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reviewed Little Green Corner

321 reviews · 620 followers · 4 years ago

Nice atmosphere and approach, especially given that they're pushing for as local produce as possible. My flat white was nice. Good, standard cup. The $4 carafe of 'sparkling water' that didn't really sparkle was a bit much though. I guess I shouldn't have assumed it was included like it is in many other cafes. Letting the customer know before purchasing is a far better approach.

reviewed Cartel Coffee Roasters

321 reviews · 620 followers · 4 years ago

Love the fit out and general atmosphere of the place. As an aside, sitting at the window bench was a bit awkward with the slightly too low stools. The coffee - I've had a few at Cartel's original store and it was great. This time around it was tasty too. $5 for a double flat white left a bit of sour taste though. I slightly doubted if it were a double, but I guess the larger cup size led to a higher milk/coffee ratio. Still quality and can't be faulted otherwise.

reviewed The Finch - Toowoomba

321 reviews · 620 followers · 5 years ago

Serving up a decent cup of coffee and Vietnamese inspired dishes, The Finch is a great addition to Toowoomba. I dropped in one weekend, as my go to cafe was closed. The food was good and coffee decent. It's a lovely fit out and they're created a nice space in the old building. Good atmosphere. My flat white was a good standard. Not amazing, but they're doing good things.

reviewed Story Coffee

321 reviews · 620 followers · 5 years ago

I was recently living in the area and came across this cafe when looking for another that is listed on here. Great little place (could seat 15-20). Clean, airy design and atmosphere. Decent service and of course - consistently excellent coffee! Also has wifi and some food offerings.

reviewed Birdhouse

321 reviews · 620 followers · 6 years ago

I've walked past this place many times to go to Story Coffee just up the street. The other day though I decided to stop in here. I had an incredibly delicious dish of smoked salmon, ricotta and cheery tomatoes on toast. Do recommend. The coffee - I had a flat white. It was quite nice. Couldn't really fault it. The feel of the place was a little cold - when it's busy, I'm sure that's different.

reviewed Maddox Licensed Cafe & Bar

321 reviews · 620 followers · 7 years ago

What a lovely cafe! This is an excellent replacement for the fairly dire place that used to be there. The lovely interior was designed and built by the owners themselves. Attention to detail all round. Also the tap flower holders are great. Great service in a tight space. Out the back has a little more room if you need it. The coffee is pretty great. Quality all round. Great little cafe and a great addition to Sydney Road.

reviewed Foxtrot Charlie

321 reviews · 620 followers · 7 years ago

Foxtrot Charlie is a sparkling new cafe in Brunswick. I had seen construction work going on for a while and now it's open! It's a long open space with high ceilings. There is a nice area out the back. It's quite minimalist with some bare brick walls. The large model jet plane hanging over a large sharing table is a nice feature. It has a more formal restaurant feel. I had a flat white that was quite good. A little much froth and more akin to a cappuccino, but that doesn't really matter when the coffee is good. They have a little Italian roaster on the back bench and are clearly roasting their own. I don't know where they get their green beans from, but from what I had they are doing it right. The staff are quite attentive as well. A guy who was running about looks to be the owner. Seems a nice chap. The staff are not your normal cafe fare, adding to the more formal vibe. Over all, great addition to Sydney Road and I hope they can be a success.

reviewed Tomboy

321 reviews · 620 followers · 7 years ago

I remember talking to the girls behind this before it opened. Now much later down the track, I finally made my way over. It's a really nice space that they've left quite bare. What it is filled with makes for an antiquated feel and I don't mean that in a bad way. I had a flat white and it was quite nice. Not much to fault really. A great addition to Smith Street.

reviewed Industry Beans

321 reviews · 620 followers · 7 years ago

I popped in here for the first time the other day. They've done a great job with the space! Simple, clean design. I quite like it. My flat white was great. As expected. Service was good as well. As an aside, the food looks incredible!

reviewed Origin Espresso

321 reviews · 620 followers · 7 years ago

We were in Port Douglas and looking for coffee and came across this place. An unfortunate discovery. They evidently roast their own coffee. The coffee isn't so bad, but the service is vile. My flat white came fairly quickly and was drinkable. The service was appalling. It's not that it was slow, it was just so poor. There were four of us at our table. We each ordered individually. Everyone's drinks came except one of the girls. A waiter came and asked if we were waiting for anything and we explained what was missing. He then came back and said we hadn't paid for it. We explained we had and he went again. Then a girl (the one who served us on the till) came with a drink and said that we hadn't paid. We again explained that we had paid her. This was met with a look of derision and a bit of eye rolling. Appalling. Oh, and she had no shoes on. Just about the worst service I have experienced.

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