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reviewed Wake Me Up

20 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

There is literally nothing to fault at Wake Me Up. Exceptional and efficient service, lovely community atmosphere and some of the best coffee you’ll find in Brisbane. The owner really knows his craft and wants you to have a great experience. Will listen and create the coffee you want. Naturally, they use Bonsoy. So happy this is my new work local!!

reviewed Hawthorne Garage

20 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

Coffee is decent, offering bonsoy and was pleasantly strong with an extra shot. It's really unfortunate that this cafe only offers disposable cups and plates even when eating in. Apparently "War on Waste" hasn't got the message through here. Therefore, I won't be back.

reviewed Tod & Pup

20 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

This place was unfortunately really disappointing. The food was unpalatable and the portions extremely small and poorly explained on the menu. Service was inefficient, rude and created an atmosphere of chaos. It's very loud inside due to concrete floors to the point that I wouldn't recommend sitting in there at all. Coffee is also very average. I wouldn't bother going back.

reviewed Bedouin Brew

20 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

I really wanted to love this place as they do use Bonsoy, it's close to home and they've got the plant nursery in the same building. For that reason I visited twice before making an unfavourable review. The coffee is just really weak-tasting and that's despite a double shot in an 8oz. Friends have had a mixed experience as well with one coffee being fine and the other so weak as to be like warm milk. Not sure what's going on when I visit as others seem to love it.

Bedouin Brew's Avatar'

Bedouin Brew

3 years ago

Hello bonsoyhunter, it was disappointing to log on and see your review. It's unfortunate our coffee isn't suited to your taste.. It seems you really enjoy a strong coffee and we understand our coffee is certainly on the lighter end of strength. Neighbourhood coffee is loved for its smooth caramel notes and creamy mouthfeel and that is what we believe our regulars come back to enjoy. We understand you're reviewing coffees on Bonsoy milk, but if it is a strong coffee you seek we would highly recommend trying our coffee as a long black - it is really beautiful when made this way - clean, rich and strong :) We would love to see you back in store to have a chat and maybe try our coffee on water or as an espresso. In terms of others loving the space, we are quite passionate about the unique environment we provide and our hospitable nature. We really hope you enjoyed at least something about Bedouin Brew. Nevertheless, thank you for the feedback and it is a fair comment as we do not rate our coffee on the "strong" end of the spectrum and happily discuss this with our customers. We hope to see you in the future and would love some face to face feedback next time you're in! Kind Regards, The Bedouin Brew team.

reviewed Flour

20 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

This cafe offers bonsoy and it was well-textured. 12 ounce soy flat white was on the weak side, recommend an extra shot to the standard. Service was efficient but not overly friendly and the dine in area is quite hot if you can't get a seat on the bench with an ocean breeze. Good for a take away and back to the beach.

reviewed Cafe O-Mai

20 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

Coffee was excellent, great flavour, perfect temp and using Bonsoy. Best coffee I had all week. The cafe/restaurant was crowded (Saturday lunch) when I visited and that seemed to impact the service, it's also very noisy. But the coffee and food were great.

reviewed Coffee Anthology

20 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

I had heard great things about this cafe and it exceeded my expectations. Service was spot on, really attentive staff and the coffee was delicious - well-textured Bonsoy with a full-flavoured bean. Loved the touch of the blankets on the chairs for dine-in customers. Meals also looked delicious although I didn't eat this time. Was worth the trek from my workplace!!

reviewed The Spirited Goat

20 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

This was the best coffee I could find in Townsville (I've sampled about 6 places during my visits). Soy flavour and texture was good, pretty sure from my last visits and the taste it's Bonsoy. Probably needs a double shot in an 8 ounce if you like a strong flavour.

reviewed Fuel

20 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

I have now been to Fuel twice. I was initially hopeful as I saw they use Bonsoy however was then dubious as the barista explained she did not drink coffee herself and therefore couldn't recommend a particular blend... I chose the 'octane' which is apparently a stronger taste however I didn't find it bold in flavour at all. The milk was also so over-heated it tasted like So Good. Almost undrinkable. On my current trip to Townsville I stopped in again (it's really close to work...) and asked a different barista to please not overheat the soy. This time the coffee was weak in flavour but not unpleasant. Perhaps a double shot would do the trick :)

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