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reviewed Hawthorn Common

8 reviews · 4 years ago

What a great place. Excellent coffee especially for those who drink it black. Fantastic food and great staff. Plus they source everything locally, compost all their organic waste on site and reuse or recycle almost everything else. Ethical and excellent!

reviewed Standing Room Only

8 reviews · 4 years ago

Possibly the most insipid coffee I've had in years. Ordered a long black. It was weak, had no crema, no flavour, no aroma or body. Apart from the hint of bitterness from being poorly brewed I couldn't have told the difference in a blind taste test between this and a cup of hot brown water. Had to throw it out -undrinkable. I suspect this cafe gets its good reviews from milky coffee drinkers where the baristas can disguise the average coffee with the sweetness they can pull from the milk. Don't go here if you like black coffee.

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