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reviewed ONA Marrickville

462 reviews · 675 followers · 6 months ago

The space is different from other cafes in Sydney. Basically one long bench for all. I no longer need to travel to Canberra for an ONA coffee. I've visited a few times since they opened. On my most recent visit, I asked for a recommendation on beans to purchase for my new obsession with cold brew. It was recommended I try their Ethiopian Indigo beans. It was an excellent choice, as the resulting cold brew tasted like dark chocolate coated Cherry Ripe. Yum!

reviewed Double Tap Coffee

462 reviews · 675 followers · 2 years ago

Daniel, the owner of Double tap Coffee, would be known to many from his years at Coffee Alchemy. He has ventured out on his own and recently transformed a small former café site into a clean and neat haven for coffee lovers. There is a communal table inside, that seats 10, a bench-like table against a small internal wall that fits another 3, and along the longest wall is a full-length bench seat with 5 small café tables that can accommodate another 10 to 15 customers. Outside, under some umbrellas are another 4 tables for two. They have a small selection of sandwiches and pastries (my toastie was awesome!). I ordered an espresso and a flat white; both were superb. I expected nothing less from Dan, who has a passion for good coffee. Double Tap Coffee is using coffee from a selection of roasters, both local and interstate and are planning to soon do some roasting in-house. Do yourself a favour and try Double Tap for yourself. Visited 10/03/2018

reviewed Cafe Shenkin Espresso Bar

462 reviews · 675 followers · 2 years ago

It has been a while since my last visit. Being about 4pm on a Saturday, most other cafes were closed or closing, so luckily Shenkin were still open. My partner was hankering for a decaf long black, so I joined her with a flat white. The standard was not as high as on my previous visits but I still rated my coffee a 7 out of 10. However my partner was no so enthusiastic about her decaf. 21/5/2017

reviewed Roastville Coffee

462 reviews · 675 followers · 2 years ago

I needed some breakfast after dropping off my car for service. It was only a short walk to Roastville, and as I hadn't been for a while, it became my destination. On this occasion, I tried the "Seasonal Mushroom Bruschetta". It was delicious and my flat white was excellent as it has been every time I have visited. 13/04/2017

reviewed Grandma's little Bakery

462 reviews · 675 followers · 2 years ago

I loved the bespoke espresso machine. I tried both an espresso and a flat white. My flat white was milky. The temperature was good but the coffee taste struggles to cut through the milk. I rated that flat white 7 out of 10 all up. On the other hand, the espresso as superb and deserved a score of 9. Grandma's is worth a visit. 05/03/2017

reviewed Espresso Engine

462 reviews · 675 followers · 2 years ago

"Hidden Gem" is right. You don't see it easily from the street. They surprised me with a mug when I ordered a flat white. I don't know if they do any other sizes. They used Merlo coffee. I gave my coffee a score of 7 out of 10 and the atmosphere an 8. They weren't open on Saturday morning when I went back. 31/03/2017

reviewed Miss Kay's Espresso

462 reviews · 675 followers · 2 years ago

One of the few places I could find open on a Saturday morning. I ordered a flat white to have with my breakfast. My coffee was nice and hot but there was a little too much froth for a flat white. The coffee had a nice flavour which cut through the milk. They were using Fonzie Abbot coffee. I rated my flat white 7 out of 10. 01/04/2017

reviewed Silipo Coffee Roastery

462 reviews · 675 followers · 2 years ago

I finally got a chance to drop in while on a trip up from Sydney. I wasn't disappointed. I rated my espresso 9 out of 10 and my flat white an 8. They used their Nero blend for the espresso and the Platino blend to cut through the milk in my flat white. The staff were friendly and pleasant top talk to. This was just after Cyclone Debbie hit Queensland and there was still a lot of heavy rain falling. The warming coffee was very much needed as I was soaked getting from the car to the cafe. I highly recommend a visit. 30/03/2017

reviewed Z.I.A. kitchen

462 reviews · 675 followers · 3 years ago

I've been twice now since they recently opened. Back on 2/10/2016 I rated my flat white 8 out of 10. It was strong and smooth. My espresso (a recommended double) was superb! 9 out of 10. I went with my partner and friends a few weeks later for breakfast. The servings were huge and the food was excellent. My flat white that day was an acceptable 7 out of 10.

reviewed Archie and Kirk

462 reviews · 675 followers · 3 years ago

I dropped in recently and was pleased to find that Archie & Kirk make a decent Little Marionette brand coffee. I rated both my espresso and flat white a 7. They use Norco milk (what I grew up on) and Bonsoy for those so inclined. I will return to try the food (it looks good). 22/10/2016

reviewed Ona Coffee House

462 reviews · 675 followers · 3 years ago

I'd been looking forward to a good coffee after going to Canberra from Sydney to take my partner to Floriade. After I skipped coffee at breakfast, we detoured to Ona on the way back to Sydney. I tried three coffees: an espresso, a long black and a flat white. The two black coffees were both made with the same Colombian bean and the flat white was made with the Black betty house blend. The long black had a very clean mouthfeel and the espresso was balanced and smooth. The flat white had potential to also be a very nice drink, unfortunately, however, it arrived at my table barely warm. I mentioned it to the barista before leaving, in the interest of him making sure t didn't happen to other customers. He offered to make another but I declined as I had to go. It won't stop me coming back next time I am in Canberra. 29/09/2016

reviewed The Hungry Monkey

462 reviews · 675 followers · 3 years ago

I was in Kiama for a weekend away and was hoping to buy some beans to take home as well. Unfortunately, despite ring the night before, I was told they had run out of 250g bags for sale. When they saw my disappointment, the staff rallied and offered to measure out some beans from one of their 2kg packets. Then they discovered they had no empty 250g bags to fill for me. Next idea, to help me out, was offering to put the beans in a takeaway container. I didn't mind, and a day in less than optimum conditions was not going to be as bad as no beans at all. In the end, the day was saved. Oh, back to my flat white. It was very nice and I received a swan for latte art. The next day I went back for lunch and had another flat white and had a sip of my partner's long black.. both very nice coffees. 31/07/2016

reviewed Brewtown Newtown

462 reviews · 675 followers · 3 years ago

I'd read that Brewtown had some Gesha in and it happened to coincide with a rare day off work for me. They were calling it "The Festival of Gesha". I started with the Steampunk; on offer was Panama, Finca Santa Teresa, Summer Washed Gesha. It was light and florally; not normally how I like my coffee, however this was the best I've tasted like this. Next I had the Batch Brewed Panama, Finca Santa Teresa, Manzana Honey Gesha. A very strong coffee. Much more to my liking and I rated this one the best of the three, for me. Lastly, an espresso; Panama, Finca Santa Teresa, Batista Natural Gesha. Very good; balanced and smooth. 12/09/2016

reviewed The Hardware Société

462 reviews · 675 followers · 3 years ago

I was spending Saturday in Melbourne to try out some new cafes and some I hadn’t managed to get to on previous visits. I arrived with a few minutes to spare before closing. The person that greeted me only wanted to offer me a takeaway. After a little discussion, he relented and offered me a seat. I ordered an espresso. It was good but not exceptional; I rated it a 7 out of 10. It’s a nice looking place. I’d go back. Thundergod 16/04/2016

reviewed Plantation

462 reviews · 675 followers · 3 years ago

Plantation – Melbourne Central I was spending Saturday in Melbourne to try out some new cafes and some I hadn’t managed to get to on previous visits. Plantation was recommended to me by a friend. I was surprised to find a decent coffee in a food hall. I ordered a single espresso. They were fairly busy so I had a short wait after ordering at one window and moving to another. There were plenty of tables but the nearby food court detracts from the atmosphere. I rated my coffee 7/10. Thundergod 16/04/2016

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