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reviewed ONA Marrickville

1704 reviews · 143 followers · 14 days ago

Rounded bergamot on the Columbian espresso, nicely sweet finish with a bit of light lip coating acidity Off the hook Opal Gesha pour over had an amazing arrayed of flavours as it cooled, from an almost spicy start through tropical fruits, some grapefruit, umami then candied orange - awesome.

reviewed Artistry Coffee Craft Co.

1704 reviews · 143 followers · 18 days ago

Reformatory beans for a washed Columbian espresso had a tasty bit of acidity across a more rounded chocolate backbone - nice. Smooth mouthfeel for the Ethiopian pour over coupled with a lovely balance of sweet, clean fruit and citrus acidity - real nice. Washed Panama Gesha for another pour over had a mighty fine orange and passion fruit flavour

reviewed Aunty Peg's

1704 reviews · 143 followers · a month ago

Tried three Brazilians. To start, yellow bourbon natural as an espresso began robustly and nutty, mellowed somewhat to maybe charred pineapple with a nice backbone of acidity. Pour over on another yellow bourbon natural had some attractive mango and tropical, aftertaste had a bit of a vegetal note. Finished with a cold drip on a yellow catuai natural that was rather potent with cinnamon and bitter cola.

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