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reviewed Addict Food & Coffee

42 reviews · 25 followers · 5 years ago

Visited on a relatively quiet Saturday brunch time. Market Lane coffee is done well. Long black was superb, but the magic lacked complexity compared to Market Lane itself. Meals are also modern and delicious. Definitely will return.

reviewed Finders Keepers Cafe

42 reviews · 25 followers · 6 years ago

Coffee here is great both black and white. Been a while since I've had a Veneziano coffee but I was pleasantly surprised. Pretty extensive food for such a small cafe too. Locals are definitely lucky to have a good all rounder nearby.

reviewed Soldier On

42 reviews · 25 followers · 6 years ago

Ethiopian single origin in a magic was sweet with a prominent berry flavour. The Dark Horse blend by Five sense as a strong latte was tasty and complex. The temperature of the milk could've been a bit hotter though.

reviewed Flipboard

42 reviews · 25 followers · 6 years ago

Long black was yum. Seating is cool but a bit of a novelty. Service could've been a bit more engaging given how quiet that part of the CBD is but overall a unique spot for a great cuppa.

reviewed A Little Bird Told Me

42 reviews · 25 followers · 7 years ago

Had a good feeling about this cool little spot and heard good hinge about their coffee Ordered a takeaway magic; bitter, chalky and lacking any sort of flavour.! And $4 for a below average coffee... ? Hope this was a once off thing.

reviewed Code Black Coffee

42 reviews · 25 followers · 7 years ago

Pumping brunch spot with a bar feel. Friendly & calm service for such a busy place. Split shots are used here so if you want a stronger coffee go for a magic. Found my 2 magics a bit inconsistent, but they were made by 2 different baristas. Food is outstanding based on the Croquettes and Corn Fritters we had. Must try.

reviewed The Adeney

42 reviews · 25 followers · 7 years ago

Decent coffee, as is expected from supreme through a slayer. Service needs a lot of improvement. Took 10mins to get some menus, took another 15 before I could somebody's attention to order. 3 baristas and 1 floor staff... Good vibe but overall felt like I didn't exist.

reviewed Industry Beans

42 reviews · 25 followers · 7 years ago

Went on Good Friday. Awesome service and friendly relaxed staff. Aeropress was great, magic was good, but tasted quite milky. Perhaps this was more to do with the strong dairy flavour of the milk used. Delicious creative food and a wonderfully relaxing place to chill out.

reviewed Everyday Coffee

42 reviews · 25 followers · 7 years ago

Disappointed... I too was driving down Johnston and noticed this clean minimalist coffee bar.l and the buzz around it. Very Patricia... The aroma of coffee from outside was amazing, and when ordering my white coffee to dine in I saw somebody's takeaway and it looked delicious. Sat down and saw a perfectly poured rosetta and tulip for some other customers... But when mine was brought out I received a mess. I know art isn't necessary, but the crema had been broken by the poor integration of milk. I just don't understand how there can be this extreme variation in presentation. Even the soy flat white opposite me had a half decent rosetta. The colour of coffee looked paler than everyone else's and was much too weak, and warm (and I don't mind my milk at 62 degrees) Overall left feeling jibed for a 3.90 "specialty coffee", which didn't hit the mark. May give them another try, and hope this experience was a one off.

reviewed Chapter Too

42 reviews · 25 followers · 7 years ago

Good food, decent coffee. Floor staff need training in basic coffee knowledge; Ordered a magic, but after the waitress didn't understand I ordered a 3/4 FW, but received a 3/4 strength FW, which had to be sent back. Coffee was pleasant, with faint nutty and chocolatey notes. Tasted like it was made with an espresso rather than a double ris, so if you want a tastier coffee you'll need to specify. Can only get better. Great to see a large five senses acc so far out in the burbs

reviewed The Resident

42 reviews · 25 followers · 7 years ago

Magic was great. Unfortunately they forgot our food... So I was left sitting there for 30mins even though there were only 3 tables seated and nobody seems to care. Team need to pick up their game. If I had been shown some compassion I might come back.

reviewed Coffee Traders

42 reviews · 25 followers · 7 years ago

Dark Horse blend tasted great in my Magic. Only letdown was the temperature of the milk; It was borderline room temperature... and I like my milk on the cooler side. They even had a sign explaining how milk is best heated to 65 degrees, but this was seriously about 50 degrees. Other than that, it was a great tasting 5 Senses coffee in a coastal town, so can't really complain.

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