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reviewed Honolulu Coffee

16 reviews · 14 days ago

Just moved to Vancouver and quickly made Honolulu my local and I couldn’t ask for more! This place is busy all the time and the staff are always so friendly and quick to help with requests. The coffee is excellent every time. Shot is never bitter and milk is frothed great. Not the strongest coffee but still great!

reviewed Under the Clock

16 reviews · a year ago

Great quick service but no loss of quality. Long back was perfect, no burn just pure coffee. The inside is spacious with heaps of seating. Outside is breezy and protected from the sun! Great cafe and coffee. Thanks!

reviewed Saint Laura

16 reviews · a year ago

Perfect flat white. Milk was silky and smooth. And the shot was perfect. The coffee was strong enough so it wasn’t milky at all! Not many people can do that these days. The house turned cafe is a great location and the staff was really friendly. Thanks!!

reviewed Farm House

16 reviews · a year ago

Atmosphere is great at the farm house. Very lively location for breaky and the service staff are friendly! The coffee unfortunately wasn’t as great as the cafe itself. Unfortunately it was a busy day so milk was rushed and not silky and the coffee shot was burnt. Other than that, not a bad spot

reviewed Brickwood

16 reviews · 2 years ago

Love this Aussie cafe, definitely reminds me of the cafes back in Brissy and even sell a few Aussie treats. The milk is perfect and the shot is delicious. Thanks!!

reviewed Balthasar Kaffee Bar

16 reviews · 2 years ago

Great coffee but be careful of cash only! Staff were friendly and great atmosphere for a coffee bar.

Balthasar Kaffee Bar's Avatar'

Balthasar Kaffee Bar

2 years ago

dear benny, thnx for your review and all the best from balthasar, otto 👍🏽☀️❄️☕️

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