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reviewed Simple Bliss

55 reviews · 9 followers · 5 years ago

It'd be hard to go wrong with Black Sheep beans - and the owner/barista here does it all right! Great coffee and a lovely location to either sit and look over the lake, or grab a take-away and enjoy a walk or play-ground.

reviewed Relove Oxley

55 reviews · 9 followers · 5 years ago

I'd driven past here a few times, but wasn't sure about trying until it showed up on the 'best cafes' 2015 list. Great idea, the vibe is just right and the service fast and friendly. Coffee was good, definitely above average for the area. I'd prefer it a bit smoother, but at least it was string enough to enjoy with milk.

reviewed John Mills Himself

55 reviews · 9 followers · 6 years ago

Well it's an experience and a half. I'd heard of this cafe, but couldn't find it (and for some reason it doesn't come up as a 'nearby cafe' on the app for me?). But I bumped into a friend today who told me how to find it. Just getting there was part of the fun - entering the 'back way' via "Archive Books" on Charlotte Street. As I pushed through the white door at the back and descended the stairs the smell hit me - I was at the right place! Coffee was great. Today they were using Cup beans for milk coffee, and enjoyed the malty/carmel flavour in my piccolo. The only downside was that the stools+bar setup isn't so conducive to finding a spot to read, and I chose a spot near where the barista (owner?) was having a great conversation about coffee that I enjoyed listening too! Looking forward to coming back again.

reviewed Bean

55 reviews · 9 followers · 7 years ago

Was aiming for another cafe but noticed this place hidden away near Irish Murphy's. The service was great - really friendly guys behind the counter, and the atmosphere was very hipster friendly. With the coffee, the first thing that hit me was the texture of the milk, thick and silky - loved it. The flavour of the shot itself was quite mild. I prefer something with a bit more punch to cut through the milk, but wasn't terribly disappointed.

reviewed Noggi Queens Plaza

55 reviews · 9 followers · 7 years ago

Thanks beanhunter's for this recommendation. Piccolo had a big hit and lovely texture. Appreciated being asked whether I wanted the piccolo in a regular cup 'so it didn't spill as I walked'. Coffee was made with such care. I hope it's able to stay that way. PS the free sample of froyo was a nice touch too.

reviewed Black Milk Coffee

55 reviews · 9 followers · 7 years ago

Lovely atmosphere in this new cafe in Oxley, just up from the new shopping village. \n\nI hadn\'t heard of their bean supplier before (coffee dominion), but the piccolo I drank was quite sharp but with a fruity finish. \n\nThe cafe has a small play area for kids, so I\'m sure it\'ll become a hit with the pram brigade from many if the surrounding suburbs.

reviewed The Odyssey Project

55 reviews · 9 followers · 7 years ago

I've been hearing about this place and enjoyed popping today. The first sip of the piccolo was a bit sharp, but the taste became more balanced after that. My wife enjoyed the lingering taste of her cap. Staff were super friendly and we had a great chat. The only problem was finding a park!

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