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reviewed Coffee Geek Brewers

8 reviews · a year ago

Friendly service, nice bright cafe however sometimes I wander if fake reviews are written by owners friends. The coffee is just average, nothing stands out about it, certainly not to warrant the ratings/reviews

Coffee Geek Brewers's Avatar'

Coffee Geek Brewers

a year ago

Thank you for your review, and by looking at your review record, we think that you are a friend of our competitor. Peace :) we love our neighbours.

reviewed Sensory Lab

8 reviews · 7 years ago

Very very ordinary, tasted like coffex or mocopan coffee. Service was extremely slow, I had to wait a good 15 -20 minutes for my take away coffee and it was not worth the wait. Their excuse for the long wait was that they were busy... not good enough guys! Not how to treat customers. I would have expected a little courtesy and be forewarned about the wait as they seemed to prioritise the customers that were sitting in the warm store whilst those standing in the cold waiting for their take away coffees had to wait forever. I will not be coming here again and be telling everyone how bad the coffee and service is.

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