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reviewed Moto

29 reviews · 3 months ago

Interesting cafe, shame about the coffee. Change your supplier. Go for real coffee flavour. I like a double shot flat white, small cup. I get an average coffee the taste average.

reviewed Groundskeeper Willie

29 reviews · 6 months ago

First time here. A little bit industrial, shed open and cool in April. Staff proud of their coffee’s . Asked for a Double shot flat white and a Macchiato. Was given two different coffees, staff explaining the difference in the blends. Both had excellent flavour. Only downside was the temperature, could of been a little hotter. Yes I will return ☕️😊

reviewed The Pocket

29 reviews · a year ago

Congratulations on you coffee 10/10. I believe it was from Guru Life, possibility better then their build , Sorry Guru Life Tasty well presented meals. Staff very attentive and courteous. Will definitely be back.

reviewed Core espresso

29 reviews · 2 years ago

Espresso and Double shot flat white. Time to change you coffee brand. Unfortunately the double shot was bland and milky. How ever their food is a 10. Try the Pulled Pork protein bowl... fabulous.

reviewed Xtraction Espresso

29 reviews · 2 years ago

Best Espresso ever.... Full of flavour. Than came the double shot Flat white... This place has the best coffee I have ever had. Going back to experience the hit again and see what coffee they use. The Pitaya bowl is fantastic. Oct 19 currently being renovated.... but still open

reviewed Brew

29 reviews · 4 years ago

Double shot could of been stronger. May have been the beans. 13 yr old son who is a Chai Latte drinker. Claims it was the best he has tasted. Great service. Good Coffee shop feel.

reviewed Mantra Cafe

29 reviews · 9 years ago

Yamba is a small coastal town that is making a mark for itself as a top notch place to holiday. When on holidays we don't have to give up our luxuries. And mine is Coffee. This little Café serves the best coffee I have had outside my home town. And after my second serve it is up there with the best. Service was excellent.

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