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reviewed John Smith Cafe

1609 reviews · 142 followers · 15 days ago

Columbian espresso was sort of darker choc to start but did veer towards bitterness at the end Enjoyed the Kenyan batch, made me think of green apple skins with that style of sweetness but also an underlying tartness. As it cooled became more grapefruit with an accompanying increase in acidity. Another espresso, this time on a Costa Rican was more fruity and finished more cleanly than first espresso- nice.

reviewed Cavalier Specialty Coffee

1609 reviews · 142 followers · 25 days ago

Rare washed Columbian Gesha (5kg production) from Marvell Street as a Pour Over started with a buttery mouthfeel and richly complex smooth dohar of caramel/butter/blackberry flavours. More tea-like notes came through on cooling. Overall impression was a golden comforting cup - so good. Kenyan espresso had a plummy vibe. Kenyan batch had a clean raspberry tang

reviewed John Mills Himself

1609 reviews · 142 followers · a month ago

Very dark colour to the Kenyan cold brew, enjoyable chocolate flavour with a hint of acidity - tasty good The bottled Full Cream Milk Triple Shot Iced Coffee was deliciously sweet with a lovely creamy mouthfeel. Enjoyably the flavour of the underlying shots still came through.

reviewed John Mills Himself

1609 reviews · 142 followers · a month ago

Guatemalan espresso was great with a balanced Maillard reaction base note and sweetness dancing around up top. The reflectometer test (dissolved solids) for the batch was cool. Same beans for batch as the espresso, unusually for a batch the Five Senses had some delectable rounded roasti’ness, was backed up by spot on acidic/sweetness. Top coffee location.

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