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reviewed 18 Gram espresso

9 reviews · 4 years ago

A light zesty coffee, milk foamed correctly and latte art was perfect on my piccolo. Avo on toast with Haloumi and tomato was perfect for a snack. Loved the graffiti inside. Thanks boys and girls.

reviewed Coogee Cafe

9 reviews · 4 years ago

Shot was under extracted and milk was grainy in texture. Wouldn't complain but wouldn't come back in a hurry. Service with a smile though! Thanks boys and girls

reviewed Campos Newtown

9 reviews · 4 years ago

Lost for words, the coffee was perfect. I had to try the new "bladerunner" blend and it really didn't disappoint. Tunes are groovy, the baristas are efficient, skilled perfectionists and it was a joy to grab a seat and watch them ply their trade. Thanks boys and girls.

reviewed Sensory Lab Bondi

9 reviews · 5 years ago

The Lab's hip hop playlist had me in a good mood before I'd even sat down. Coffee was right on the money and service was prompt and friendly. Minor irritation having to order at the counter each time but I'll let the slide when you're playing Tribe Called Quest. Thanks boys and girls.

reviewed Harry's Espresso Bar

9 reviews · 5 years ago

Short black slightly lacking in crema and viscosity, slightly acidic yet pleasant overall. Piccolo came in an espresso cup which didn't feel quite right and was slightly sour. Avo on toast was as good as it gets; loved the harissa dressing. Waitresses were friendly, prompt and talkative. Big thumbs up for decor and vibe. Thanks boys and girls.

reviewed Katipo

9 reviews · 5 years ago

Easily the best coffee on Bondi road. Shakshuka will make you happy inside (add chorizo). Shabby chic interior and decent music create a nice vibe! Thanks boys and girls

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