana Coffee

10 reviews · 4 years ago

Great place when you can find it! Have to go up some stairs (or in our case a lift with baby in tow! ) to the first floor. Entrance was a bit hidden but once we found the place we were glad we persisted! Funky cafe overlooking the mall below, coffee was exceptional although served in takeaway cup on weekend but that did not detract from the flavour! Also bad the quinoa bowl with pulled pork which was amazing! My wife had the bagel and rated it highly! Perfect place for a light snack and a coffee before exploring the city!

reviewed Trei

10 reviews · 4 years ago

Always friendly staff, food is amazing and the coffee is some of the best I have had outside of the CBD, it hardly misses! Needs a back area to take advantage of more outside eating as the front only has 3 tables but seriously for mt waverley I shouldn't complain! Give the food and coffee a shot you won't be disappointed!

reviewed Brew Lab

10 reviews · 5 years ago

After reading all the reviews I was hoping for an exceptional coffee (latte) however on this occasion it was just avg and nothing spectacular. The creaminess of the latte was overpowered by what seemed to be slightly burnt coffee. Certainly not the worst i have had but def not the best.

reviewed Toby's Estate

10 reviews · 5 years ago

Quirky place with a cool vibe and some vintage Aussie memorabilia. Service was great, coffee was good for the USA although my wife and I both ordered a latte however they both tasted vastly different which was a shame, one was weak and one was strong but still not a bad coffee! The iced latte was great for a very hot summers day! All in all a great little place with a great variety of coffee and freshly roasted beans!

reviewed Froth and Grinds

10 reviews · 5 years ago

Coffee was good but not great, no table service which isn't necessarily bad but it did mean that I had to go up and order the coffee and then breakfast. Breakfast wrap was palatable but tough to eat as it just fell apart. Overall good place for eastern subs but not spectacular.

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