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reviewed White MOJO

14 reviews · 8 followers · 5 years ago

I was here with a friend on a very quiet Tuesday morning so we had lots of attentive service, which was lovely. I had an aeropress and it was done really well - had a choice of three single origin beans to choose from and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Gave me a free takeaway too!

reviewed First Draft Coffee

14 reviews · 8 followers · 6 years ago

We squeezed this in to a 24hour visit of Dublin and I'm so glad we did! I had a really nice piccolo, smooth & lovely caramel flavour. Great atmosphere and very friendly and helpful staff. The food was brilliant - simple menu but made with care and lots of flavour! Would definitely recommend.

reviewed Society Cafe

14 reviews · 8 followers · 7 years ago

As a Melbournite moving to Bath, finding good coffee was a priority - I've been here less than two weeks and have already filled out one loyalty card here. Consistent, great coffee, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and free wifi in an airy spacious layout. Lovely place to sit and work or to enjoy people watching on the square. Loving it!

reviewed Degraves Espresso Bar

14 reviews · 8 followers · 7 years ago

Had two flat whites and the first was perfect - smooth and strong, the second a little bitter. Service friendly and efficient though I had to fight for attention a little - to be expected given how busy they were. Great food too and reasonably priced.

reviewed Scarvelli

14 reviews · 8 followers · 7 years ago

Wow, just had one of my best cafe experiences ever here for lunch! We ordered two magics, and the barista came over to check how they were and have a chat & kept coming by with more things for us to try. Over the lunch we also tried two cold drips and their hot chocolates (a Lindt chocolate dark and milk mix, incredible). Such attentive, knowledgable and passionate service. My magic was smooth and strong and the cold drips were both amazing - sweet with strawberry & citrus and chocolate notes. Food was good too! Will definitely be back.

reviewed Ciao Down

14 reviews · 8 followers · 8 years ago

Our family had 5 flat whites which were beautiful, and the food was great. It was really busy in the weekend/holiday rush and the staff were still really lovely and very attentive. Izzy served us and Dan made our coffee. I hear they're doing a spruce up of the space in January so looking forward to seeing that!

reviewed Sonido

14 reviews · 8 followers · 8 years ago

amazing food and I had the single origin of the week - beautiful and came with a little card telling me all about the farmer and his grandfather's farm! great vibe, lots of fun.

reviewed Red Cup Cafe

14 reviews · 8 followers · 8 years ago

heard mixed reviews about this place and had my own varied experiences, but today was a lovely visit! very attentive service from the moment I walked in the door and they sat me down at a beautiful window table in the sun. had poached eggs & avocado which was delicious (though perhaps a little cold) and two smooth flat whites. the price is a bit high, to be expected with not much competition in the area.

reviewed Himalayan Java

14 reviews · 8 followers · 9 years ago

Best cafe in Kathmandu by far. I had a lovely smooth 'latte machiato' which arrived in a tulip cup and with latte art, felt almost back at home in Melbourne. The wall of books to buy is also a highlight, costing a few Australian dollars each (though the sealed plastic packaging discourages browsing!). Great atmosphere and service. Definitely recommend.

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