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reviewed Pomeroys Coffee + Tea

47 reviews · 3 followers · 5 years ago

Went to new store in Wooloowin. Coffee was awful. Price increase from previous owner. Gave them a second chance and still woeful. Won't be back despite it previously being one of my favourites.

Pomeroys Coffee + Tea's Avatar'

Pomeroys Coffee + Tea

5 years ago

That is a shame, a lot of our customers love our coffee.... you will be missed.

reviewed Brew

47 reviews · 3 followers · 8 years ago

Waited so long for our coffees that we needed to leave before they arrived. Just in time to get them as takeaway. Really weak and disappointing. I had looked forward to trying this place for a long time. Poor service, and poor coffee! As for the atmosphere, I would hate to be in there in a fire or other emergency exit.

reviewed She Bangs

47 reviews · 3 followers · 8 years ago

Tried this place a while back and coffee was really poor. Following my last review there was an avalanche of exceptional reviews (immediately after my review and mostly by people who had never posted before????). I just tried She Bangs again, and unfortunately my first review still stands. The coffee was weak and undrinkable. Anyone giving this coffee a good review needs to get out more, and try a good coffee shop. There are a few around.

reviewed Blue Sky Coffee

47 reviews · 3 followers · 9 years ago

Love this place. The atmosphere, the staff, the food but most importantly the coffee. Been going there most weekends, and getting some of the best coffee in Brisbane. The barista knows his stuff and the other staff are great.

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