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reviewed Coffylosophy

82 reviews · 3 followers · 12 days ago

I’ve had three coffees here. A couple before the Carona pandemic. All three coffees start out nice, but if this is the best Adelaide has, then they don’t do coffee in Adelaide. Now after saying that, I have had a few good coffees in Adelaide elsewhere, much better than here. Initial sips were nice but as you got into the coffee, it tasted old and bitter. You can not compare this to the good coffee you get in Qld or Vic. Absolutely nothing beyond an ordinary coffee was had here today. The lady serving me was nice.

Coffylosophy's Avatar'


7 days ago

Hi Daz, thank you for sharing an important feedback of your ordinary experience here in Adelaide. We sincerely apologise we put you through 3 bad coffees, that required you to write a critical review at this time of world crisis. If we are able to still stay open, we will try to do better to stay number 1.

reviewed Larry & Ladd

82 reviews · 3 followers · 2 months ago

Coffee was nice, but I’ve seen five senses beans done a lot tastier in Brisbane. No aromas, or amazing flavour. Just a coffee with a bit of a punch. Service was stock standard, but the guys seemed friendly to other customers. Vibe was cool.

reviewed Coffee Geek Brewers

82 reviews · 3 followers · 2 months ago

Not sure why this is the number two coffee shop in Melbourne? Second coffee in Melbourne and both were nice, but not great. This was simply a nice coffee. Nothing memorable about it. No amazing flavour or aromas. Service was friendly, but there is definitely no vibe whatsoever here. People who gave this more than a 7/10 had a different experience to mine.

Coffee Geek Brewers's Avatar'

Coffee Geek Brewers

2 months ago

Hi there, thanks for your review. Its remind us how we have grow. We truly forgot when is your last visit, is it a year ago? Or two years ago (2018)? All others positive reviews that we received here are from our current local customers and visitors that being with us now. And we really appreciate those reviews, for all of that has help us to serve our coffee and service to more people in Melbourne. Looking forward to see you again, and serve you with our best. Thank you :)

reviewed Proud Mary

82 reviews · 3 followers · 2 months ago

Coffee was good. Nothing to write home about. No amazing flavours or aromas. Just a nice coffee. Service and atmosphere was also okay. Not nearly as memorable a coffee experience as I was hoping for. Proud Mary’s was once the best, but not any more.

reviewed Extraction Artisan Coffee

82 reviews · 3 followers · 6 months ago

I have been coming here for a while and recommend it to all my coffee loving friends. They make a nice coffee. I would say there is room for improvement as it doesn't hit the amazing flavour and aroma that some blends deliver. The owner is a wonderful man, however service can be hit and miss when he is not there.

Extraction Artisan Coffee's Avatar'

Extraction Artisan Coffee

6 months ago

We appreciate you scoring us 9/10 Daz. #gratitude

reviewed Cabukee

82 reviews · 3 followers · 6 months ago

Coffee is great..but the food is flat, flavorless and boring. No free wifi as they advertise there is. Didn't come up as an option and the girl couldn't help me. Barista and owner both nice men.

reviewed The Gift Shop

82 reviews · 3 followers · 8 months ago

Been here about five times now. Coffee is really good. Service is 11/10, Coffee has been both amazing and good...Will keep coming back as it is the best coffee shop in the Mt. Gravatt, wishart, etc. area by far.


82 reviews · 3 followers · 9 months ago

I travelled to this place last week and I have no idea what all these great reviews are talking about. The Asian man made me a ridiculously terrible coffee. The lady who served me gave me no better service than you get from a busy supermarket attendant. I honestly have to wonder if people are reviewing a different place.

reviewed Blackboard Coffee

82 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

This place is currently selling the best coffee on the GC.They've really lifted their game. Been here a lot, and every time have not left without a great coffee. If you havent been here in the last 12 months, and you love good coffee, you need to go. Amazing coffee.

reviewed Noego Coffee Co

82 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

This is the kind of coffee shop that people like me live for. You go in here and you ask for a Katy Perry or a Nitrous and you will be blown away. Food is spectacular and service is as friendly as there is. If you love to experience coffee, then come here.

reviewed Paradox Coffee Roasters

82 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

Been here a few times. Sometimes you get great service, and sometimes you feel like a number. The coffee is good and the food is interesting. I had the smashed avo and liked it. Interesting addition of peas. Coffee is straight down the line with no amazing hits of citrus, that I would normally prefer. I could taste chocolate in my brew, which obviously kills the after-taste. So all in all, it is a good coffee. Didn't blow me away though.

reviewed Charles Baker Donuts & Coffee

82 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

Went here this morning. Love their innovative car parking bays enabling people easy access to just drop in and pick up coffees. I also loved how you could (I didn't) SMS ahead. Some ideas that other coffee shops should look into. As for the coffee. It was drinkable. Nothing to write home about. Didn't get a donut, but they smelt yummy. Coffee: 6/10 Service: 8/10 Atmosphere: 8/10

reviewed Blacksmith Specialty Coffee

82 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

This place is interesting. Been here about five or so times. Why? Well, I am giving it the benefit of the doubt as they made me an amazing coffee, but the other four were just drinkable. Very popular place, and I would give the coffee a 7/10, service is nice 7/10 and atmosphere about an 8. I would love to see a place like this on the Southside try better beans from Columbia. I would recommend they look at trying beans from Blackboard, or even Supreme in Sydney.

reviewed Blackbird Espresso

82 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

I think the people who gave this place a 10, haven't really tasted great coffee. lol. Either that, or I got a not so great coffee. The coffee was nice, but nothing to write home about. The eating area is cramped and there are very few eating options and they are very basic. Still yet to find a nice coffee spot on the Southside beyond the Gabba. Lot's in the Gabba area, but haven't been so lucky to find anything great past that.

reviewed Stomp Espresso

82 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

Went here a couple of weeks ago and the coffee and food were average. Nice enough service and good vibe. Seem like nice people but didn't leave with the feeling that I should go back again, so I won't. lol.

reviewed Lola Coffee

82 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

Gee whiz. Some people are tough markers. If you review a coffee on beanhunter, be fair and real Lola's is one of the best coffees in Brusbane...hands down. I've had coffee all over Australia and tasted the best in Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast, and Lola's is as good as the best anywhere. Consistent, beautiful coffee until your last sip. Super friendly service and innovatively tasty home cooked yummy food. When you've drunk as many bad coffees from so called top rating coffee shops, you then begin to appreciate why the coffee at Lola's is a ten out of ten every time. To all those who give it less than 10 need to check themselves and be real. Been to Told You So, and all the great coffee dives in the city and wooloongabba, and this is consistently the best in Brisbane.

Lola Coffee's Avatar'

Lola Coffee

a year ago

Thank you. We're so glad you love it!

reviewed Cadence Cafe

82 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

Been here 3 times. Twice got average coffees and great service, and today, got a great coffee but they were flat out, so no service hito speak of, which is a shame. Even at your busiest, a gifted front counter person will make light conversation with you. Loved the Flat white today and it would be hard to beat for quality. Smooth, aromatic, every sip was good. A chocolatey berry crispness. was nice.

reviewed Coffee Dominion

82 reviews · 3 followers · a year ago

I just ordered three large coffees and I am very sorry to say, but they were terrible. Kinda tasted like the beans were old. Maybe because it was the size of the coffees, but all three of us threw ours out after about 4 sips.

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