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reviewed Two Folk Espresso

101 reviews · 24 followers · 4 years ago

Accidental find that started the day off on the right note. It was the smell of coffee that made me turn my head to 'discover' two-folk espresso. Friendly staff (who seemed to enjoy working with each other and interacting with the customers), quick service, great coffee. Small selection of pastries from local bakeries. I will return.

reviewed Pilgrim Coffee

101 reviews · 24 followers · 4 years ago

Comes highly recommend by those in coffee circles. First experience on a Sat morning was great - fast, satisfying coffee. Subsequent visits have been hit and miss depending on time and how flat out the staff are. Worth a try.

reviewed Dark Rye

101 reviews · 24 followers · 8 years ago

If you blink - you'll miss Dark Rye, tucked in just behind the larger Coffee Hit - but this place is independent and is just GOLD. Excellent Coffee - always friendly service - good (but limited) food - and they go the extra mile to remember regular (or semi regular as I am) customer orders. You can also purchase the current Melba Beans they are using. Consistently the best coffee in Shoppingtown.

reviewed The Block by CoffeeHIT

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

In an out of the way location at Westfield Doncaster is "The Block." While the space has a nice vibe about it - you can't help but notice that you are sitting in a corridor. I felt for the barista - who was all alone (cash, food and coffee) and trying his best to stop patrons from walking away - but still taking around 15 minutes to get a coffee done. Not bad coffee though.

reviewed Urban Social

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

Roasting their own Organic Beans, Urban Social is a great speciality coffee find in the leafy green Eastern Suburbs. Found purely by accident, the ristretto was right on the money and the latte was superb. I hope to be back again soon, when I have some more time to savour the experience.

reviewed Dolce Espresso (Doncaster)

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

Another of the great coffee options at Westfield Doncaster. Situated just beyond the food court, they offer a selection of beans (House Blend, Fairtrade Organic), all the standard coffee options and a small selection of food. Coffee is good, coffee is consistent and the service is quick and polite.

reviewed Ginger's Coffee Studio

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

This place will be a welcome addition to the coffee landscape of the inner south eastern suburbs - however if you find it somehow familiar, that is because it is the Pantry on Egmont set in the 1970s. Good coffee (today it was Costa Rican from The Coffee Barun), and good service - not much more you can ask.

reviewed A Mother's Milk

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

Finally made it back, and it seems that Stef and his team are going from strength to strength - now with more outdoor seating, they have the ability to please even largely numbers of Adelaide's coffee loving public. A special highlight of my most recent visit was the Honduras Miguel Moreno Lieve Cup Of Excellence #6 - served as a Ristretto - with fig, and pawpaw flavour notes.

reviewed Paddy's Lantern

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

My return visit was just as good as my first. Now with a greater selection of food and a few coffee surprises up their sleeve - Paddy's Lantern just keeps getting better. Visited with a colleague from Melbourne and he was very impressed! If you get a chance - try 'Hadrian's Express'

reviewed Bar 9

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

Great new premises across the road from origin - great atmosphere - always busy - polite but distant customer service - I am determined to like this place, just because of what it means to the coffee industry in Adelaide, but I am yet to get a coffee I have enjoyed and have always struggled to find a park that was not a risk to personal safety. Don't let my experience sway you away from Bar 9 - it is still regarded as one of Adelaide's best - and I will keep coming back in the hope that I will get a coffee made by guru Ian.

reviewed UR Caffe'

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

An excellent addition to North Adelaide's growing reputation as the specialty coffee hub of SA. Using a special blend of beans that must remain nameless, these two coffees were made by a barista who knows their way around the gorgeous La Marzocco. The latte came with some nice artwork and tasted of caramel and maple syrup, while the ristretto was damn near perfect - orange spiced dark chocolate - bombastic (but in a good way!). The customer service was polite. Add UR Caffe' to your specialty coffee crawl of Melbourne Street.

reviewed First Pour Adelaide

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

Welcoming friendly staff in this busy place is what really sets the scene. Excellent latte and ristretto using the house 'Bond Street' blend - and if you get a chance and have the time, try a Siphon!! Excellent addition to the Adelaide coffee scene.

reviewed aquacaf

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

Back again - looks like I am the only one. The latte was great - the ristretto wasn't (great or a ristretto - more like a long short black....) still the best coffee on the River Murray though....

reviewed Taylor Blend

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

Finally made it after hearing such good things - and it was so very worth it! Super friendly service from the two baristas on duty - one who made my latter using the 'secret ingredient' special house 'Taylor' blend beans - which was as smooth as silk, while hiding a good tradition Italian espresso feel to it. I ordered a take away - and was impressed to see a late art tulip on top - before it was hidden by the plastic. The ristretto - it was suggested - should be made on the piston press machine - just behind the cold drip - at the other of the counter - which used a 'Costa Rican micro mill' single origin from The Coffee Barun - which hit me with a blood orange citrus hit, followed by a salty caramel. And it was a cool way to make coffee. Great atmosphere - great location - great staff - worth a trip.

reviewed Çikolatte

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

Finally a speciality coffee place open on a public holiday. These guys also specialise in chocolates, teas and gifts.... Coffee is by Kicco (who are new to me) and I found the Ristretto to have an instant 'wow' factor - but when pressed I could not figure out has a lingering taste of burnt butter. The latte was weak and reminded me of grapefruit (not so much in taste as in memory triggered).

reviewed Caffeteca

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

Great little find, just a short walk from the cosmopolitan O'Connell Street. When I worked in the building next door, the place used to be a speciality deli - probably a good thing. Service was great - friendly and knowledgeable. The beans were a mega blend of too many to mention - roasted by D'Angelo Coffee in Thebarton. The latte was superb - deep, with dark, rich chocolate tastes - and with a sweetness that negates the need for sugar. The ristretto - using the same blend - was overwhelming - like a brick to the head.

reviewed Cocolat

101 reviews · 24 followers · 9 years ago

Touted as the best coffee at the airport - yet I was left disappointed. My latte had a distinct metallic after-taste - and lack any discernible coffee characteristics. Having said that - it still may be the best coffee in the airport - as it is an airport.

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