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reviewed Black Milk Coffee

5 reviews · 17 days ago

Love this place and the staff and it’s great having a proper coffee spot in Oxley. However, the beans, seemingly no matter the variety, are so over-roasted it makes it hard to enjoy any cup. I’ve purchased a massive variety of beans from here over the years and it’s unreal how consistently over-done they are. The roast dates are wildly off-base as well; I’ve seen bags with no roast date, a roast date in the future, a roast date over two months old, etc. I genuinely hate to rag on Black Milk because they’re so close to greatness but the roasting needs to be sorted out. Charred Ethiopian is just no fun.

reviewed Clandestino Roasters

5 reviews · 2 years ago

My favourite coffee joint in SE Queensland. Nitro brew, cold drip, pour-over, espresso—they’re all incredible here. Wish you guys were closer to Brisbane! Can’t get enough. Amazing atmosphere and service and there’s a killer coffee store as well.

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