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reviewed Fika

24 reviews · 1 follower · 5 months ago

We came back: Excellent pork benny and great coffee! Service was perfect, a good eye across the tables and warm greetings at the door. I was taken back by the lunch bill, I guess it comes with raised rents and attracting the right people. All the best, we will be back.

reviewed Ginger Brown

24 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

At the base of Mt Wellington, the walk from North Hobart to Ginger Brown was worth it. A very popular hangout for all walks of life, great atmosphere but no WiFi, strange for a place wired up with fibre to the premises, the coffee was good.

reviewed Parlour Coffee

24 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

Great service by the staff, as a previous reviewer stated the house blend matches very well with the carrot cake. The milk in the cappucino tasted different from fullcream. The ambience is nice, in a small village feel. It was a nice experience, 9.3 in 2017 felt a bit hyped though.

reviewed Koffee Shack

24 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

Great staff, reasonably priced and good coffee. The atmosphere and music was great on a Sunday morning breakfast and I appreciate the fresh juices made on site. When you have daily made butter croissants for breakfast, I’ll be back!

reviewed Fika

24 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

Fresh, clean, good service. A juicer for to complement the offering would bring in a broader audience :-) the place is already packed though. The focus on detail when preparing the food is great. Great coffee roasted by Sensory Lab in Port Melbourne. I understand the rating #1. Will return.

reviewed The Storehouse

24 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

So glad we found you! We had a great start of the OxFam walk thanks to you. Coffe was great, well prepared and presented. The bean is just not us :-) The softboiled eggs breakfast was superb with the bacon, avocado, chutney and butter toasted sourdough bread. Mmmmm.

reviewed Red Beard Cafe

24 reviews · 1 follower · 5 years ago

Great place to travel for a weekend breakfast. RBB always seem to be a busy place, with great choice of breakfast, good coffee and great support to those who choose to bake and create by themselves. A change of bean would hopefully make their coffee rate higher.

reviewed Pallet Life Gallery & Artisan Market

24 reviews · 1 follower · 5 years ago

Being on the road I use Beanhunter to find great coffee. Unfortunately, the coffee served here does not meet even my average rating. Great people and easy access for travellers, but I am here for the coffee and this is Beanhunter after all. Instead of responding with a sob-story and be offended by anything but great-news stories on Beanhunter, take this cue and opportunity and send your staff on Barista certification courses and turn them into proud professionals that serve great coffee. I expect that the return on invest will be worth it. We will not be returning; the out-of-touch reviews below are clearly from a fan-base grading anything but the coffee.

reviewed Neli Coffee

24 reviews · 1 follower · 5 years ago

Don't let the industrial neighbourhood scare you off, sitting by the coffee table, you look out over the neighbours lush green gardens. Great atmosphere amongst people that love what they do, could not be better!

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