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reviewed Top Paddock

36 reviews · 10 months ago

You need to factor in a five minute wait for a barista to become available for takeaway coffees. I asked the person serving and was indicated that it is normal practice at Top Paddock. Top Paddock get it together this is a little of a slap in the face as you have barista’s always active on your seated customers. But people coming in getting takeaway are shunted to no barista until one becomes available!!!!!

reviewed Fuel Coffee + Food

36 reviews · a year ago

Coffee was exceptionally made single origin was great. Low score on service as it’s all prepaid. Sat at the table for a bit then saw the pay as you eat. I don’t rate pre paid option. Kitchen was also lite on the menu. Only pre made or toasties.

reviewed Vacation Coffee

36 reviews · a year ago

Coffee would have been ok if you could get past the $3.8 coffees which I have to admit is fair. But then you need to add $1 for almond milk. This Almond milk is not home made but standard milk lab. I forgot to mention the 15% surcharging on weekends. That takes your Piccolo coffee to a total of $5.52. On weekends. Ouch!

reviewed Grindstone

36 reviews · a year ago

Bean going to Grindstone for a while now. The food is exceptional and the coffee is consistently perfect, a bit like the staff within the coffee shop. Just watch the barbers shop, they get rotating staff that is not so honest! What's the world coming to when you can not trust your barber. Worst bit who do you tell, there is no contact to management? But who needs to get a haircut when the food and coffee is so good

reviewed Top Paddock

36 reviews · 2 years ago

Yes 10 out of 10!!! This was rated on Menu all yummy, cakes are spectacular had the Peanut butter with chocolate fudge slice today.... need I say more :) Then there is the coffee!!! Wish I would have more coffee with slice time, but the slice was just too good. Found the staff to be nice too. True ten out of 10

reviewed Ascot Food Store

36 reviews · 2 years ago

Ascot Food Store has a new owner with that a newer menu and a great vibe around this busy CAFE. Menu is now even more amazing, there are some complex dishes with amazing flavours up for grabs not bad for a little food store in Ascot Vale and coffee is pretty good to top! Staff are amazing always aware and most importantly smiling 👍 helps with the taste of the coffee

reviewed The Salon by Louis Roederer

36 reviews · 3 years ago

Called in I had a club sandwich, oily! Not sure if my tolerance on oil is lower than chief. Not sure if this effected my taste spuds but...... Coffee was well below average, I expected better from such a elegant looking cafe within Myer. It was more like a try hard lunch shop.

reviewed Brother Baba Budan

36 reviews · 5 years ago

393 reviews and counting... Ranked 8.4. This is Melbourne's best coffee shop. Yes this cafe is a 10/10. If it was in the running for the Coffee Olympics, due to be starting in the coming years. It would win golds for quality service, staff that love their jobs, coffee delivery and consistence in the perfection of coffee making. This is the shop that has trained some of Melbourne's Best Barista's. This is a fact!!! I make it sound pretty good I know, it's a little hard to get a seat on the ground most days though. There is minimum signage at this establishment.... They let the coffee do the talking!

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