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reviewed Klink

25 reviews · 6 months ago

“Hole in the wall” is a little unfair. Plenty of space to sit down. I’d never been. Really surprised. Fantastic Burundi batch was on. Great relaxed environment with lots of nooks.

reviewed Table View

25 reviews · 9 months ago

Win. Marvel Street coffee. Have batch, pour over and aeropress available for the non-espresso folk. Ethiopian pour over and next day an aero press were both great. Service friendly and helpful.

reviewed Heritage Coffee Brewers

25 reviews · 2 years ago

Steer clear. NOT Mecca anymore. “Own brand” Heritage Blend by Normcore. Honestly - don’t do it. Grumpy girl at counter makes you feel unwelcome and they serve coffee that tastes like you burnt your money and poured cold milk into it. Campos is better - and that is saying a lot.

reviewed Brew Bros

25 reviews · 3 years ago

If they dropped the attitude around rules, this could go even higher as an average rating. Great coffee- but I hate (with a passion) people that will not let you (no matter how hard you persist and offer to pay). try their coffee as a Ristretto shot. WI-FI rules - available only on weekdays. Otherwise - coffee is great.

reviewed Square one Cafe

25 reviews · 4 years ago

If you are on Beanhunter - you will appreciate this Cafe. In Sanur- TripAdvisor will tell you that Kopi Kiosk, up the road is better. If you like robusta beans- sure. Otherwise - don't waste your time/money. Finding Square One was like an oasis in the sand. The coffee is roasted by a local roaster called Simply Brew. The roaster is up on the main bypass. The closest to a decent Arabica brew and decent Ristretto pull I have found to date in Sanur.

reviewed The Coffee Academics

25 reviews · 5 years ago

Ristretto a little more bittter at first than the 18 Grams cafe 1 min away. However, it settles into a great flavor and given the great space with wifi - this is where you would set up for an hour or two of working with reliable coffee.

reviewed Carbony Coffee Roasterd

25 reviews · 5 years ago

Best you will find around with this app. Fre wifi , great aircon and space. Not bad but as good as an incredible coffee you will get around here - and you have to really ask them about a ristretto understanding. Do it, if closest to you on this app.

reviewed Pacamara

25 reviews · 5 years ago

Opens 10am. Close 9.30. Worth the trip if you have time. About 8 mins from sukamvit BTS if you take a Moto. To save me typing, see the photos. You cannot be disappointed. Note : this is on the 2nd floor, in quite an upmarket shopping centre called " Rain Hill" Just at the top of the escalators. I've spent the day here in aircon working on great internet. Lots of power points too.

reviewed TAMP espresso

25 reviews · 6 years ago

This 15 meter stretch, in Rozele is heartbreakingly hard to choose from, if you look at all the options/ reviews for the three cafe options. I, tried Labancz first for piccolo latte, before lunch. After lunch, I chose the same drink at Tamp (here). I was not disappointed, but not blown away by Tamp's almost ristretto like flavor but it was better, than Labancz.... If that helps. !

reviewed Cafe Without A Name

25 reviews · 6 years ago

Come for the coffee. It's great! Won some awards and set up by someone that used to work in the corporate world and wanted a change. Like you guys, I trust bean hunter now; it delivers me upon some well researched gems from likeminded coffee geeks. This is a gem for "taste". Eg - you avoid disappointment here. The challenge with reviewing this place ( no name cafe), however, is that the location / ambience isn't what you would expect from a a city/community cafe - because of its location. It's main business is coffee delivery to local businesses in an industrial location. It DOES have a ok area to sit outside, but not a "destination" per se. I'm telling you this, because when you "rate the ambience" it brings the overall score down.... Which means, the coffee itself is what is holding up this score- which means the coffee and service is extra good to be able to do this high rating continuously. ;). Do it.

Cafe Without A Name's Avatar'

Cafe Without A Name

6 years ago

Thanks for coming in and your kind words. Our cafe is a bit different than most so hence it is not what most people expect. We do try our best we can to create a unique experience with what we have.

reviewed Strangers @ Work

25 reviews · 6 years ago

Will not disappoint. Get the "Magic" (double ri stretto, three quarter full flat white). Expertly pulled, great milk texture (for the type of milk this region has to deal with) and worth the money.

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