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reviewed Drugstore Espresso

26 reviews · 8 months ago

Bland, bland, bland. The tasteless coffee was a perfect match to the tired 2000's pop muzak. Hard to believe this place was a top cafe 3 years. Maybe the original owners sold up. Regardless, avoid.

reviewed Stagger Lee's

26 reviews · 3 years ago

This place is tops. Surprised it's only rated 8.2 (as of March 2017). Had a quality flat white. Friendly staff. Came at 2.30pm on a Saturday afternoon and didn't have to wait at all.

reviewed Drip & Drop Coffee Supply

26 reviews · 3 years ago

Had a lovely latte (no flat white) and an average hot dog in this underground, hipster bunker. Nice staff and lots of seating. When I visited the wifi password was wrongly signed, try lowercase and all one word. Hopefully it's fixed by the time you get here.


26 reviews · 3 years ago

Coffee is good but tastes a little strange. Although that might be due to my raging cold. Staff were really nice and competent at English. Finally, this cafe has, in my opinion, the nicest chairs of all of the cafes I've visited in this country.

reviewed Unlimited Coffee Bar

26 reviews · 3 years ago

It's not actually at the base of the Skytree, but it's close. The music's a bit too loud but otherwise it's a nice little spot. The staff are friendly and the coffee is good (I had a latte). But holey moley the prices are extortionate, even for Tokyo coffee standards! ¥600 (AU $7.6, £4.7, US $5.8) for a small latte?! You could buy a decent meal for that! They also have the strange custom of pouring the milk at your table which is neither here nor there.

reviewed February Cafe

26 reviews · 3 years ago

Had an expertly made latte. I can concur with everyone else here in saying that February cafe is, without exaggeration, one of the very best cafes in Tokyo. The coffee is superb, the staff are pleasant and the decor is comfortable with a certain rustic charm (not as clichéd as it sounds). If it weren't so far from my house, I'd probably come everyday.

reviewed REC Coffee

26 reviews · 3 years ago

Ah, they do make a good cup of coffee here. The staff are also friendly, there are plenty of seats and they have a decent selection of cakes and so on. It's a little pricey but hey, it's coffee and this is Japan. Recommended.

reviewed Manu Coffee

26 reviews · 3 years ago

Just had a latte at this little place. Wasn't bad, certainly above par for this part of the world (no offence, Japan) although it was a little too hot and slightly on the bitter side. That said the coffee is definitely drinkable. The place has some seating and the staff were very pleasant. The music's a little bizarre, but not migraine-inducing. Would certainly consider coming back.

reviewed AllPress Tokyo Roastery

26 reviews · 3 years ago

My new favourite coffee place in Tokyo and I've tried 8 from the Bean Hunter list. Coffee was smooth and tasty, staff were friendly (the girl who served me was actually from Adelaide) and the surrounds were pleasant - spacious without overbearing or pretentious music (I'm looking at you Glitch). I'll defo be back.

reviewed Glitch

26 reviews · 4 years ago

Coffee is good, not amazing but OK. But don't try the sugar, it looks rank. Yikes! And unfortunately I got a bit of an icy reception from the staff. I get the feeling they're a bit too cool for their own good. On the plus side, there is ample seating.

reviewed Turret COFFEE

26 reviews · 4 years ago

Best coffee I've had in Tokyo so far (but I've only been here a day). Be aware that for dine-in coffee, the sizes you can choose from are Huge and Enormous, at least for Melbourne standards. But it's a quality coffee in a cozy little place with pleasant staff. Thumbs up.

reviewed Chiasso Coffee Roasters

26 reviews · 4 years ago

Given the glowing reviews on Bean Hunter I was a bit disappointed with my flat white. Way too hot and...watery. Make no mistake, this is not an actual cafe, just a warehouse with a few chairs. And as such, it was hotter than hades when I was there. But I must say that the guy there was one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

reviewed Refuelled

26 reviews · 4 years ago

If you just want excellent coffee, go to First Coffee Co down the street. But if want a good coffee with a decent food selection and good seating, come to Refuelled.

reviewed First Coffee Co

26 reviews · 4 years ago

The best coffee in the area, from what I've tried. Food is minimal, as is seating. And the cups are a bit weird. But if you only come for the coffee, you won't be disappointed.

reviewed Mikro Coffee Kiosk

26 reviews · 4 years ago

Coffee was OK, but not stellar. Staff were friendly and the atmosphere was pleasant. Nice place, but if you're looking for a great coffee, you'd be best to look elsewhere.

reviewed Wonderland Espresso Bar

26 reviews · 4 years ago

Had a great coffee here this morning. Be aware that since it's an espresso bar, the food selection is limited and there are no backed chairs, just stools. But if you only come for coffee, you can't go wrong.

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