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reviewed Bruno's BNE

132 reviews · 5 followers · 2 years ago

Wow, just wow. What a great place. Beautiful cafe. Fantastic atmosphere, great service, great coffee. Espresso was very fruity and green, not as strong as I would normally like but but due to being slightly weak it was very smooth. Would love to see some other blends on offer.

reviewed The Rare Pear

132 reviews · 5 followers · 2 years ago

Anzac Day was my first visit to this place. I was sceptical due to the low score but love to try new things and thought I’d give it a shot. The espresso surprised me. Very nice and smooth. It was absolutely delicious, and I think it give the competition just down the road a real good run for its money. Velvety and well made. Great job.

reviewed Mondaze

132 reviews · 5 followers · 2 years ago

So Mondaze, well establish in Jimboomba and Springfield, have opened a new location in Flagstone. This new store has a fantastic atmosphere. Plenty of seating and a great place to hang out. The espresso was fantastic, having ordered both a cap and piccolo I can say that it was smooth and very well made. The food here is also great but very limited at the moment. Highly recommended.

reviewed Cafe 107

132 reviews · 5 followers · 3 years ago

I’ve been coming here regularly for the last 2 months since its opened due to a severe lack of good quality coffee nearby. This place has surprised me with its consistently nice espresso. It’s not standout, but it sure blows coffee club and the others nearby clean out of the water. Well made, good atmosphere and the staff are fantastic. Some of the best service I’ve ever had here. I’ll keep coming back and I recommend this place over anything else in browns plains if you’re after a new local brew without travelling outside of Logan.

reviewed Blackout Coffee

132 reviews · 5 followers · 3 years ago

You can’t give any credibility to the previous review giving a rating of 10, from a reviewer with no other reviews. Far from the best coffee this side of the river. Not even the best coffee on the street (trust me, I’ve tried them all). My espresso was a 6, and this generosity comes almost exclusively from the Davero blend they’ve sourced from local roaster ‘Simply Beans’. The blend has great potential in the right hands, however this barista needs a little practice and refinement. Not enough pressure in the machine, too fine a grind, and water temperature too hot. My espresso was burnt and bitter. Milk was under texturised and served too hot. It’s a good set up, with average atmosphere and good service. Keep trying.

reviewed Merriweather

132 reviews · 5 followers · 3 years ago

The coffee was okay. Quite well made but 7/10 at best. Very inconsistent- can be hit and miss. Last time was nice, today was burnt and bitter. Good service but very inconsistent coffee. It’s a gamble.

reviewed Mi Casa Cafe

132 reviews · 5 followers · 3 years ago

New kid on the block for the Logan coffee scene. This place has recently opened and fills a void in the area which is severely lacking in competition and quality coffee. Today was my first visit. My coffee was quite nice, 7/10. Ever so slightly burnt in the first few mouthfuls and served slightly too hot (dial it down just a touch, the cup burnt my hand and milk was a little overdone). Quiet smooth and well extracted, can’t wait for these guys to get better with experience and training as I expect this place will provide a fantastic coffee in the coming months after ironing out the bumps associated with opening a new cafe. Typical campos beans. I would Love to see this place supported by a nice local roaster and a selection of beans. The place looks fantastic and has a great vibe. Looks very comfortable and clean and I could hang out here for quite a while. The staff were great. The boys were friendly, genuine and seemed like cool guys. Great service. I’ll be back in the coming weeks for another coffee and will rate the consistency ;)

reviewed Valori Espresso Lounge and Gallery

132 reviews · 5 followers · 3 years ago

Coffee itself is a 9/10. Incredibly smooth and well balanced. Perfectly extracted and prepared. Beautifully dark and earthy with chocolatey notes. Like drinking a delicious hug. Atmosphere was a 5/10. A bit plain and boring. Not much biz and not much happening. Staff were friendly. Highly recommended for the espresso.

reviewed Goodness Gracious Café

132 reviews · 5 followers · 3 years ago

The coffee was a 6.5/10. Slightly bitter and almost burnt. It was nice but not of the standard that I would consider ‘great’ coffee. Very busy and perhaps it was rushed. The staff were very friendly and service was great. Atmosphere was great and the cafe was buzzing with energy. Come here for the full experience (coffee, food, atmosphere) but if you’re just after good coffee, look around.

Goodness Gracious Café's Avatar'

Goodness Gracious Café

3 years ago

Thanks for visiting Empebe. We're sad your coffee wasn't at the standard we aspiring to, but so glad for the feedback which we'll put towards an amazing coffee for your next visit.

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