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reviewed ONA Marrickville

1656 reviews · 142 followers · 7 days ago

Love the range of beans available here. Carbonic masceration (CM) processed El Salvador espresso had an amazing diversity of flavours - liquorice, baileys, with a little dash of acidity - sweet clean and chewy - fantastic CM Ethiopian for the filter was delicious with a complex jammy blueberry vibe with some background chocolate Second filter on natural Panama Gesha had a big jasmine aroma, initial rounded carmel with a acidity that sneaks ups on the aftertaste

reviewed Coffee Alchemy

1656 reviews · 142 followers · 7 days ago

Espresso on a Columbian has some nice plums over cocoa backbone with some interesting acidity thrown. Pour over on natural Ethiopian was tasty fruity, bittered a little on the aftertaste but still went down well. I really like the teaspoons here

reviewed Frankie's Beans

1656 reviews · 142 followers · 7 days ago

Columbian for the espresso went down very nicely. Komboffee - kombucha/coffee was apricots, bubbles and fun, with the coffee flavour becoming more apparent on the aftertaste. FAB had a beautiful round caramel buttery mouthfeel with a touch of acidity on the aftertaste - excellent

reviewed Artificer Coffee

1656 reviews · 142 followers · a month ago

Same Kenyan I tried at Salvage but on a slightly reduced volume. It had a citrus, tending to marmalade vibe, aftertaste brought an increase in bitterness - nice shot. Very distinct hazelnut flavour to the batch, coupled with the finishing clean sweetness made it very enjoyable.

reviewed elbow room

1656 reviews · 142 followers · 2 months ago

Espresso 1 was a darker roast, with a silky texture Espresso 2 on an Ethiopian was all apples with an interesting hint of cloves - really nice. Batch to finish had a distinct bergamot flavour, a flavour I don’t often pick up so clearly

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