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reviewed Bright Bird Espresso

200 reviews · 496 followers · 3 years ago

What an oasis this place is! We were just passing through Warrnambool on our road trip and were desperate for some good coffee. We got excited when we saw they were serving up coffee from Geelong institution Cartel, and to our delight, the coffee was spot on. In actual fact, the long black I had on the 72 hour natural fermentation process Riverdale Estate (India) was better than any espresso-based coffee I had in Melbourne during this trip. In a word - glorious! We also had lunch, and again pleasantly surprised their gluten free game is strong. They even had lactose free milk, something my wife simply couldn't find anywhere in Melbourne. Win!!!

reviewed Extraction Artisan Coffee

200 reviews · 496 followers · 3 years ago

Just in case you've been living under a rock, you may not have heard that there is an awesome roastery cafe called Extraction Artisan Coffee on the South side of Brisbane that is right up there with the best. It's become a favourite destination on my day off. Every visit has been perfect, and memorable. Alex and team have created an awesome space, and you can't help but enjoy your experience here. Coffee and food are both excellent, with a real focus on quality and personal service. And with a location just off the highway, it's often quicker and more convenient for me to come here (without any traffic concerns) than it is to head towards the CBD. Thank you guys for creating something so special !!

Extraction Artisan Coffee's Avatar'

Extraction Artisan Coffee

3 years ago

Wow, thank you Adam, we truly appreciate these kind words. It's always a pleasure to have you visit us.

reviewed Camp, Albion

200 reviews · 496 followers · 3 years ago

Best new cafe in Brisbane, hands down! I'm not the type to throw such praise around lightly, however this is what I experienced today on my first visit: 🔹 Beautiful bright and spacious, not too noisy, and great background music. 🔸 My 3 different coffees from local roaster Light Coffee were all exceptional. 🔹 My breakfast, the gluten free Roasted Stack was even better. Plus my side of maple bacon was easily up there with the best in Brisbane. 🔸 After sitting comfortably for an hour, I had to dig deep to find a reason to want to leave this wonderful space. Thank you Camp Albion for being awesome!

reviewed Espresso Workshop Roastery

200 reviews · 496 followers · 4 years ago

Express Review. We ended up in Parnell to visit some close friends here, and delighted to find this gem on Beanhunter. The previous reviews here are pretty much spot on. These guys deliver. My long black on the single origin Honduras is bright, fruity and sweet. It's just what I needed after a long haul flight from the States. The service is equally bright and cheerful, and I get the feeling this would be my regular if I lived here. Thank you guys!!

reviewed Big Bad Wolff

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

Express Review. Just came from Wolff Coffee Roasters in Hendra after spending the most pleasant hour or so drinking beautiful coffee, enjoying the surprisingly breezy open space, talking coffee with a true pioneer in the industry, even enjoying a delicious single origin popsicle. I've always loved experiencing coffee right at the roastery, and this place is just so beautifully executed that you can't help but admire the thought and consideration that has gone into creating this space. I tried and enjoyed a whole bunch of black and white, hot and cold coffees and enjoyed them all. Look forward to coming back again. Cheers Peter and crew.

reviewed Artificer Coffee

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

During our recent trip to Sydney, there was one cafe that we visited that I just can't stop thinking about, and that's Artificer Coffee in Surry Hills. I can honestly say that it was the single most memorable coffee experience I've had in years, that's how good this place is. Minimalist to a tee, there are just a few bench seats available for those lucky enough to find an empty one. Somehow, we did! Despite the number of people flowing through on this busy Sunday morning, the space and the experience feels very relaxing. It's nice to not have the usual noise levels you often find elsewhere, and as I looked around it occurred to me that this is the type of place that coffee purists frequent. I actually love everything about this place! The service we enjoyed today was very friendly and personal, yet professional at the same time. These guys are all about perfection - and as they only do coffee, it's evident that this single focus allows them to really achieve it. Imagine my delight when the guys told me they had a lovely Kenyan AA single origin available on the espresso machine. I asked for a doppio espresso, and it was absolutely glorious, I'd go as far as to say one of the best espressos I've had in a very long time. It was one of those coffees that you remember indefinitely. I then had a sip of Rejoice's strong latte, and my mind was blown. Wow!! It was so beautifully unique - sweet, balanced, unforgettable. I've never had two different coffees from the same cafe visit that were both completely unforgettable. Today I did, and for that reason, I'm awarding a perfect score of 10! And it's quite fitting that this is my 200th Beanhunter review! Artificer deserves to be one of Sydney's (and indeed, Australia's) top rated coffee destinations. It will definitely be my first coffee stop when I come to Sydney next!

reviewed The Reformatory Caffeine Lab

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

We were lucky enough that The Reformatory Caffeine Lab opened it's doors again during our last day in Sydney so we were able to pop in for a couple of quick coffees for the road. And what a fantastic coffee destination this is! No doubt it's the kind of place that you could return to day after day to explore more of the amazing filter options they have available. The mural is epic, and the "bat cave" feel is just brilliant. I love that there are people out there who can present their vision and passion like this, without compromise. I have to say that the service I enjoyed today was also perfect. My time was very limited on this occasion as we had a very long drive ahead of us to reach the next destination on our road trip, so I opted for a sneaky espresso on the single origin Guatemalan on offer. I still hold on to the hope that one day I'll discover a Guatemalan that truly blows my mind - it hasn't happened yet, although my beautifully presented espresso today was very enjoyable and definitely interesting, especially as it cooled. I also grabbed a couple of strong take away lattes for Rejoice and myself on the Joker blend, which sounded too good to resist. The flavour profile was quite familiar to me, reminding me of a past iteration of Purple Haze. I enjoyed sipping that coffee for many miles as we drove on. Can't wait to visit again next time I'm in Sydney and for a more thorough exploration. Thanks guys.

reviewed Artisti HQ

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

What a nice surprise Artisti HQ turned out to be. We had no idea this place was here, and as we entered we were really impressed with the size and feel of this place. The service was very friendly, and I always enjoy visiting roastery cafes, like this one is. On this occasion, we were just needing a quick take away coffee. There were two blends on offer - one a slightly darker roast profile and the other more a medium roast. We opted for a couple of double shot lattes on the latter. My first impression was that this is a potent coffee, it's perfect for people who are looking for a strong coffee. Quite a simple blend, it delivered our hit, and we were on our way. Thanks guys!

reviewed Osteria

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

We discovered Osteria while staring with our cousins who live nearby. It's a fantastic open breezy space just near the ocean and perfect for a quick coffee or a relaxing sit down brunch. They serve Toby's Estate here and it's done pretty well. My piccolo came out sans latte art, but that's not really a big deal to me. The flavours were there, the milk was decent, and most importantly it was a relatively clean and enjoyable coffee. Wouldn't hesitate to get my morning fix here again. Thanks guys!

reviewed Supply Speciality Coffee & Bar

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

It was pure chance that led us to drive past (and then stop at) Supply Speciality Coffee & Bar - a brand new addition to the Coffs Harbour Specialty Coffee scene. We were on the road just passing through Coffs and I just caught a glimpse of the sign out front. It really intrigued me, so I pulled over and ventured inside. And what I discovered was just fantastic. A stunning fresh looking new cafe and roastery that just oozes quality. It's an awesome fit out, and the striking white Linea looks gorgeous sitting on that lovely timber bench top. I had a quick chat with the very friendly hosts - brother and sister Todd and Emily who told me they had only opened 6 days prior. A brand new Probat roaster was just about to be installed and then they would be fully operational. I love the atmosphere here, and I actually can't wait to return for the full experience next time we head south again. For today, I just grabbed a quick take away coffee for the road - a magic on the single origin El Salvador. It was a very enjoyable coffee, but I really liked was the smooth and long lingering finish that I was able to savour for a couple of hours as we drove on. Lovely to meet you guys, and hope the finger heals up Todd!

reviewed Cow & The Moon

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

I was a little torn as I sat down to write this review because (as you'll discover if you read on) it's very different from the usual benchmarks I use to "rate" my cafe experiences. However, as nobody has taken the time to submit a review for Cow and the Moon as yet, I felt compelled to. You see, I didn't actually drink any of the standard coffee beverages I would typically base a review on. But while I waited in line, patiently, I did see quite a few coffees prepared with care. It was enough to form an opinion. What I did enjoy (twice) was their amazing Mandorla affogato gelato which features a Kenyan SO roasted by Sydney specialty roaster Single Origin. It was epic! So, even though I would most likely return to Cow and the Moon for gelato, I also wouldn't hesitate to enjoy a coffee here. Cheers guys.

reviewed Cassiopeia

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

If you were to Google "third wave Katoomba", then Cassiopeia would most likely be the first cafe to come up. Yes they roast their own coffee. But it's all the other aspects of this little coffee haven that indicate these guys really take their coffee seriously, and I'm not talking about douchey hipster baristas here. We just popped in for a quick take away today, but we had enough time to chat with Lachlan who prepared our coffees. Service was spot on, friendly and efficient. We grabbed a piccolo on the house blend and a super sweet Kenya AA batch brew to go. The piccolo was surprising good, tasty and clean. The filter was next level. Of course, I can't resist a good Kenyan. But this was just glorious, and I savoured every drop as we drove for the next hour to our destination. Thanks so much guys, very nice!

reviewed Thunderbird

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

While staying in the Blue Mountains we were looking for a good breakfast and chose Thunderbird simply based on a few pictures of their food offerings we saw online. When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised by the feel of the place as it's perfectly in sync with the theme of their Mexican-inspired food menu. It really reminded us of a couple of our favourite cafes back home. Service was perfect, and had a nice chat with the owner Owen who is one of those guys you just like instantly. I really have to disagree with a previous review that was quite critical of the food menu here. They got it totally wrong! Let's face it, Mexican is a relatively simple cuisine, but when quality ingredients are prepared well in a way that's very accessible then you can't really complain. I couldn't fault our breakfasts. My chorizo and potato was perfect, even better with a good amount of chili sauce (they have a huge selection of these). The tomatoes were deep red, Rejoice loved the quality of the sour dough. The locally roasted house blends is solid and will appeal to most milk coffee drinkers. I opted for a double ris espresso on the single of the day which happened to be a lovely Ethiopian Sidamo. It was nice and clean with plenty of fruit acidity. Thanks Owen and team, really enjoyed our visit today!

reviewed Little Jean

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

Little Jean - express review. We literally stumbled across Little Jean this afternoon while buying some groceries etc from the neighboring shops. It's a beautiful space, and one that we would definitely return to, as the food looks stunning. Today Rejoice grabbed a very quick take away double shot latte. After so many recent experiences at other cafes where the house blends all seem to have a similar (unremarkable) flavour profile, this coffee was like a breath of fresh air. It was a blend from Single Origin Roasters, and it was just delightful, incredibly flavoursome, clean, and perfectly executed. I had just two sips of my wife's coffee, and it was enough to make my afternoon feel special. Well done guys!

reviewed Cabrito Coffee Traders

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

Cabrito Coffee Traders - express review. Rejoice and I are currently on holiday, so naturally we are keen to explore as many great cafes as time permits. What a little gem this place is for any coffee lover visiting Circular Quay. The setting is great, and we felt very lucky to find a free table in this lovely shaded laneway on what was a mild Sydney day - very pleasant. Service was spot on, everyone I spoke with was attentive and our coffees were very fast to arrive. The house blend was a little safe for me. It's not that there was anything wrong with it at all - it just reminded me of a dozen other blends I've tasted fairly recently that I enjoyed, but that weren't unique enough to be memorable. The Kenyan single origin filter however was outstanding. ** I basically have a rule that if a cafe is offering a Kenyan, I'll try it. And this was glorious - beautiful acidity, raspberry black currant fruitiness. Basically everything I was hoping it would be. These guys get bonus points simply for being open, when plenty of other Sydney cafes are on holidays. Thanks Michael, and team.

Cabrito Coffee Traders's Avatar'

Cabrito Coffee Traders

5 years ago

Thanks for the review Adam - glad you enjoyed the Kenyan SO and hope to see you next time you're in town :)

reviewed The Branches Coffee Roasters

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

Most of the time we’re in such a rush to get to Byron Bay (or to get back home after staying there too long) that we drive right past Mullumbimby. But with time on our side today we stopped by to visit a town I loved so much as a kid, and I’m so glad we did because we discovered The Branches Coffee Roasters - a brand new roastery and café from ex-Newcastle duo Pat and Tamara. From the outside it looks like any number of roasteries I’ve visited over the years, but step inside and the atmosphere is so welcoming and pleasant that you can easily stay for hours. Nice to see a little ECM machine on the bench, and the converted pallet chairs are the most comfortable ever – it’s so pleasant to lounge and listen to the great music that fills the large warehouse space. They have some tasty looking food options and we saw a couple of dishes go out to eagerly waiting customers. But we were here for coffee today. I started with an espresso on the Tanzanian single (roasted in-house of course). It was thick and syrupy and incredibly intense flavour-wise. I then tasted Rejoice’s piccolo on the house blend and it was nicely rounded with a good balance of fruit and cocoa. We loved that both coffees were so beautifully presented in stunning hand-made cups that were sourced locally. It’s always great to drink your coffee from a cup that looks great and feels so nice in your hand. They’ve only been going a couple of months, but The Branches looks set to really make an impact in this very beautiful part of the world. Great to meet you guys today!

reviewed Hallowed Grounds Espresso

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

It’s been almost 3 years since I first visited Hallowed Grounds Espresso in Mt Gravatt. So many things have changed since then - most notably their location, and more recently their coffee roaster. So a follow up review is definitely in order… I've been twice recently. The first of these visits was a few weeks ago, and I couldn't believe the transformation this café has been through. While the previous site was a bit too “by the numbers”, their new location rocks with lots of quirky furniture, details, colour and atmosphere. I especially love the old movie posters – anyone who knows me knows that I’m really into movies. And that mattress frame! I had a really long chat with co-owner Cynamon today who explained that she and Amber got their creative flair from their parents, and a lot of the “vintage” inspiration comes from their family home growing up. Apart from the brilliant fit out, HG now has space galore with additional seating on the front footpath and another big communal table out back. And it was great to see the place pumping on a Monday morning! Rejoice and I both enjoyed our nicely presented meals this morning. I had the Big Breakfast dish (gluten free), and Rej had the French Toast Bagel. I liked that both dishes were unique in their own way, and my breakfast hit the spot perfectly. HG’s recent transition to using coffee from Wolff Coffee Roasters seems like a smart and natural evolution. It’s not that I had anything against their previous roaster, but everything just seems a little more focused now. I had two double ristretto piccolos today, both were spot on. The first on the Weiss house blend was the only “dark chocolate” heavy blend that I could honestly say that I really enjoyed in a very long time – it’s just not usually my style, but this was lovely. The second on a Colombian single had a lot more fruit, but then a nice rich chocolaty finish. Thanks Cynamon and Amber, really enjoyed today!

reviewed Locavore Cafe

200 reviews · 496 followers · 5 years ago

Woolloongabba now has another coffee and breakfast destination that it can be truly proud of, and it’s cleverly called Locavore Café. As you might've guessed, the name gives a clear indication about their focus on bringing us the best locally sourced produce possible. It was day 3 for this newly opened café when I popped in this morning. Once upon a time, an early visit like this would've been quite risky, and often disappointing, however these guys have really hit the ground running and they’re already nailing it. The location and timing for this new venture are both quite amazing actually – what was once a fairly rundown, quite industrial area is about to become a new suburban hub with lots of new apartments either being constructed or in the planning. It’s a genius move to get in now, as they have, and locals are checking them out already in serious numbers. The food menu is definitely my style – condensed, and focused on quality offerings. And it’s unique, which wins me over every time! I couldn't go past the gluten free congee with crispy pork and (perfect) slow cooked eggs. The combination of flavours was just perfect. It was up there with some of my most memorable breakfast dishes. I can’t wait to take Rejoice – she is crazy about congee! Another win for Gabba locals (and for Brisbane) is the decision to showcase delicious Marvell Street coffees. I ordered a double ristretto piccolo on the house “Daily Grind” blend, and waited with trepidation knowing that they are using Barambah milk. To my delight, it came out at the perfect temperature and texture, and it was a beautiful coffee. With the ideal dose, my piccolo had relatively subtle but beautifully rounded sweet malty tones. I’d highly recommend anyone ordering a milk coffee here to go stronger to make sure it cuts through that creamy milk – it’s actually lovely when it’s done right. Thank you Nathan and team, really impressive today!

reviewed Gauge

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

One of my biggest bugbears with the Brisbane café scene is that there are so few local cafes that do both amazing food and true specialty coffee (if you think about it, it’s usually always one or the other, but not both). This became crystal clear to me during a recent trip to Melbourne where any number of cafes we visited nailed both. Enter Gauge in South Brisbane, a brand new café in the flourishing Fish Lane precinct from owner Jerome - the creative genius who brought us Sourced Grocer. Obviously not one to rest on his laurels, Gauge takes it to a whole new level! The location is pretty amazing really, directly across from the QLD Museum and the cultural heart of Brisbane. I couldn't believe my luck this morning when I scored a park on the café’s front doorstep. The fit out is killer, so fresh and clean, even the scent in the air (almost reminiscent of “new car smell”) is intoxicating. The well equipped kitchen is in full view, and the coffee bar is equally impressive with its twin Mythos Ones, EK43, custom black Linea, and a barista who most likely also works as a model :) The service is Five Star (like the house blend), and the personal touch from Jerome who was our host this morning made the experience truly memorable. If you like big breakfasts with half a kilo of fried bacon, this is not your place. If you like incredibly complex flavours, prepared using creative and advanced techniques, then you'll love it! I tried the soft egg, cured pork cheek, confit heirloom tomatoes and traditional Icelandic yogurt called skyr. The different textures and intense flavours were amazing. Coffee by Coffee Supreme is prepared with love, and my two double ristretto piccolos were both impressive. The first, on the house blend, came out in an espresso cup (my only minor complaint) but was clean, perhaps a fraction too intense. The second on the Colombian single was big and potent. Both were super tasty, with nice Maleny milk. This place is already a favourite.

reviewed Push Espresso

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

It was my third visit to Push Espresso this morning. Fresh from a morning surf, I was really in need of some good coffee, and Push is just so conveniently located for me – right amongst it on the Gold Coast Highway in Mermaid Beach. I love the fact that this place is just so easy to get to, parking is aplenty, and I have my take away coffee within about 1 minute every time I drop in. Coffee-wise, I’ve enjoyed different Proud Mary blends on each visit. Today they were offering the Angel Wings blend as well as a Black Sheep blend. I ordered an Angle Wings magic and watched as the barista prepared my coffee with absolute perfection on that lovely Synesso machine. I had a feeling it would be very good just based on that, and a few minutes later in my car I enjoyed my first sip. Boom! That is one super sweet coffee!! I was expecting some honey sweetness from the Costa Rican in the blend, but the level of sweetness in that cup was off the charts – closer to toffee/butterscotch. It was nicely balanced and clean, and as far as take away coffees go, it was right up there. The finish was lingering and very satisfying. Push Espresso is definitely one of my go-to places when I'm down on the Gold Coast, they've delivered every time! Thanks guys.

reviewed Top Paddock

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

It was the power of Instagram that drew us to visit Top Paddock in Richmond. After months of salivating over their beautifully plated dishes, it was literally the first place we visited when we arrived in Melbourne. Arriving around 10am on one of the last days of December, the line-up was epic and we almost started wondering if we could hold out. We were reassured by the efficiency and friendliness of the lovely hostess who greeted us, and before we knew it we were being shown to our table outside. The scale of this place was seriously impressive, as was the friendly service we received from everyone, including one of the owners who we chatted with later on. The 3 dishes we ordered were all exceptional (and according to Rejoice the hotcakes were just as good as they looked). My kipfler and leek omelette with taleggio cheese was amazing! So food-wise, Top Paddock delivers the goods. I tried a double ris piccolo and espresso on the Costa Rican single, both from Five Senses. And it makes me very happy to say that the coffee complemented the delicious food perfectly. Both were prepared flawlessly, and were very tasty. I think Top Paddock has got it right in terms of the level of focus they apply to both their food and coffee offerings, as well as the friendly service for what is a ridiculously busy cafe. It’s no surprise at all that these guys have the amazing following they have – it’s certainly very well deserved. Thank you so much for a wonderful visit.

reviewed The Black Sheep Espresso Baa

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

After a (sadly) coffee-free Christmas Day, I was desperate to start my day the right way this morning. Finding ourselves in Coolie, a fresh looking hole in the wall cafe called The Black Sheep Espresso Baa was like a shining beacon that we simply could not drive past. With a prime beachside location in the new and iconic development that is The Strand, these guys could probably serve up anything they like and still do quite well - thankfully though there's a focus on quality here that will entice return customers and keep TBSEB nice and busy even during the quieter seasons. They serve Toby's Estate Woolloomoolo and assorted singles here, but on a La Marzocco. It was great to see 6Oz take away cups, and my double shot latte tasted clean and flavoursome. I got to meet owner D and barista duo Andy and Dani, and even though they were pumping they happily chatted with me. This is a great addition to the local coffee scene, and I wouldn't hesitate to come back for a very reliable coffee and a chat. Cheers guys.

reviewed Amble & Adore

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

Recently I heard about a new café Amble & Adore that just opened across the road from the great little Martha Street precinct in Camp Hill. I was in the area this morning, so I just had to check it out. And what a beautiful space it is. I've always loved cute little corner store locations, and this one is a cracker! It’s bright and breezy inside with brilliant white walls and dark polished timber floors. There was a lovely breeze flowing through the massive windows on all sides, and my perch on the large centre communal table couldn't have been more pleasant. I definitely need to bring my wife Rejoice with me next time as she absolutely adores café/home-ware stores like this one. The familiar lines of the new La Marzocco Linea 2 group and Mazzer combination sit prominently on the attractive front counter, and I enjoyed a really insightful conversation with lovely owner Adrianna about the importance of brand recognition in suburban settings. (Personally I’m not as crazy about LMs as I was 5 or so years ago). My double ristretto piccolo on the house 5 Star Day blend from Coffee Supreme was lovely and creamy on the Maleny milk. It was super tasty, perhaps not quite as bright as one I had recently at the Woolloongabba roastery, but a beautiful coffee nonetheless. It was well complemented by a nice warm GF bagel. This is another fantastic addition to this popular café strip, and the beautiful setting, great coffee and friendly service makes this a café worthy of repeat visits. I’ll be back again for sure.

reviewed No Name Lane

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

As I’ve already reviewed No Name Lane previously (some 3 years ago), this will be an uncharacteristically short review… I grabbed a couple of take away coffees this morning after a quick surf. Being a public holiday, it was absolutely pumping. While I waited for my order, I couldn’t help but admire the efficiency and the coolness under pressure of the entire team at No Name.  The two baristas were in perfect harmony, dispatching beautifully presented coffees in quick succession. It’s actually a wonderful thing to watch and appreciate. My two triple ristretto lattes on the Black Sheep “Feeling Woolly” blend were flawless. It’s rare that I enjoy take away coffees this much, but they were truly epic! And that they tasted so clean during the middle of a busy run like this is a testament to the baristas. How this café is not listed in the top ten cafes on the Gold Coast is honestly a complete mystery to me. Like any other café, if we as customers actually know what we are looking for in a coffee and order accordingly, then places like this one will deliver every time. It’s really that simple. Thank you No Name, I’m really glad I dropped by this morning :)

reviewed Two Trees

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

I must confess I've always had a soft spot for Two Trees - which is always rekindled when I see their profile photo on Beanhunter (from my camera). Last time I reviewed them (over 2 years ago) they were just starting out in a little converted space in a café-saturated part of West End. Fast forward to 2014, their newly renovated space in Merivale St (South Brisbane) is a whole different concept, showing a degree of evolution that is off the charts. From a design perspective, the use of space at Two Trees is just beautiful. The main area basically consists of one large (and stunning) communal table with a perfectly framed servery area beyond it. For anyone who looks closely at the attention to detail here, there is so much to appreciate – the menus are a perfect example of this. Currently the space feels quite intimate, even smallish, however the upstairs section that is near completion will provide ample room for those who wish to linger. For those visitors who don’t work/live nearby, it can be a bit of a mission to find a car park in this part of town – but it’s definitely worth the effort to go out of your way to visit. Most of the clientele are busy professionals who work nearby, and I would guess that most are after a quick take away. What’s extraordinary is that Two Trees have a massive following of filter converts, which is quite rare for this type of setup. Owners Jordan and Mim offer efficient friendly and personal service, which is reflected in the loyal following they have. But even more than that, it’s their surprising business savvy and fearless innovation that I truly admire. Today we were treated to two beautiful filters – the highlight for me was the Kenyan Karatu Gatundu from Seven Seeds. The clarity of flavour (blackcurrant and prune) was superb. And on a day where we enjoyed coffees from 4 different (very good) cafes, nothing else came remotely close to this coffee. These guys are amazing; expect big things from Two Trees!

reviewed Grocer & Grind

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

Grocer & Grind is part of a new generation of fine establishments finally offering locals and visitors to the Gold Coast a level of quality that was previously quite elusive. On my first visit this morning, I was very nearly blown away - I say nearly, because although impressive, there were still a few aspects that hold back G&G from reaching its full potential. The fit out and overall atmosphere are both excellent. I genuinely enjoyed spending time here and it was very pleasant sitting outside under those big parasols, even when it started raining. During my entire visit, I enjoyed the friendly service of the young French chap who was looking after me - I really couldn't fault his service. Unfortunately, this was somewhat tempered by another team member who felt the need to confront me towards the end of my visit with an assumption that was both ridiculous and a little insulting. Maybe the culture on the Gold Coast is different to what I’m used to, but this put a dampener on what was otherwise a very positive experience. The food menu is quite special and has enough variety to warrant several follow-up visits. I also appreciated that nearly all the dishes were either GF or could be. With a strong focus on fresh organic ingredients, you don’t mind paying top dollar here. My pulled pork and beans dish was delicious, as was my pressed juice. Coffee is from Bear Bones Espresso - a local roaster making waves for all the right reasons. The house blend made up of Colombian, Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Mexican beans was a surprising fruit bomb with lovely acidity and nice balance. My piccolo was only let down by the (unsurprising) choice of Barambah milk which fully separated and was super thin. Although I appreciate the organic aspect, this choice of milk ensures that I will be ordering black coffees here from now on. Overall, Grocer & Grind is a huge step in the right direction for the Gold Coast; despite my minor complaints today I’ll be back for sure.

reviewed Atticus Finch Cafe

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

We finally made it to brand new Paddington café Atticus Finch today, and it’s a wonderful addition to the area. Owners Sandra and Damien, who we met recently, have created a perfect suburban space here and it’s obvious that locals and visitors have embraced it. The space available has been utilised really well and the result feels very intimate and welcoming. It’s also impeccably clean and I love the fresh bright colours inside, including the custom white La Marzocco Linea. The service was everything we would expect from a little suburban gem like this, and we couldn't fault it in any way. Sandra was there to look after us personally, and our coffees and sweet treats came out nice and quickly. They serve up a house blend and single origins from Melbourne roasters Coffee Supreme (who are now merging with iconic Brisbane roaster Cup Coffee Roasters). We tried a couple of piccolos on the house blend simply called “Supreme”. My coffee had a nice balance and decent milk, with lovely caramel tones and citrus, and just a hint of fresh mint. It’s a nice house blend that would be easy to enjoy regularly. This stretch of Latrobe Terrace has seen its share of lovely cafes over the years and Atticus Finch feels perfectly at home here. I’m sure it will be a real favourite with locals for a long time to come. Thanks guys.

reviewed Firefly (Toowoomba)

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

Yesterday we enjoyed a long overdue day trip to Toowoomba, starting off with brunch and coffees at Firefly. I first heard about this café a couple of years ago and always wanted to visit; so it was great to finally check them out a couple of weeks after they moved into their new digs. The location is pretty amazing, occupying a large warehouse. It’s big, and intentionally raw with lots of exposed besser brick walls and ceiling, and stripped timber. It looks amazing, and the perfectly selected furniture and artwork adds to the atmosphere. And although it was relatively warm, I still loved standing by the large fireplace. Honestly, I was blown away. The food menu was also pretty impressive. I enjoyed eggs with salmon, quinoa, and house-made chili beans – very nice. Rej enjoyed an epic sized piece of house-made banana bread with some more goodies on the side. They have a serious oven for baking their own sourdough and breads! Service was pretty good, with a little bit of room for tweaking. The lovely girl who served us was very friendly and attentive, but as she had only just started recently had not been given the full brief on their coffee offerings which made the ordering process a little difficult - but pretty minor in the big scheme of things. They serve up coffees from Melbourne roaster Coffee Supreme here, and it’s pretty decent. It’s certainly much better than their overall Beanhunter scores would indicate – however it seems that this new venue is vastly different from their previous small/intimate setting. No doubt they've also learned a thing or two during the last few years. I started with a double ristretto piccolo on the house “South” Blend. It wasn't ground-breaking, but it was solid and quite tasty. The follow up on the Colombian single didn't really excite me, perhaps it was better suited as a black coffee… This place is solid, and no doubt this will be very popular with locals and visitors alike. Well done guys!

reviewed The Woolloongabba Social Club

200 reviews · 496 followers · 6 years ago

This morning I had the rare pleasure of stepping away from my own café and dropping into the Cup Coffee Roastery in Woolloongabba. It’s a place I've visited many times previously, and one that I will continue to enjoy visiting as often as possible - regardless of what their logo looks like. Josh and the Cup team have created something unique and amazing with this location, and I absolutely love the atmosphere here. Could there be a more authentic “true coffee lovers” destination anywhere in Brisbane – I doubt it. I've always been a fan of the roastery/café concept and this place is exactly that, done perfectly. It’s also very personal, and I admire Josh for putting so much of himself into all that timber. Being a very productive roastery more so than a “busy café”, the service I've enjoyed here since its inception has never been anything less than exemplary. It’s very personal, and never feels rushed. I only wish I had more time these days to visit more often. Apart from the various single origins offered which are often sublime, I have always had very fond memories of the house “Five Star Day” blend. On its day it is exceptional, and today was one of those days. My T/A magic was flawless – perfect balance, amazing sweetness and beautiful milk. Gotta give credit to Tom who was my barista today - he nailed it! On a side note, it’s great to see Beanhunter taking a strong stance and removing this recent influx of time-wasting negative reviews (that talk about anything but the coffee) written by anonymous faceless “reviewers”. Beanhunter is for serious coffee lovers to tell others where they can find amazing coffee. Save your commentaries on cafés’ business decisions, discussions about the weather etc for your own personal blog so the rest of us don’t need to filter through all this junk to find what we’re looking for. Or if you genuinely want to help café owners – just talk to them ;)

reviewed Coffee Anthology

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Today was the soft opening of a brand new CBD café called Coffee Anthology. Created by Adam Wang - one of the most passionate and genuine people I know, this place has the right mix to really become one of Brisbane’s best. Located on Margaret St just around the corner from Toby’s Estate, it’s still within easy walking distance for a good proportion of CBD workers. And believe me, it’s worth the walk! The fit out is fantastic, clean lines with a modern feel and some nice brick work and a few clever little touches (love the display shelves) to add some character. A gleaming La Marzocco Strada EP sits prominently on the bench and draws you nearer to admire its beauty. No doubt these guys are going to get spanked once word gets out, but that doesn't mean that the service should be any less than what I enjoyed today. Adam is an experienced operator, and knowing him I’m sure he’ll do everything possible to ensure customers enjoy their visit to Coffee Anthology. BTW, the service I received today was spot on. Today there were several custom blends from Uncle Joe’s Coffee Experience on offer. I couldn't resist trying a double ristretto piccolo on a blend featuring a hand-picked Yirgacheffe Aricha and a Costa Rican. It was simply outstanding, so juicy and tasty, and just the type of coffee that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face every time. It was flawless! It’s going to be very interesting to see this place in action once the EK 43 is up and running and the brew bar is fully operational. If today was any indication of what to expect from these guys, then it looks very exciting indeed. Thanks guys and good luck!

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