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reviewed ShotLab Espresso

114 reviews · 1 follower · 8 months ago

Been wanting to try this place but always closed when I am around. However today was the day. I can understand why has good reviews as the coffee was very good. I also tried the brekky role as they spell it and it was very enjoyable. If in Newport it's worth a visit.

reviewed The Diver Cafe

114 reviews · 1 follower · a year ago

Coffee is inconsistent according to who's making. Most days coffee is ok but only 1 day in a week a barista made spot on. Kitchen is a joke. I ordered eggs on toast and waited 15 minutes and all that came out of the kitchen before was 3 bacon and egg rolls. The toast was not toast and eggs were dry and I could do better at home and I could not finish.

The Diver Cafe's Avatar'

The Diver Cafe

10 months ago

Sorry about that. We have fixed the staffing issues. Look to see what you thinking now.

reviewed JJ's Cafe Restaurant

114 reviews · 1 follower · a year ago

My coffee today was so bad that I left it! Absolutely shocking that people who run coffee shops clearly have no care. Surely you know this will hurt your business. They use Pablo and rusty coffee beans so no excuses for such a joke if a coffee

reviewed Expresso Warriors

114 reviews · 1 follower · a year ago

When they first opened they tried hard but frankly it's gone down hill quickly. My coffee today was awful and thus is due to them not using a barista. The owner is away and of course has taught a waitress how to make coffee. However does she really know what she's doing? Obviously not as my coffee was really bad.Sometimes in the past the coffee has been average but this is bad enough for me to start going elsewhere.

reviewed Double cross espresso bar

114 reviews · 1 follower · a year ago

The thing that stands out about this coffee shop is the attitude to customers. This is the first time I've ever been blown away by service before.They have thought about so much. Would like like complimentary sparkling or normal water, wow. They pay attention and even came back to fill my half empty glass. The coffee was good and the bacon and egg roll was ok too.Crows nest simply has too many coffee shops competing for business, however these are an amazing addition as have raised the standards for the area. I can understand why they are busy as I am sure they must get a strong referral business.

reviewed Casualties

114 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

laughed at the name but thought they were worth a go as do Danes coffee. well we used here most mornings as the coffee was made reasonably well but more importantly the staff were very friendly. this made us come back everyday while on holiday as we were made welcome and the atmosphere was good

Casualties's Avatar'


2 years ago

Thank you for the review - really appreciate the feedback!

reviewed Artistry Coffee Craft Co.

114 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

coffee was good but like a sauna in store,started getting uncomfortable and sweating so not a pleasent experience

Artistry Coffee Craft Co.'s Avatar'

Artistry Coffee Craft Co.

2 years ago

Dear customer, we apologise that you had an unpleasant experience. We had the air-conditioner on coz it's a hot day, and it would have been our pleasure to adjust it colder for you. Hope to see you again. Thank you.

reviewed 22 Grams

114 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

Known in the local area for the coffee. So of course I checked it out and hey it’s busy. The coffee was good but if I’m honest I go back for food. It’s reasonably priced for serving size. Overall my favourite at the moment fro breakfast. Service can be up and down depending on who serves you.

reviewed The Shed

114 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

Gave this place two chances to show my why they were so busy. Think it comes down to a lack of competition inside. Average service, food was awful and both times our coffee was ok. I tried to like them but will now not go back. Hey their busy so that’s ok.

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