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reviewed Headfirst Coffee Roasters

12 reviews · 2 followers · 6 years ago

Newest kids on the block in specialty coffee Amsterdam. Well known in the scene these two guys roast their own and make a mean espresso, Aeropress or Cleverdrip. Located in a shop owned by Sourced and Sold the atmosphere is nice. Quality is pretty consistent, not very exciting yet but definitely a good alternative to the Screaming Beans (or Koffiesalon) around the corner.

reviewed Screaming Beans (Huygensstraat)

12 reviews · 2 followers · 6 years ago

I've visited the Hartenstraat shop from day one. Their coffee has always been of steady quality. Now with the new shop on the Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat their focus has shifted away from coffee towards food. And the food is good. But the coffee... First visit I had a Panama Esmeralda Geisha filter. It's on the menu and always available. How that is possible? Well mine wasn't very fruity and after asking I was told this was a 5 weeks old roast. Bit of a disappointment for the most expensive coffee on the menu. The second visit I did was in the evening, when they do diner as well. Asked for a double espresso. They offered me their special which was a Brasil. Once I had ordered, the barista grabbed a new bag, emptied it in the hopper, grinded a double shot and made the shot. No adjustment, not tasting, weighing or counting the shot... The result was an under extracted bitter shot of espresso. Avoid this Screaming Beans if you want a good cup of coffee, the food and wine are great but that's not what Beanhunter is about...

reviewed KOKO Coffee & Design

12 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

This little coffee + fashion concept just popped up in Amsterdam's city center. I don't care a lot for fashion but i have to say, the clothes are beautiful. Just like the interior: KOKO has a really laid back atmosphere using vintage and new design furniture. Now for the important part: using Caffènation and organic fresh milk the coffee is great. They use Caffenations houseblend and their espresso of the week and although there are newer/more innovative machines, the La Marzocco does the trick. I had the espresso of the week (a single origin Ethiopia) that was nice and sweet with good acidity. After that a filter drip (Kenia Mukurwe) that was even better. I saw some really tasty sweets on the counter (like apple pie) and granola. Overall: lovely coffee/atmosphere/barista's.

reviewed Normo

12 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

Antwerp has some serious coffee-nerding going on right now. Normo is no exception. And (like other Antwerp espresso-bars) in proper design interior! These in-house roasters know their way around the roaster/espressomachine/dropstation and pour a mean latte-art. Located a little further away from the centre you'll find lots of locals here. Very crowded when i visited, the coffees showed me why: everything was high quality and the barista's were very kind and relaxed. A must go for when you are in Antwerp!

reviewed Caffènation

12 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

In-house roasters.. you've got to love them. I've had some Caffènation coffees before i visited their own cafe. Pretty light roasted beans of very good quality. Specialists. They even have an in-house Aeropress World Champion and a Bird. Needless to say: the coffee is great. Espresso's, Aeropress, Filter, you name it they've got it and it will taste good. Not really my cup of tea but they have some interesting special coffees as well (Spicy Ginger Honey Latte's and stuff like that). Interior is very raw and creative. The barista's are awesome and you have some nice bikes to look at while enjoying your drink. Their website is definitely worth a look as well. Good stuff!

reviewed Zwart

12 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

Like SOK Espressolab in Amsterdam Zwart is for the proper coffee nerd. Although it's all about taste (these guys roast their own coffee, use a synesso and various filter variations) the shop is beautiful. Probably the classiest and most creative coffeeshop i've ever visited. Located in de Stationsbuurt near Central Station, no one has an excuse not to visit. Or it has too be that you are too late, because Zwart uses the pop-up principle and i believe will be gone after the summer...

reviewed The Village

12 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

Visited this espresso bar only twice but i must admit: best in The Netherlands; perfect atmosphere, great coffee from Caffenation, Antwerp and good music. The guys working there are really laid-back and know their coffee and music. The place looks even better than the coffee tastes, awesome furniture and art/prints. Are you a coffee geek visiting Amsterdam? Take a train to Utrecht and visit The Village, seriously.. i'm not asking, do it.

reviewed Massolit

12 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

Massolit is something else... The combination bookstore and espresso bar works quite well in most cases. Massolit is no exception. They sell lovely english books, new and used (don't expect anything mainstream). And they sell coffee from their machine (i thought it was a restored Faema) and V60 drip. The beans are from Double Shot, Prague. All these things are just fine but the one thing that makes Massolit so special is the ambiance. The calmness is extreme compared to the busy city streets and especially the garden is a real must-go, great atmosphere!

reviewed Printa

12 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

When visiting Budapest i was surprised to encounter such a nice espresso bar. Printa sells prints (well duh), gadgets, design and coffee. Last time i visited they served Coffee Collective and they had a lot of different origins/roasts at the time. The barista's were awesome and very friendly. They put a lot of effort in every cup, although not everyone was perfect. I had some lovely espresso's, drips and even a cold drips when i was there though... Best coffee in town definitely.

reviewed Espressofabriek (City)

12 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

There's a review on here for the Espressofabriek in IJburg, Amsterdam.. the one i'm reviewing right now is actually closer to the city centre, in a neighborhood that is more interesting than IJburg. Here the main coffee brand is Boot Koffie (Golden Coffee Box) as well but often there are 'guest brands' like Square Mile (it's worth it to ask if there's anything special available at the moment!). The barista's are proper coffee-junkies and will serve you a very very decent espresso and a near perfection V60 drip or Aeropress. They love to chat about coffee (and music!) and they host a monthly Bean Battle that attracts barista's from all over The Netherlands. The past weeks they had a Synesso Hydra 2-group in their shop.. but i think the Kees van der Westen will return soon. Last thing i heard was there's going to be a small bean roaster in the attic for fun, like a said: proper coffee-junkies.

reviewed Screaming Beans

12 reviews · 2 followers · 7 years ago

Probably the best espresso bar in the centre of the city... Screaming Beans serves a variety of different filter beans and methods (V60/Aeropress/Syphon/Chemex). Most days they have at least two different kinds of beans on the grinders for their espresso based drinks. These beans are all from Bocca (quality beans, especially their Yirgacheffe-3 is nice). They sell whole or grinded beans as well by the roast of Bocca and sometimes a 'guest-brand' like Hasbean. Atmosphere is ok, espresso shots are ok as well. The slow coffees could deserve a little more attention.

reviewed Coffee Bru

12 reviews · 2 followers · 8 years ago

Awesome little coffee place. They serve Bocca, Golden Coffee Box and Eenhoorn beans. I had a doppio (from their La Marzocco) with great acidity and sweetness, perfect crema.. the works! After that a v60 drip that was real subtle with 0 bitterness and loads of fruity flavor.. Was too busy enjoying to remember what beans i had. Atmosphere is great, very laid-back. The guy behind the counter (probably the owner) was a super nice guy, a good barista and loves to talk coffee. The eye-catcher of the shop is the custom counter with Bru's logo in mosaic. I believe they serve a lunch and breakfast as well and they have great homemade cakes and stuff (good banana bread!).

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