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reviewed Atticus Finch Cafe

10 reviews · 3 years ago

Atticus does V60, aeropress, and a bottomless batch brew. There’s wifi and food if you’re staying for a while. Interesting selection of magazines, and good tunes too. They just played Rich Girl by Hall and Oates. Nooiiice. Also, big shout out to whoever was in charge of Paula's iPad and accidentally (I think) airdropped a photo of the baristas to me :D

Atticus Finch Cafe's Avatar'

Atticus Finch Cafe

3 years ago

Dentaku that is one of the most entertaining reviews we've read so far! We're really glad you like our coffee but we're even more chuffed that you appreciate our music choice. Enjoy your photo of our goofy but loveable baristas and we'll hopefully see you back soon :)

reviewed Plum Tucker

10 reviews · 3 years ago

Great food and service. Free wifi and there's usually space during the week if you want to work. More of an eating cafe than a coffee cafe (e.g. I had a turmeric latte with coconut milk :D), but the experience was good so I was happy to go back the next day.

reviewed Bean

10 reviews · 3 years ago

NB: the location on the Beanhunter map is wrong. Bean is in the CBD. Feels less like a café and more like you’re hanging out in your mate’s living room. If your mate had a huge gaff. And liked cats. Staff are cool, there’s wifi and tables if you want to work and loads of games if you don’t. The only fault is that I would have preferred a V60 or batch brew.

Bean's Avatar'


3 years ago

Thanks for the heads up regarding the map, dentaku. We have notified Beanhunter of that issue. Thanks too for the review :) We do have a cat art exhibition on at the mo (all Japanese artists btw!), but we rotate artwork every month - it's ever changing. That's it for meow. Cheers!

reviewed D'ark

10 reviews · 3 years ago

D’Ark is a stylish, comfortable restaurant on Sukhimvit 49 that also serves great coffee during the day. They have a selection of South American beans and brewing options. I was amazed to see they have Geisha beans, although at 490 baht (£12), I decided to pass this time! I had an aeropress. I can’t remember which beans but it was a solid 7/10. There is free wifi and some extra seating upstairs if you want some space and quiet.

reviewed Rocket Coffeebar

10 reviews · 3 years ago

Rocket gives you a choice of beans and brew method (V60, AeroPress, espresso). They also give you some information about the brewing process, which I appreciated. The food menu looks good, but I didn’t eat. There’s free wifi and it was never packed when I went, so I worked there comfortably. And they have a very nice toilet. Always a bonus in Thailand. On the down side, it’s not cheap. 150 baht for a V60 is a bit steep.

reviewed Akha Ama Coffee La Fattoria

10 reviews · 3 years ago

NB there are two Akha Amas. One in the Old City (this one) and one to the north (not this one). This is a coffee-drinker’s café. They have the usual espresso menu, some teas, and some juices. They also had AeroPress and drip. I had an AeroPress and was given the choice of 7 light to medium roast beans. I liked it. I also liked the cup my coffee was served in. It’s probably not the best place to work though. There’s free wifi, but the tables aren’t a comfortable level.

reviewed Pacamara

10 reviews · 3 years ago

NB! The address on this site is wrong. It should be 141/6 Rachadamnoen Road, which is right in the middle of the old city. I had an aeropress. Don't know what the beans were, but it was the best coffee I've had in Chiang Mai. There's free wifi and about 15 seats inside and more outside. On the downside, I was destroyed by the mosquitos! ( It was about 7:30pm and I was sitting inside)

reviewed Posrest

10 reviews · 3 years ago

POSREST is probably my favourite cafe in Chiang Mai! Firstly, it's the only place I've found Aeropress and pour over coffee near Nimmanhaemin. (That said, they don't have espresso machines, which might be a problem for some. Everything is done with aeropress.) Aside from that it has a large tea and coffee menu. It's a lovely space, there are loads of tables, the staff are friendly, there's free wifi, loads of charging points and it's open til 1am.

reviewed Ceresia Coffee Roasters

10 reviews · 3 years ago

Ceresia is across the road from a Fuji supermarket in a Japanese area, off Sukhumvit Road. They had a choice of 6 beans when I visited. My pour over was only 100B, which was the cheapest I've had in Thailand. The only drawback was the lack of wifi.

reviewed Luka Bangkok

10 reviews · 3 years ago

10/10 for environment. It's part of a home furnishing store. There's a nice water feature outside and big wooden doors. Lots of desks and sockets for those who are working. A few tables for groups, and some more chairs by the bar. Free Wifi. Staff were friendly and helpful. 8/10 for the coffee. I enjoyed my pour over but it was probably a step below the best I've had. 7/10 for price. 150+Vat+service was a bit steep.

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