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reviewed Goodby Horses

8 reviews · 2 followers · a year ago

Love this little local. Great atmosphere, service, coffee and food. Been frequenting here for almost a year and can’t fault it. Great that they now have seating out front (just needs a little shade for the hot days!) Keep up the good work. This place uses a variety of different blends, usually on a 3 supplier rotation for their milk based drinks, espresso or pour over. Been having Macadamia Milk and they make it very well. They’ve got a great pastry selection for a grab n go bite. Favourite eat in food; Sautéed mixed mushrooms with corn butter and a poached egg (eggs always done perfectly).

reviewed Two Fives

8 reviews · 2 followers · 5 years ago

Great little place for the first cup of the day while on the way to work. The service is bang on every time & I can honestly say that I haven't had a bad experience there. My coffee, a 3/4 Flat white with 1 raw sugar is perfect every time. The milk is textured to not drown out the syrupy sweet goodness of the coffee. The smells from the kitchen, combined with that of the coffee, make for a complex wake up to the senses in the morning.

reviewed Tiger Mottle

8 reviews · 2 followers · 5 years ago

The Golden Cobra coffee never fails. Every time we are there we order a Maple Mottle & South American. Both are always a delight before or after our meal, with a very nice latte in between. Food is always great as they rely on a fresh and seasonal produce. Fantastic scrambled eggs with chat potatoes & mushrooms.

reviewed My Sweet Memory

8 reviews · 2 followers · 5 years ago

A great new look cafe with an on site bakery. Very tangible atmosphere. Coffee is nice & easily drinkable. Great range of coffee alternatives including frappes, white hot chocolate & chai. Very friendly staff. A great escape just outside the Westfield shopping district.

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