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reviewed Black Echo Coffee

194 reviews · 2 followers · 9 months ago

Quirky little coffee shop not easily seen since it is in a clothing store, that is itself kind of hidden from the street. They do a butter espresso. Not 100% sure what I think of it, but it definitely has a buttery taste. Made really well though. Good strength and temperature. Will need to try just an espresso next time as I think the milk makes it a little too rich. Worth looking for.

reviewed Sleepy Bear

194 reviews · 2 followers · 10 months ago

Right near the train station, but not looking like a coffee shop. Worth finding though. A reasonable roast, tasted a bit like caramel and chocolate. Aiming for a real flat white. Good strength and flavour, just a little too hot for me, with maybe too much foam on top.

reviewed The Coffee Project

194 reviews · 2 followers · 10 months ago

Not a bad cup of coffee I went for the more expensive roast (over 5CHF which is pretty expensive). Had a good flavour and reasonably well made, although a little too hot and probably too much foam. But a good stop in Lausanne so worth searching out.

reviewed Brew

194 reviews · 2 followers · 10 months ago

There is a lot going for them. They have a nicely flavoured roast, the roast is fresh, and they use a hand press machine. A big mistake is that it is just too hot. Also, for a flat white, there was too much froth. That said, definitely one of the better ones I have been to in Switzerland, and if looking for coffee in the area, make this a stop.

reviewed Mia Coffee

194 reviews · 2 followers · a year ago

What a great little coffee shop. Perfect temperature. Well made. Fruity roast. Just a great stop. Best I have found in Malaga so far, and may well be the best here. Worth the wandering the narrow streets. And bonus. They know what a latte is.

reviewed The Little Coffee Shop

194 reviews · 2 followers · a year ago

Has a good look like there might be decent coffee. Stood in the line for quite a while, while he first ran out of lids, then beans, and the mispoured three times with the customer in front of me, only to be told when I finally got to the front that he had no cappuccino!!! Nothing advising this except the price for the drink

reviewed Prado Cafe

194 reviews · 2 followers · a year ago

Nicely flavoured bean with a good strength. I am not a huge fan of 49th parallel, but they do it well here. While my common complaint is that often times the coffee is scalding hot, here it could have been a touch warmer. With that said, I would rather this temperature than overheated. A good place to visit, and with some Vancouver coffee history to boot.

reviewed The Narcissus

194 reviews · 2 followers · a year ago

What a nice find. Kind of not on the beaten track unless you are a car heading into the city. Nice flavour, and made at the perfect temperature. Another one of those out of the city core ones worth visiting.

reviewed Railtown Cafe

194 reviews · 2 followers · a year ago

I really wanted to like this place. The coffee has a nice flavour, just a little too hot. However, the service let them down. After making a mistake with my order it became way more complicated than it needed to be. Not a bad stop if you are in the area.

reviewed Platform 7

194 reviews · 2 followers · a year ago

Serving Stumptown coffee. Decently made. Maybe a little too hot, but the flavour is good. And I always know it will be a good strength when there is only one size, and it is not supersize. Interesting space. Maybe a little slow.

reviewed Hive Cafe

194 reviews · 2 followers · a year ago

Good strength with a nice roast (Palette), just maybe too hot for me although others may prefer that. Very friendly too. Also a good sign when there is only one size, and it is not a super size.

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