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reviewed Six8 Coffee Roasters @ Trader & Co.

36 reviews · 10 months ago

Called in to Yass on the way to Sydney. A great find - great coffee (smooth and strong) and friendly service. Highly recommended

Six8 Coffee Roasters @ Trader & Co.'s Avatar'

Six8 Coffee Roasters @ Trader & Co.

10 months ago

Thanks so much for visiting Andrew, and for the great review! Much appreciated. Daniel

reviewed Two Birds Cafe

36 reviews · 2 years ago

Super coffee. Very smooth bean and nice dense milk. I ordered a latte. I would normally order a flat white but the flat-white cups were a little large for my liking. I enjoyed the coffee so much I went back later in the day. Highly recommended

reviewed Cafe Bisetti

36 reviews · 2 years ago

Thanks again to Beanhunter for identifying this coffee shop. Just visiting this part of Lima and went to Cafe Bisetti. Good strong coffee (mac), friendly service and funky clean atmosphere. Highly recommended.

reviewed Bonobo Espresso

36 reviews · 2 years ago

Super coffee. I was visiting Adelaide from Sydney and followed Beanhunter recommendations. Spot on. Rave reviews justified. Excellent coffee from service-oriented enthusiastic barista

reviewed Sweetbrew

36 reviews · 5 years ago

This team is at the top of their game! I was visiting Launceston from Sydney - so pleased I found Sweetbrew. Sensational coffee - while sipping away on my flat while my key appreciative thought was 'how good can coffee be?!'.

reviewed Milk

36 reviews · 5 years ago

We are visiting Santiago from Sydney and just had coffee and lunch at Milk. It was very good. We had single shot 'flat white'. Very smooth. We enjoyed it so much we had a second round. And the guys running the cafe were delightful. High recommended.

reviewed Mad Hatters Cafe

36 reviews · 5 years ago

I hesitate to give bad reviews - but as I rely on Beanhunter reviewers for accurate advice I decided I owe it to others to share my recent experience at Mad Hatters - the worse coffee ever. It was a brown sludge masquerading as a flat white, and tasted worse. I had a second sip and left the rest. I assume the cafe has changed ownership (the name has changed) and the barista generating the good reviews must have left

reviewed Kafeine

36 reviews · 5 years ago

Brilliant coffee shop - the complete package. Great coffee by a delightful and professional barista, interesting and healthy food and attentive, prompt service

reviewed The Silly Goat

36 reviews · 5 years ago

Fantastic coffee and tasty fresh food and friendly professional service. A gem. We love our coffee and while in Broken Hill visiting family it's such a joy to not miss out on good coffee.

reviewed Kasha Coffee Lounge

36 reviews · 5 years ago

Called in this morning on a trip from Sydney visiting family in Muswellbrook. Very good coffee - we had 3/4 flat white takeaway and was good strength and very smooth. Cafe has nostalgic-style furnishings in keeping with 1950s building.

reviewed Worn Out Wares

36 reviews · 5 years ago

A gem! Great coffee. On our way through Singleton, my wife and I have gone past this cafe so many times without knowing it was there! Thanks to Beanhunter we have now "discovered" it - and so pleased we have.

reviewed Alley cats patisserie

36 reviews · 6 years ago

Alley Cat serves great coffee - if you know what to order. Thanks for the tip on Beanhunter, for a takeaway flat white I asked for three-quarter full of milk. The problem is that the "small" takeaway cup is rather large. At three-quarter full the strength was great, but with full milk would have been sickly weak. So thanks for the tip. On another occasion I had coffee in, and the size of the cup is better and therefore strength was fine. It would definitely be my coffee shop of choice is I was a resident. The strength issue could be solved with a third, smaller cup, for takeaways.

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