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reviewed Coffee Pedaler

60 reviews · 2 followers · 3 hours ago

Was not expecting quality coffee in Gundagai. That’s why I carry the minipresso on long road trips. Barrista knows hid game, very nice coffee/ratio with coffee not hidden behind the milk. Real kick in these beans.

reviewed Vvaldmeer

60 reviews · 2 followers · a month ago

Amazing coffee! Had a flat white with my eggs in toast (highly recommended) and a doppio to finish off. Flat white was the best I have tried in a long time! Coffee not lost in a sea of milk, texture exactly as it should be. Doppio was pulled perfectly, not too wild about the choice of beans but still a very enjoyable experience. Very fruity with a lot of punch. Highly recommended.

reviewed Empire Specialty Coffee

60 reviews · 2 followers · a month ago

Started off with a Doppio - excellently pulled, very bright and fruity, temperature was perfect. Followed the doppio with a cortado, not often you see that on a coffee shop’s menu. The cortado was perfect. Went very well with the excellent breakfast crumpet. Next time I’m in Brisbane I’ll do an Arnie.

reviewed West Espresso Brewers

60 reviews · 2 followers · 8 months ago

Finally great coffee near to home! Max the barista is ‘full of beans’! Massive smile in his face, provides excellent service and pulls a great coffee. Had a latte which was well pulled, milk was close to perfect. Also had two short blacks, dol sol beans and Koch beans. Could have easily had two more. To quote Arnie, “I’ll be back!”

reviewed North x Northwest

60 reviews · 2 followers · 8 months ago

First off, service was excellent. Not pushy yet helpful, prompt and cheerful. Latte was (as requested) strong. Couldn’t fault it. Coffee and milk preparation, once again, excellent.

North x Northwest's Avatar'

North x Northwest

8 months ago

Thanks hope to see you soon

reviewed St Ali

60 reviews · 2 followers · 8 months ago

Great coffee as always, BUT it is impossible to talk over the nightclub volume ‘background’ music. Also, on the subject of the music, you hear more swearing here than a working week at any building site. Although I rate the coffee a 9, the low score comes from two things 1) the volume of the music, I don’t want to have to shout to be heard by the person next to me. 2) my waiter did not know what a doppio is, neither did the barista. Very poor.

reviewed MORMORS

60 reviews · 2 followers · 8 months ago

Best coffee in Merimbula by far. Had to have it take-away so the paper cup influence was there. Still a good bean, well pulled and milk was very well prepared. Very clean and well presented café with very nice views of the water.

reviewed Wild Patch

60 reviews · 2 followers · 9 months ago

Wow! Did not expect this quality in a 10k size town. The doppio had a solid punch! Very fruity and alive! The latte was all about the coffee, the milk was well done, very smooth yet the focus was the coffee.

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